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  1. Bromney

    Seriously, why?!

    I live opposite a park, primarily used by young kids as it has a playground. On the odd evenings there are mindless morons that 'hang out' late at night, usually drinking and smoking. It's not enough they leave rubbish everywhere (including broken glass) but the scream and shout at the top of their voices late into the night. its gone 11pm on a Tuesday, why on earth would anyone think this is a good idea?! Absolute moronic behaviour. just needed to vent!!
  2. Bromney

    Entertaining 1 yr old

    Does anyone have any ideas on what you can do in Sydney with a 14 month old? Looking to do more outdoor things and wondering if anyone has any good recommendations?
  3. Bromney

    Sound Insulation

    Hi. Has anyone attempted to sound insulate their house in Sydney? Was it effective and if so are there are specific recommendations you can make? Maybe company or brand of material? I live in a semi detached and our bedroom backs on to the neighbours lounge. The tenants living next door have a loud TV and a tendency to stay up late!
  4. Bromney

    How much are cars

    Don't forget you also have to pay stamp duty on used cars in Australia, about 3% the value of the car. If buying from a dealer try and negotiate this off the total price. You'll find more competitive price points with private sales.
  5. Bromney

    The IT field Thread

    Most companies and agencies are not interested unless you are already in the country and you have working rights. There are a lot of candidates available locally so they only consider off-shore people where they require a niche skill-set.
  6. Bromney

    The IT field Thread

    I'm a PM and didn't think the rates were great in Sydney. However I've just landed 2 jobs in the space of a week with both offering the same rate I was getting in the UK, even with the AUD being almost 2:1 against the GBP. A lot depends on the agent as I think they end up taking a bigger share so you end up being paid less. Generally though London does offer better rates but then it is a bigger market with a lot more opportunities, especially in the finance sector.
  7. Bromney

    Noisy Neighbours

    Thanks for the replies guys. Decided not to say anything as there isn't a whole lot they can do. They are not being unduly noisy, unfortunately I think the build isn't of a great quality. If it gets any worse I will have words, am also going to look at putting in sound insulation if there is a cavity between the two sides of the wall.
  8. Bromney

    Noisy Neighbours

    We bought a semi-detached house in Sep. The guys next door were a quite couple with a young baby, much like us. Unfortunately they have bought elsewhere and rented their place out. The renters are a family with 2 older kids, around 10 or so. Their lounge backs on to our master bedroom and although it's a double brick wall we can hear every word of their conversation. We can't understand it as they speak Spanish. They can be very loud and they seem to sleep late so it goes on for a while. They are not making excessive noise so doubt the council can help. Has anyone faced anything similar and have any ideas how we can reduce the noise? I intend to speak to the neghibours tomorrow as its bothering me. I can hear the parents and at least one kid right now, it's 11.30pm!
  9. Bromney

    Roofing, please help!

    Thanks all. I suspect it's expansion and contraction but am surprised by the amount of noise, it can be very loud and I guess I'm just concerned that it appears to be getting more frequent. I'll get a roofer in just to check it out to make sure there's nothing else happening. It should be OK as the extension was only built in 2007. Cheers.
  10. Bromney

    Roofing, please help!

    We bought a house and moved in at the end of September. It's semi-detached, built in the 50's. It has a fairly large extension, this is Brick veneer and has a flat metal roof i.e. not enough of a gap between the roof and the ceiling for a person to get in. The front of the house has a tiled roof and plenty of crawl space. We've been hearing a lot of strange noises pretty much since we moved in. There is a lot of 'popping', 'cracking' sounds that can be heard through out the day and in the evenings. Don't really hear at night (past 10pm), there is occasionally a noise or two. We've ruled out Possums and have thrown up a lot of rat poison (through the downlights in the ceiling). We've also had pest control around and the noises continue. Interestingly pest control couldn't find any evidence of Rats but since they can't get into the flat roof they can't be certain we don't have Rats. Now I'm thinking it's something issue with the roof rather than pests. Does anyone have any experience of metal roofs where they are cause a lot of noises? I'm thinking of getting a roofer in to take a look but will need to wait until after Xmas now. The noises seem to getting louder and more frequent which is a real concern.
  11. Bromney

    Which airline?

    Singapore all the way for me, simply can't fault them. Never known Emirates so can't compare, from what I've heard Emirates are pretty decent too. If you can get a flight straight from Glasgow then I would just choose to go with Emirates, why go through the hassle of getting to Manchester when the trip is already long enough?
  12. Bromney

    Things worth bringing from the UK??

    Bring everything you possibly can. We regret having left behind/giving away lots of stuff. Some of the prices are comparable some cheaper and some more expensive but if you already have the things you need bring them and save yourself time and effort shopping for it again. Unless of course you want something newer.
  13. Bromney

    Anglo Pacific

    We used Anglo Pacific about 2 years ago, can't fault them. Very reliable and reasonably priced.
  14. Bromney


    Pest control say they will just lay bait externally which I can do myself. There is no crawl space in the roof so it's not possible to get a visual. I'm contemplating buying a snake like video camera from eBay and trying to have a look through the downlight. Yeah I think I will try another bait but would feel so more confident if I knew what the h*ll was making all that stupid noise!
  15. Bromney


    The noises aren't restricted to night time, they occur during the day too. In fact they are probably worse in the day than at night, them seem very active in the morning around 10am. I've just been hearing them now but it's the odd 'thud thud' here and there. I've also laid traps outside but nothing has been taken so far. It's the not knowing that makes this frustrating.