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  1. ymummy

    Which bank to go with

    went to commomwealth bank, they were very personal and we had only one guy who we dealt with us throughout all our appointments n phonecalls n emails. got to this side and the branch here had our cards ready and waiting, also very friendly and nice here as well so far, its good. plenty of branches n atms as well.
  2. went with white & co, as they were cheaper at 3500 for a 20ft plus they had special boxes for our t.v and art work. they packed everything in 2 full days and were extremely professional and punctual n polite throughout would definately recommend them
  3. we are in Rockingham and have 3 mobiles with virgin, and mobile broadband connections, all no problems and were a really good deal at $19 a month
  4. ymummy

    Which mobile phone to buy?

    Hi, which mobile network is the best? which covers perth and south perth? i have an iphone which is unlocked,could get a pay as you go which is the best contract in perth? thanks x
  5. ymummy


    I love Aldi, when I was first introduced I just walked out of the shop with my nose in the air and said I dont do Aldi but been going there and gently being induced by the prices as you cant beat the fruit and veg prices
  6. ymummy

    Been in Perth 7 weeks and what I think so far

    thanks cowan86, for the thread
  7. ymummy

    What is your perfect house?

    or just luxe?
  8. ymummy

    What is your perfect house?

    eco friendly?
  9. ymummy

    Olympics - closing ceremony

    we all watched the ceremony and heard the fireworks all the way from the stadium
  10. ymummy

    Olympics - closing ceremony

    safe flight BritChickx, you could always watch catch-up tv, or u-tube for the closing ceremony.
  11. ymummy

    London 2012: Olympics

    watched women's boxing, Nicola won Gold what a match!
  12. ymummy

    Seriously WTF!!!!!!

    I hope you recover both mentally and physically. and I hope if I fall I would remember not to accept any help getting up from strangers
  13. ymummy

    Is there a need for this ...?

    what a pity, I am sure we would use such services if they existed. It is a good business opportunity for sure, if the fee is too much alot of people might be put off, as emigration itself is soo expensive. I think/feel wetnwindy is trying to create a community rather than a business. when you are so far from home a feeling of belonging is important.. no matter how negligible it is
  14. ymummy

    Poms in OZ Time Capsule

    In 5 years I would like to be happy,content and healthy everything would have eventually worked out as it usually does so..