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Found 133 results

  1. Gin100

    Mobile Phone SIM Card

    We arrive in Melbourne next week & will need to get new SIM cards for our mobile phones. Can anyone tell me where you can buy these & what the best network is in terms of coverage etc around the Melbourne area? Thank you!
  2. Guest

    Cancelling uk mobile contract

    Hi, just wondered if anyone has managed to cancel their uk mobile contract without having to pay the full outstanding contract? If so how did you manage it? I've had a quick check around the net and the general consensus is that you just have to pay it up.
  3. GlobalForce Resource are looking to place UK and Irish mechanics with either construction, HGV or automotive dealership experience for positions across Australia. GlobalForce would be happy to speak to any potential candidates regarding the roles. So if you are serious about relocating and keen to pursue your career in this industry please get in with contact us Alternatively if you know of any mechanics with the above experience planning on moving abroad. Pass them onto us and we will pay you up to €500 if he/she gets placed! Thanks, Globetrotter
  4. Hi im a mobile hairdresser in willetton and nearby suburbs, uk trained fully qualified 18 years experience. I cover ladies , mens and children, all type of colours and cuts. message me if your interesed cheers lisa.
  5. Hi there, Just wondering which mobile networks have good coverage in South West (we are thinking to move to Bunbury) for calls and also mobile broadband ? Any advice is much appreciated!
  6. My OH is coming to oz for a week on a visit visa. We would get our pr maybe a month or two later. He needs a mobile connection, preferably with Skype but ok without if it's much cheaper. How does he go about it when he arrives? Can he get a sim at the airport? Are Payg sims and rates very costly? Any help much appreciated.
  7. I am moving to Mackay, QLD (in just over a week) and I would like to get, as soon as I can, a mobile phone and broadband to be able to contact home etc. Can anyone recommend a good mobile phone operator who also supplies a high speed "dongle" for broadband? And what do they normally charge? Or would I be better off not getting a "dongle" and going for something else? Obviously, speed is of the essence so I imagine getting the "dongle" would be the quickest way to get broadband? I had an optus mobile when I was on my WHV, I had no problems with them but I didn't have any "dongle" back then! Thanks in advance for the advice. :hug:
  8. judith501

    Mobile HAirdresser in Canberra

    Hi all, My family and I will be living in Belconnen from 26th November 2011. I will be starting my own mobile hairdressing business 'The Hair House' and hope to attract some new customers from this web site. I have heard the prices are very expensive in Canberra and some people have even had to travel 20 miles to find a hairdresser! I will offer a reliable and professional service and will be undercutting the salons, I can also offer Indian Head MAssage. I currently work mobile in the UK and teach at a local college of FE. I do hope to meet some of you soon. Many thanks Judith:biggrin:
  9. sehmi101

    Calling Oz from your mobile

    Can anyone recommend a cheap pre-dial number to use from mobile phones (Orange)? Phone bill is killing me at moment, thanks in advance.
  10. Sherbetdip23

    Mobile phone cost

    Hi Anyone advise on approximate monthly cost of iphone or equivalent in Oz please. I know it will vary depending on type of package but a guide price would be great - ta Carla
  11. Hi After searching still can't find an answer to this, so I hope someone can help! We leave for Oz in 10 days and I will take my UK Virgin Mobile. My mum is panicking saying she won't know how to contact me! My UK mobile phone number starts 07966 as many do, what should she call in order to contact me when I get to Oz?? Thanks Sonia
  12. ghost

    Mobile Phones

    Ive read before that get mobile phones are one of the hardest thigns to get approved for. If you take your own phone I would like to recommend amaysim. They seem to have the best rates and works with the iphone. Doenst seem compatible with the blackberry though. Post paid is much better value that pre paid. Not sure if they are Australia wide, but work well in WA
  13. Jackboots

    Mobile phones , advice

    Hello , just wondering if any thoughts on this dillema i have . I need a phone i am on a contract and i have a new Samsung Google phone i got it two months ago , i hate it ! So i am going to buy an unlocked mobile and wondered if we have any reccomendations ... i don't use the internet much mainlt text and talk ( quite a lot ):smile: and i don't really need an I phone ... ( please don't say don't bother lol ) and pref not a touch screen either :nah: i know they are nearly all like that ... its like a blooming technical minefield :unsure: ..
  14. Guest

    Mobile phone un -locking?

