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  1. movingback

    Landing in Sydney

    Agreed with Nicky. Sit on the left side and hope for a landing from the north. If you land from the south - over Botany Bay - you won't get any view.
  2. movingback

    Driving in queensland? Tips? Advise?

    Aussies aren't quite as submissive - if you do this, you're more likely to get them speeding past and giving you the finger in my experience!
  3. movingback

    Where to live in NSW??

    I'd think impossible to get what you want for $600/week. Further out - Penrith, Richmond etc it would be possible but you'd be looking at a much longer commute (hour and a half?). Plus these areas are very hot in the summer and get down to freezing at night in the winter. I had a brief look - sutherland shire a compromise. Probably 50 mins - 1 hour on the train commute? Take a look at this house/area. http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-nsw-jannali-420482258
  4. movingback

    Where to live in NSW??

    Are you buying or renting? What is your budget?
  5. Ha this made me laugh. Especially true if you're heading to WA in my experience
  6. movingback

    Sunshine coast - Nambour

    I was there last year (passing through). It didn't look especially rough to me - just like a regular largish Qld town. Nothing special but I'm sure has pleasant areas to live as well.
  7. https://www.divinecreatures.com.au/cat-accommodation If you've got loads of money...my friend was very happy with them.
  8. movingback

    Good areas of Manchester

    Well as I said above I've recently spent 2 months in Manchester and didn't find it to be a shithole. Theres some lovely areas, as with any big city. Didsbury, Chorlton, Monton etc etc. Just need to find the right/affordable area. For me, at this point in time, its a better place to live than Sydney.
  9. movingback

    Good areas of Manchester

    I'm also another northerner. Wouldn't consider moving back to the UK to live in the south - partly due to family reasons, but also cost and general feel. I have a friend from North Yorkshire who just finished a 3 month assignment working as a doctor in London. He hated it and said never again. Found the people rude, disrespectful and distracted by their busy lives. Couldn't wait to get on the train back to the north. No offence meant to anyone - to each their own.
  10. movingback

    Good areas of Manchester

    I appreciate all the suggestions. I spent a few month back there 2 years ago (in October/November) so hopefully have a recent reminder of how the cold/grey/damp weather is before making the leap! I actually really enjoyed bundling up, crisp morning etc. I'm sure the novelty will wear off somewhat but so has the hot burning never ending humid Sydney summer days..I'll look in to Bury. Hadn't really considered it as it seems too far out but looks like its on the tram line. What is Ashton under Lyne like? I still can't get past Monton as well - may have to stretch the budget a bit and look at this: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-57793810.html
  11. movingback

    Good areas of Manchester

    I did look at Levenshulme. It does look reasonable. I was hoping for somewhere a little bit greener - most of the streets seem to be terraced red brick houses with no trees and minmal front gardens. Burnage, the next suburb south looks a bit better?
  12. movingback

    Good areas of Manchester

    I'm looking at moving back to the Manchester area this year (or, less likely, Leeds). Currently researching areas to buy. I'm an early 30s single male. Enjoy city life but also enjoy getting out in to the country for bike rides etc. Would prefer a small house with back garden but would also be ok with unit with if in a good area and access to outside space. Budget would be about 200,000 pounds. Chorlton/Didsbury look to be out of my price range. I like Monton, but again, a house looks to be out of my price range. Any advice on areas from people who have lived in the area recently?
  13. movingback

    Living in Sydney? Driving + House + Salary

    Excellent post. The only thing I would add is to consider your $1m budget to buy. You wouldn't get a house within a decent area (or one you would want to live in) close to the CBD for this amount. A unit with large outside space - possibly.
  14. movingback

    Sydney heatwave: Hottest December night ever recorded

    Agreed. 43 with humidity = my idea of hell. And I've spent time in Canada and experienced -30! Still would not want to work outside in either conditions though.
  15. movingback

    Perth rainfall

    Interesting. According to the news it was the second wettest day ever recorded in Perth. I'm used to east coast lows in Sydney drenching the city. I'd always associated Perth with nearly rainless summers - I didn't realise they could get such massive downpours.