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  1. H283

    Urgent packing question!

    Thanks for the replies! Grace have been and gone - they were fantastic. Spare boxes tape and wrapping! 3 hours later off went our stuff! phew!
  2. Grace come tomorrow at 8am to take all our stuff! We we have had a massive day of packing, I honestly do not know how we have accumulated so much stuff over the years! Anyway, we have run out of boxes! ? so, when the removals come tomorrow do they have extra they can give us? I honestly don't know what we will do if they don't! They are coming so early that I don't hav chance to ask them to bring extras, so I hope they come prepared! Any reassurance from someone who has done this would be great! We just need about 4 extra book boxes which I hope to quickly pack. Help!!
  3. H283

    Luggage space saving tips

    I have bought some of those vacuum storage bags from Woolies. Basically you pack all you stuff (clothes) and suck the air out with a hoover! Wont alter the weight but will save heaps of room. So much fun! (yes, I need to get out more...)
  4. H283

    Just wanna know ......

    I have posted this here before, but worth a re-post. I love traveling and have been so lucky to spend the time i have had here. Why not try a working holiday visa for a year to get a taste of life before you commit to anything long term? My reasons for returning; * Family - Skype and phone just not the same as a family gathering around for Sunday lunch! I guess I value family very highly and want my children to as well * Christmas - Its just not Christmas in the sun! -mulled wine, turkey with frosty mornings beats Christmas on the beach * Belonging - To me, old friends are so important to have around - the ones you grew up with who really know you! * Distance - Part of my family when I was growing up, were in New Zealand, I guess to me it was always a bit sad that I didnt really know that side of my family that well. * Upbringing - I want my kids to have the upbringing I had - I had an awesome childhood! What seemed like endless summers playing with my cousins in the garden, walks with the family and dog in the New Forest, grandma knitting me jumpers and having to wear them when she visited, digging veggies in the garden with dad - the list is endless! Nice weather and better wages are great and I have (really) enjoyed having both, but long term, I see myself with everything listed above!
  5. H283

    Moving to Uk

    We are using Grace for our move from Perth to the Uk in August. They were the cheapest for us and have been fantastic. I suggest getting 2 or 3 companies to come to your house to give you an accurate quote (takes about 45 mins to an hour) We are getting insurance through Letton Percival - much cheaper than the insurance offered by the shippers.
  6. We are in the same boat. We are moving with Grace in 5 week from Perth to the UK. We know we will be in the south west, but our exact location is to be confirmed! I was advised by Grace to put my mums address on the form that asks for UK address, but to clearly state that this will not be the delivery address. We plan for Grace to store our things until we have somewhere for them to deliver to! As for insurance we are using Letton Percival who has been fantastic. Cheaper then the shipping company insurance (about 1.3% of the value of your belongings, compared to about 3% with the shipping company). As with any policy, make sure you read the terms etc.
  7. H283

    The UK Pound V Australian Dollar

    Soooooo, is there going to be any good news for those of us moving money back to the UK in the next month, 3 months, 6 months, ever?!? :eek:
  8. H283

    Kia Rio for sale - Perth

    Hi All I am selling my car on gumtree. Lovely little car in excellent condition. Had no issue with it whatsoever. Cheap to run. Manual transmission. See ad here; http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/subiaco/cars-vans-utes/2010-kia-rio-hatchback/1082753735
  9. I really dislike 'How you going?!' It just sounds a bit fake to me to be honest. (And isnt really proper English!)
  10. H283

    Moving back to UK - Shipping advice

    Just on selling stuff - does anyone else find gumtree massively painful? People get in touch asking if you will let it go for a greatly reduced price. We recently listed a wardrobe for $130 and someone offered us $60 for it! And when people do get in touch to come and have a look, they are late or a no-show. One guy turned up (after being a hour later than he said) in a tiny van to collect the (huge) wardrobe, even though the dimensions were listed. Gumtree is full of time wasters unfortunately!
  11. H283

    Temp jobs

    Thanks for the advice. I plan to move to Bournemouth and hope to secure something there. I have worked in various administration and reception positions over the past 6 years. This has been within the health and fitness industry (health club) and University Sport. I would happily consider short term contracts for a bit while I find my feet!
  12. H283

    Doctor / Dentist records

    Does anyone know if there is a charge if I want my dental records? I had an xray on a wonky wisdom tooth a while back. I think it would be good to have for furture reference!
  13. H283

    Aussie bucket list

    Yes, we have travelled a lot in Australia. I am just trying to think of the little things that I enjoy doing that I wont be able to do when I leave. I only have about 7 weekends left to make the most of!
  14. H283

    Aussie bucket list

    For anyone planning to return to the UK, do you have a wish list of things you want to do while you are still in Australia? I cant wait to get back, but at the same time I dont want to wish my time away here. One of my bucket list items is fish and chip at Cottesloe beach watching the sun set.
  15. H283

    Temp jobs

    Does anyone have experience with temp jobs in the UK? I am thinking that this might be an option when I arrive back n the UK while I am searching for something a bit more permanent. I have a lot of office administration experience. Does anyone have any idea of pay rates for such a role?