    Hi, we are moving to perth in febuary. We were just wondering, if we get our iphone 4 unlocked here, can we buy pay as you go sim cards to put in them there? Or can we get them unlocked there then buy the pay as you go sim?? We dont want to have to buy a phone once we get there if we dont have to seen as though we have fairly new phones now. Thanks guys!!! :spinny::spinny:
  15. In the UK some mobile companies allow free calls and texts to other users on the same network. As there are 6 in our family this is a handy freebie to have. Does anyone know of any networks in Oz which allow the same on PAYG tariff?
  16. Hi Everyone, My Husband is the state sales manager for Vodafone in Victoria and would like to offer his services to anyone that may need mobiles or mobile broadband. When we lived in Adelaide we set up a great offer/deal just for Poms in Adelaide and it helped out a lot of people :-) He has now done the same thing but for Poms in Victoria, so if you are looking for a great deal please give myself or my husband a call. You can PM me or email at thebaddeleys1@gmail.com and I will get him to call you! Thanks, Kerry :cute:
  17. cartertucker

    Mobile phones ~ What did you do?

    My eldest Son & Hubby have pretty decent phones & are wondering, do they take those & get new sims? :unsure: What did you do? Any advice will be much appreciated, thanks :cute:
  18. Just here a week, trapped in Scarborough!! But am definately buying a phone asap! Is there such a thing as a carphonewarehouse type shop in Aus where you can go in and explain what your needs are and they will tell you which mobile co. or plan to go for?? I'll be mostly ringing someone already on Telstra so should I go for telstra myself?? And i'll be texting and possibly ringing Irish mobiles too so does any company give deals on that?? I'd google it myself but on very dodgy wifi that keeps dropping out so it's very difficult. any advice appreciated.
  19. Evening, i was thinking about this and how reliant we all are on our mobiles, wherever you go folk are chatting away or texting like mad or playing games on them. I personally really only use my phone for work, i did have an iphone but it lasted 5 minutes as they are not great in my line of business :eek:. Anyway how did we all manage before they came along and how would you manage if yours were taken away? :unsure:
  20. Who is the best and a second best mobile network provider in Brisbane? Not in CBD where reception is not a problem, but say 12 km east from it? I am currently with Virgin and you can just about send texts, can't hear when talking on mobile and as far as the mobile broadband goes - forget it. Is Telstra the only reliable network? Do they have packages with landline and mobile combined?
  21. just as the title suggests really i want mobile broadband for first month or so on pay as you go when we arrive until we are ready to get a contract. I have a 3 pay as you dongle i'm currently using and it is quite new being hspa+ enabled, getting downloads of over 5Mbs. Can i take it over with me and just get a new sim on whatever network is needed or would it need unlocking like mobile phones, or would it just not be compatible full stop???:wacko: thanks Sarah
  22. Guest

    Pre-paid mobile and Dongle

    Hello I’ve been in Australia for the last 10 months and now back home in the UK. I have the following items I need to sell to raise some cash after I have spent a fortune. I have the following for sale. 1 x Telstra pre-paid mobile phone! It has a camera and text messaging facility. It is in good condition and works a treat. The phone comes with charger and instruction book. Telstra are one of the big mobile phone companies. 1 x Telstra pre-paid mobile broadband! In perfect working order This dongle cost me $70 alone and I have $58 credit on it until May 2012. All for £60 including P&P to UK address. Please email me or inbox me and we can sort out payment. I’m happy to do it on Ebay or Paypal. Pictures available if needed.
  23. Hi All, We leave for WA in a few weeks time (!) so busy sorting out all those mad last minute things. One thing I'm trying to find out about still, is UK mobile phones working in Australia. My husband and I have both have phone contracts here in the UK which we are cancelling/paying out this week. I have a Samsung and he has a Sony (I think) We've been told by Orange that it will be about £50 to unlock both phones for them to work abroad. But will they?? That's what I really want to know? Will we be able to buy a new sim card and put them straight into the phones? Or are we wasting our time and money? Has anyone actually had a phone unlocked and taken it over with them? Any advice welcomed....thanks!! :biggrin: C&J
  24. Just doing a bit of research on who's best to go with We're coming over in a couple of months and will be getting our UK phones unlocked so we can sign up on a SIM only deal in Australia when we arrive I can see from the carriers' websites what their deals are like - but of course what they don't tell you is who has the best coverage? We'll be spending most of our time in and around Sydney, so I can't imagine it will be an issue. But are there any standout service providers, or ones I should avoid? Thanks in advance P
  25. Guest

    Cheap pre-paid mobile phone

    Hi I have been using my old cell phone thinking that when I get to Oz I will look around and find a new cell phone - and take a bit of time to look around and find something I want. However, my battery has pretty much died now and I will need to get something asap at the other end (makes sense to wait for the Oz plug connection). I don't want to rush buy a more expensive phone and so was wondering if there are any basic mobiles that are quite cheap and where is the best place to get one - I think I remember someone saying something about being able to pick one up at a supermarket. I just need something to talk and sms/txt. Thanks Vicky