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    If a disaster happens

    Hypothetical: we are a family of 4 with 2 young boys, If a disaster was to happen and us parents were killed, how would the authoriites know who to get in touch with in the UK? We have emergency contacts here in Australia, but again how would the authorities know who to contact? As far as i know there isn't a national database of emergency contacts or next of kin? What do you do if your not close enough to people in Australia to have an emergency contact?
  2. Hi all we are a family of four with 2 boys 4 and 9 living in Somerville, we have been there around 18 months and i am wondering if there are any meet ups etc. planned in the area anytime soon? Would be nice to meet some fellow poms i don't think there are many in Somerville.
  3. bernie inn

    New to Mount Eliza

    Hi we are in Somerville, and it would be great to meet up with some fellow poms from the area? we are a family of 4 with 2 boys aged 9 and 4. We moved around to the peninsula side of the bay from Geelong around 2 years ago.
  4. No Can do i'm afraid babysitting. You back in Oz yet Dom?
  5. bernie inn

    Cancelled RSMS Visa

    Whilst that is true, but the proviso on the actual visa confirmation letter contradicts that statement, as it references 2 years from visa approval. That statement is from a 119 confirmation, not an 857 so which is right? Also you have to supply a contract signed by both parties in order for the visa to be granted. Immi have a copy of that contract so is that what they would judge on?
  6. bernie inn

    Cancelled RSMS Visa

    This line statement in my Visa approval letter contradicts that opinion: Visa validity Please note that under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme if your employment ceases within 2 years from approval, your visa may be subject to cancellation. However wherever I look I can't get a definitive answer on this
  7. bernie inn

    Cancelled RSMS Visa

    Can somebody clarify I am on a RSMS 119. Does the 2 years run from visa grant or from job start. I can't stand where I work and want out sooner rather than later, however I also want to do it without any sort of repercussion from IMMI?
  8. bernie inn

    Geelong suburb experts needed plz.

    I live in Belmont past settlement road and it's fine, Its pretty obvious that people's perception of rough or scungy is quite variable
  9. I'll be there and so will my dad
  10. Can't do the 17th going to get a bit of culture in Melbourne.
  11. Hmm in my experience i've found Aussies to be very nice but a little dim and an alarming amount appear to enjoy chewing their tongues. which is quite bizarre seeing as meat is so cheap.
  12. Either or, or both whatever
  13. bernie inn

    New in Town (Geelong)

    Just look for the group of people that look like they dont belong either in the pub or with each other. I would imagine we'll be stood by the lower side of the bar (it'll make sense when you get there)
  14. bernie inn

    New in Town (Geelong)

    kebabspot on Moorabool street, does a worthwhile kebab