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Found 72 results

  1. Its OFFICIAL!! I'm always hearing the PIO poms and "aussies" whinging about their broadband. Now I understand why.
  2. SWMOY04

    how to set up utilities

    hello all. still on my.mission of moving. two weeks to go now. just secured a decent house in Mernda, we were lucky to have someone go and view and apparently the landlord liked our profile. Our viewer is also going to furnish with beds and a few kitchen basics for our arrival. paid my bond this morning and my first rent will be due just before I take off from UK. my next quandary is utilities. I'm not liking the idea of landing in a half furnished house void of electricity etc. how quick/slow are the utility companies in setting up? can I set up whilst I'm out here? our lease starts a week prior to our arrival as we have friends who have volunteered to collect our furniture and do some cleaning if needed... so I figured the utilities could also get started
  3. NewYearNewLife

    Landline and Broadband providers QLD

    Hi We are just about to move to the Gold Coast and have a couple of questions about finding a good broadband and home phone provider. We've bought a house with an existing landline which is probably no longer connected. Do we have to get Telstra to hook us up or as the house is apparently within an NBN area can we just go with a new provider for Broadband and home phone? Do you even need a landline anymore? Here in the UK we have had everything (phone,broadband,mobile and TV) through Sky but I'm not sure if there is as much benefit over there. FOXTEL seems expensive and with Netflix and Amazon Prime available we can probably get what we need, TV wise, from those. But would anyone recommend a company that do phone, mobile and broadband as a package? Ideally we'd find a company that did a family plan for mobile so we could share the data across several phones.Is that possible? All help and advice gratefully received. Cheers in advance!
  4. xxlornaxx

    home internet in nsw..need help..

    We really want internet at home now but cant find any good deals...everything seems so expensive for what u get n then I just get all confused and dont know what the providers are talking about! (Doesnt take much!) I used sky in uk n they were great £23 a month for unlimited wireless n phoneline too with free calls off peak.. anything like that here? We dont need a home phone or any package like that as we dont call anyone regularly n get enough from our mobile contracts. ..would like unlimited broadband or ay least alot..not 5gb or sumthin..we're in sydney n think we would get good signal wth most providers...but which one? ? Anybody any recommendations or advice would be much appreciated.. i will research the rest myself if someone can give me bit of starting point or their own experience. Telstra advised us not to use them as they wouldnt be value for money for us..which I thought was nice n honest of them. Thanks xx
  5. milliem

    Surely it isn't as hard as this

    Okay for the last week i have been scrambling around trying to find an internet / broadband provider and finally signed up with the only one who does service here. I am away on the install date they gave me so after 6 hours on hold or on the phone to various departments we have established that the earliest alternative connection date is July. Even then they are unable to give me a date as yet. I desperately need the internet for my work. I have tried everyone but Santa Claus and even offered to pay a premium for the connection but no one is able to help me. I guess if one company has a monopoly there is no rush. :dull: I am so p'd off to be stuck with this rotten dongle that loads about 6Kb per second and takes ages to load each page and constantly loses connection. :cry: The previous internet provider in the other house was no better. That never worked and I had to go through trading standards to get the contract cancelled and my money refunded. :frown: I think it's time that I concede defeat on this one and admit that it will probably never happen. :no:Roll on 2015 and the national broadband network. :arghh:
  6. LadyMc

    Broadband in Darwin

    Hi We are looking to relocate to Darwin in August, but need to try and find some info out about broadband as it may be a deal breaker if we can't get it, it is too slow or is limited in download. I need a good speed and lots of download as I skype with my mother every single day for about an hour so she can see my 1 year old twins. When my husband was last in Darwin 9 years ago he could only have dial up!! I am assuming that broadband is now available but wondered if someone could confirm if it is widely available. I've checked sites like Telstra and can't establish coverage. I do note the max download of 500gb and then speed slows to a crawl. Does anyone have unlimited data download? Finally is it a big deal to get it installed in a rental property Thanks in advance
  7. Hi All, First off this forum has helped me so much in the build up to my move, I fly out on new years eve to melbourne. I have secured a house in Sanctuary Lakes. My question is i have heard the the house's in sanctuary Lakes dont have broadband lines to the properties and that it is wireless? if this is the case how or who do we set up the broadband with and what are the best deals out there? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi there, Just wondering which mobile networks have good coverage in South West (we are thinking to move to Bunbury) for calls and also mobile broadband ? Any advice is much appreciated!
  9. I am moving to Mackay, QLD (in just over a week) and I would like to get, as soon as I can, a mobile phone and broadband to be able to contact home etc. Can anyone recommend a good mobile phone operator who also supplies a high speed "dongle" for broadband? And what do they normally charge? Or would I be better off not getting a "dongle" and going for something else? Obviously, speed is of the essence so I imagine getting the "dongle" would be the quickest way to get broadband? I had an optus mobile when I was on my WHV, I had no problems with them but I didn't have any "dongle" back then! Thanks in advance for the advice. :hug:
  10. MORE housing estates in Victoria will be fitted with high speed broadband this year than in any other state, according to a rollout schedule recently released by NBN Co. At least 49 new estates across Victoria's metropolitan and regional areas will be fitted with fibre-optic cable, compared with 42 estates in New South Wales and 20 in Queensland. Government-owned NBN Co will install fibre in these estates - known as ''greenfields'' - free of charge and much earlier than in planned rollout sites such as South Morang, Bacchus Marsh and Tullamarine This means thousands of households will be using NBN Co's fibre within months, some as early as February, with 4636 premises in greenfield estates to be connected this year. These houses will not have access to any other fixed telecommunications. Locations include The Chase in Alfredton, Highlands in Craigieburn, Ambrosia Estate in Cranbourne West and Mernda Villages in Mernda. A spokesman for development company Stockland confirmed ''NBN has laid and is in the process of commissioning fibre cabling at Mernda and Highlands estate [in Craigieburn]''. Regional towns are also listed, including Whenby Grange in Wodonga, The Boulevard in Shepparton, and Yorkdale in Ballarat suburb Delacombe. When NBN Co published its initial greenfield construction plan in October last year there were 20 Victorian housing estates with 1780 premises. But the number increased to 49 estates with 4636 premises by the time a revised list came out on December 12. While this means NBN Co's rollout locations are driven by developers rather than pure engineering needs, it is faster and cheaper to roll out fibre in unoccupied estates than to install copper wires that would be replaced within years.
  11. Hi I suppose clue in the title! We are sorting out the utlities for our new rental place and have been looking at these, but not sure which are the best providers to go through. We will use the internet a bit, Skype that sort of thing, maybe listen to some radio via the listen again, downloading music. Would also like a telephone as obviously will want to make some phone calls locally. Also we may need to call back to the UK in an emergency, but that wont be regular as we will arrange to Skype. Any views of what to avoid and what you guys have found useful would be great! Thanks!!:biggrin:
  12. Heathfamily

