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  1. Hi there, we are due to fly on 22nd July and have a move cube arriving in June....just after we arrive its my sons birthday & my parents want to buy him some pressies for us to take over...what's the deal with them being wrapped up and new?? Surely if its a gift can it not be allowed to go in our cube?? Hope you can help many thanks.....ps has anyone a also shipped a box of toiletries, I always have loads in and planning on taking it over in the cube too,
  2. Hi sorry for all my posts today just trying to work out how much money we will have to take to australia were not selling up & being realistic and seeing how the first 12 months ggoes saving but don't think we will have much more than £10,000 to take need to buy a car when we arrive and pay for rental will this be enough my husband will be working after 2 weeks? im sure ive read people going with less than this but also with a lot more? Thanks
  3. Anyone had any good reports on quinns beach primary or any others nearby thanks
  4. Hi have booked move cube now and will have a bit of room lleft has anyone packedmlotsmofmtoiletries apart from aaerosols was thinking of stocking up on items like shampoo, shower Jels, hand wash , cleaning products eetch think thesis ok just not aerosols? anyone help thanks
  5. shazb

    Move Cube - anyone used it?

    thats good to hear, was the 84 days from the day it eft your house? I have just booked mine for 21st June now we have gone for a large cube append quite a good costs very helpful on the ohone you say yours wasn't inspected, did you still,have to pay the fee? When didymium pay tthis seems most people have had a good experience did you pack tv's in there and any mattresses? Not sure how to cover the mattresses as plastic sheets would make it sweat
  6. Hi tthere i am flying singapore airlines to,perth and panicking now as only have a 55 min between flight landing and transit to perth fflight anyone else done this and how far do you need to go to fly onward if anyone done this journey with not much time to spare please,hhelp are,they both at terminal 3 thanks sharon
  7. shazb

    Bikes cost in perth

    Hi not sure what the cost of buying bikes in oz is? Worth buying before we go and shipping ?
  8. Arriving in perth in July and not shipping much stuff, we are leaving our 3 bed house rented out temporary till we know if its right for,us how easy have you found it to rent fully furnished? We are looking north suburbs thanks
  9. Hi, we are coming to perth in July and looking at shipping some stuff but not much..my OH needs his carpentry tools quickly so what's the best way of getting them there quick as will use them up,till we go nearly? also has anyone used any companies that do 10ft containers as this is sufficient for what we need? thanksmif anyone has an ideas
  10. Hi there, we are shipping some stuff not loads and was looking at buying new bedding and quits/pillows etc...can you buy new and ship,them still sealed in the packet? Was hoping this would be best option or to use vacumn pack ags either? Any recommendations would e uuseful thanks very much
  11. shazb

    Reckie trips & returning resident visa

    Hi vikki. Thanks for this, I though this was the case but read somewhere you have to spend 2 years out of the 5 there? Will def get it validated before July this year but still not sure ready to go....did you have to apply for Ny other visa? are you happy you moved x
  12. Hi we have our pr visa and have to validate by July 27th......having doubts as had some serious family illness which is ongoing....is there a way if we validate it we can come back for a year or so, do we need to get another visa to do this......don't want to loose visa as maybe ready to go next yyear thanks in advance Sharon x
  13. shazb

    Move Cube - anyone used it?

    Hi there Am looking at maybe a large move cube, what sort of stuff did you fit in there? Got some furniture and bits - would a sofa fit in do you thinkmalso unsure if we will need 2 cubes? Must get in touch for a quote but if you can advise what went in yours cheers sharon
  14. Hi there, unsure of how much stuff you fit in the move cube, don't think we need a container could you let me know how much stuff fits in and what sort cheers
  15. shazb

    Which bank to go with

    Am looking at getting bank account opened thinking if NAB just wanted to see if anyone else has used another with no problems and how long in advance can you open it? We fly out in July 2012 cheers