    TV, phone and broadband providers?

    What are peoples opinions and service experiences of tv, phone and broadband providers? Who are they and what are there prices like? I have Sky here in the UK for all three so hoping I can get similar in Australia. Maybe a poll could be set up? Any links to webites would be usefull. Thanks
  13. Hi Everyone, My Husband is the state sales manager for Vodafone in Victoria and would like to offer his services to anyone that may need mobiles or mobile broadband. When we lived in Adelaide we set up a great offer/deal just for Poms in Adelaide and it helped out a lot of people :-) He has now done the same thing but for Poms in Victoria, so if you are looking for a great deal please give myself or my husband a call. You can PM me or email at thebaddeleys1@gmail.com and I will get him to call you! Thanks, Kerry :cute:
  14. just as the title suggests really i want mobile broadband for first month or so on pay as you go when we arrive until we are ready to get a contract. I have a 3 pay as you dongle i'm currently using and it is quite new being hspa+ enabled, getting downloads of over 5Mbs. Can i take it over with me and just get a new sim on whatever network is needed or would it need unlocking like mobile phones, or would it just not be compatible full stop???:wacko: thanks Sarah
  15. MazPaul

    Naked Broadband

    Anyone got naked broadband.Been looking at different packages but wondered what people on heres opinion and experience of it is.
  16. Just wondering if anyone has heard any news about the NBN rollout, Im hoping this will be on the go by the time we are going to be moving over (just starting process). As a fibre cable splicer i would have to be employer sponsered and the Broadband rollout should hopefully make it a safe bet.
  17. MikeW

    Broadband in Canberra

    Hi, We're moving into our house rental in Curtin, Canberra on the weekend. We have sorted gas and electric. Does anyone have any recommendations on broadband? We don't want to be tied in for longer than 6 months. We are not planning on having a phone as we will be using skype and mobiles. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike.
  18. Hi Can anybody please advise me as to where is the best place to get a mobile phone provider in Perth and which have the most reasonable tariffs please? I will be cancelling my Orange contract here in the UK and then looking for a provider just as soon as I arrive. Also, I am will be looking for a good broadband provider so I can start using my laptop as soon as I able rather than having to go to a Internet Cafe it will make life alot easier. Can anyone please advise me do they have the doggles like they do here in the UK? Any help would be really appreciated. Many thanks Debbie:)
  19. Guest

    Telephone & Broadband

    Who do you use? Thinking of changing to Optus with their new deal. We are with Westnet at the moment and paying $69 for 10gb internet and phone. Optus about the same 120gb plus phone with $30 calls. Looking for advice. Susan
  20. Hi, Since we've moved from our temp accomodation to rented we've little to no....mostly no service on our vodaphone dongle. If anyone has a Telstra dongle they are no longer using and can lend us until we get our broadband in we'd be very grateful. We're in Ormiston and can collect and of course return when finished with it. Many Thanks Louise
  21. Hi everyone There are numerous threads about broadband here and I've taken everyone's advice on board. However, for example, Optus can't give us what we want which is: a broadband connection strong enough to allow us to watch UK streaming on the PC. I've got a prepaid wireless mobile dongle thing which is great for email, internet, Skype etc but 3.6Mbps is not proving good enough to watch the TV. If anybody is in Nicholls or knows somebody who is, which broadband provider could you recommend and what sort of speed do you get? Hope you can help! :biggrin:
  22. Guest


    Can anyone recommend a good ISP in Melbourne? Looking for a company that consistently provides a quality service and fast speeds. Thanks!
  23. The Australian Broadband Survey for 2011 Cheers B!K3R
  24. Guest

    Broadband package

    Hello all, Can you help? we have here a virgin media package which includes TV, land line phone and unlimited broadband connection. Is there anyhing like this in Australia? if so, what is called and how much does it cost each month? If not, what do people use and how much does it cost? Thank you for your help, Alan and Mary
  25. Hi we are looking to apply for a Skilled migration Visa. Does anyone know whether Aerial/Satelitte,Cable TV,Broadband and telephone installer is classed as a Telecommunications Technician in Australia? What is the best way to get a Visa? We don't have any savings until we sell our house. Many thanks, one very confused Pom :wacko: