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Found 72 results

  1. Hi--this is a quick query before they arrive tomorrow. How do they pack the shoes--is it best to clean and leave them in our shoe boxes--i have tons of shoe boxes or do they have any other method of packing them??? The other one is can we ship toothpicks(wood), wooden clothes pegs and birthday candles??? Any info greatly appreciated!!!
  2. As said... trying to decide between John Mason and White & Co Anyone have any advice... recommendation or NO! comments... How far off the quoted cubic feet were they ? Thanks
  3. Salma

    Shippers Arriving Tomorrow

    No turning back now, Pickfords will be turning up tomorrow morning! It is begining to sink to in a bit with boxes and bags everywhere and 2 weeks today I will be on a plane about to land in dubai! I have lived in this place all my married life (6 yrs) and a lot has happened and it is bittersweet leaving it all behind but looking forward to a new life with my husband and little boy!
  4. So far can only say a massive thumbs up to pickfords. From start to finish have been absolutely fantastic. The guys turned up on time, they were happy and very accommodating. Drank loads of tea and squash but worked really hard. At one point yesterday we had 5 guys here packing. Container arrived today and the 3 of them started to load but one of them wasn't happy about the container. So rather than not careing and just packing it to get the job done they unloaded and refused the container. So after lots of wrangling between the haulage company and pickfords the container was sent away. Our insurance isn't with pickfords so they didn't have to do this so hats off to them. They added more work on for themselves and time organising a replacement. I can't comment on the other end yet but if it's half as good as we've had so far we will be more than happy. Also for those still to ship it's not that bad, I was really stressed about being organised but didn't need to be. Anything we didnt want shipped either went in the bath or had a note on it, so the only thing that went that shouldn't was a carrier bag full of carrier bags lol! Great experience well recommended.
  5. Guest

    Shippers coming next week

    OMG the shippers are coming a week today and I'm getting totally stressed out as to wether we're gonna be ready, in between work and getting the house ready to let there seems to be no time left to sort anything out, then it's living with my mum till we fly to Perth on 12th November. lets hope I survive :wacko:
  6. We had our stuff packed last Tuesday, which had been estimated before packing at 110 cubic foot. When the packing guys had finished I asked them approximately how much we had, and they estimated between 90-100 cubic feet, which seemed about right to me given that we had decided not to take a couple of items in the end. I have just had our final invoice through, and the shipping company are now saying that we have 140 cubic feet - about 50% more than the packers thought! During conversations with the guys doing the packing they were telling me they had 20+ years experience between the 2 of them, so I would be very surprised if they were that far out. Does anyone have experience of this? Do you think I can challenge the cubic footage now that I can't see it all? Not sure what to do, but don't actually believe the final size could be so much more (and don't want to pay for imaginary cubic footage!). StS
  7. Well thats it all our stuff is away. We have used Doree Boner (John Masons) and although i appreciate we are at the early starges with them i honestly cannot fault them , they have been great. I hope i say that in January when our stuff arrives! We had an excellent quote from them and the manager and the removal guys were all decent blokes, got a good vibe from them. We changed our consigment several times and it was never a botehr they just said whatever you want on the day we,ll pack. They also said this morning during packing that one of our boxes was half full would we like to get more stuff and fill it as its better to fill the box then leave it half empty which we thought was good? so all in all so far i would hihgly recommend them. House is now empty we are sitting on fishing chairs and sleeping on just a matress! Kelly
  8. gilliantay


    Just a quick post to let others know that my shipping has finally arrived - what joy. We used 'Grace' at the Oz end and it was picked up by Excess International in the UK (never heard of them) - all 40 + boxes delivered safely with no breakages ..................well, apart from 1 picture frame which was totally my fault as I packed it in a folder with paperwork !??!?!? still not sure how I managed that. Things continue to go well - we have been back since beginning of June and the only thing I continue to miss is Cadbury's Rocky Road...........................never mind though as we have a visitor coming over at the end of November with strict instructions to fill his case with the stuff or he is getting sent back on the 1st plane to Oz...................... Wishing good luck to all those who are contemplating the journey back across the pond......... and to all those who are making the big move down under - hang on tight for the ride of a lifetime........................................

    Shippers gone now the fun begins!!

    And breath.......!!! Well, shippers packed in torrential rain yesterday & dodged the worst of it, high dramas all round. Lads packing put the fear of god in us with warnings of things getting wet, mildew will set in, they didnt want to pack in that weather etc etc etc. Couldnt go in loft as it wasnt boarded out. We are at least 150 cubic foot of stuff coming later on, on a shared container (approx another £1000!!!) Plus the whole process took longer than expected so arraived with family at 12 last night with 2 children, all tired & car laden with suitcases etc. And here we are, the stress emotionally & phisically had been lifted, SO many tears, so unexpected amazing cards & gifts & so much love. Have a week with family now so expect it to be more of the same-but if its any consolation our gut feeling has never faltered - we are doing the right thing. As one person said to us, you will have no problem cos you are such happy positive people (ahhh) Next Sat 27th we fly to Kuala Lumpa then onto Melbourne, hubby starts job on 5th Sep, so adventures will start & will keep you all posted. Any questions, just ask xx
  10. Not sure if this will help anyone but here's our experience of packing / shipping day: To set the context - we had quotes from 4 Shippers for a full house - all said we would need a 20 foot container (1 said we may need 40ft) - all of them also said we should prioritise what we wanted to take as it was highly unlikely we would get everything in ..... Following that - here was my (unrealistic) expectations!!! (rightly or wrongly!!) - as they were packing it would be a relatively stress free day - I should avoid packing anything as this is not acceptable .... - I needed to sort out well as we would not get everything in - on the evening between the 2 days it would take to pack I could pop out and buy stuff I may want to add in the container!!! Here is the reality!!!! - in order to sort out before the shippers arrived I did sort out some old papers, files, stuff from garage, art materials etc and I packed as I was going along .... This was acceptable - They looked in the box then sealed it ... Glad I did that otherwise they would not have achieved all the packing in 2 days .... - we did have second priority items but unless these had been all in ONE room it was difficult to remember everything in the "rush" at the end. - basically the packers came on Wed - they spent the day wrapping everything methodically and well .... They did the same Thursday morning - the Container arrived 2pm on Thursday - they packed lots on the container then sorted it to make the best use of space. However, as time went on they did get "sloppier" with their packing methods - thankfully these were the "less important" items... - after packing everything (priority one!) there WAS plenty of space to add more - thankfully the guys did start to pack the priority 2 items Inc a 2 seater settee - they did seem a little begrudging by then thou (admittedly they were clearly - and understandably - tired) and they did say the container people would charge us if they went over 3 hours getting everything in there - sadly I panicked a bit and we forgot to put a few items in that were 2nd choice (so not a huge issue but disappointing when we saw they put some empty boxes in the end to "pad" it out.... - make sure you have tools to dismantle things - our tool box was packed and when it came to taking the feet off the second priority settee the packers didn't have the right Allen keys so we had to borrow some from the neighbours! Not a problem but I wonder if they would have taken it if we couldn't get the Allen keys? - on the first eve we were left with clothes boxes and asked to pack all our clothes - this was fine but took all evening and we didn't expect to have to do that - we had wanted to go out to eat and buy a new vacuum but no chance of that! - talking of buying extra bits just in case they fit it all in - buy anything in advance but with enough time to return it! It's unlikely you'll have enough energy in between! - no matter how much you try and prepare - it's hard as you're still living there and using lots of things that are actually going, eg cooking and kitchen stuff, lamps, beds & bedding, watching tv etc so it is hard to prepare much but that seems to make it a more stressful day as you can't pack so it's harder to sort (especially if you're still busy with other stuff like working full time) - If you have wood floor - make sure they protect it - we now a huge scratch in ours (less than 12 months old) and the packers are denying it!!!!! Think that's it really - hope it's helpful to someone if only a little .... Just to say - these are all observations and none of it moaning .... Good luck with your move if you are at this stage too!!
  11. Guest

    Pet shippers

    Has anyone used a firm called Skymaster (based in Manchester) to ship their pet to Oz?
  12. Hi, was just wondering if anyone has any suggenstions. We will have the shippers come and move out of our rental house 3 weeks before we actually fly. Where could one stay for three weeks without costing a fortune? We are in Crawley, West Sussex. A friend has offered us to stay with her as she has a big house, but I think between my three kids and her 4 kids, three weeks might get a bit long ...if you know what i mean:rolleyes:. Unfortunately it would be in December and January so too cold to camp. Cheers
  13. Hi all We just had the packers in - an exhausting experience but the guys who came were very good. HOWEVER, just a word to you all about estimates. To be honest we didn't really take a lot of notice of the precise figure of cubic feet. It doesn't really mean a lot to the average person. We just focused on the overall container we were getting. All three companies who quoted for us said the same - cars and goods in a 40ft high cube. We didn't actually choose the cheapest quote, though we did haggle on price. It turns out that you need to pay attention to the cubic feet quoted. The company we chose actually quoted far far less on cubic feet than the other two (760 cubic feet). It turned out we had nearer 1200 cubic feet which, now we look back, the other companies did estimate. So, on day two of the pack, the shipping company was ringing us up telling us we might incur extra charges for packing materials and additional lorry runs, storage in their warehouse and time of the packers!!! We were quoted two days to pack and move and that's what it took so we're definitely not paying on that score. Just wanted to warn people to look at all the detail and compare and wondered if anyone has had similar experiences. All thoughts welcome! Keep it clean and don't slag the companies off, particularly the packers who worked like trojans - it's not their fault, they can only work with what the estimators provide. Talking to them, it seems that the estimators really do need to be former packers so that's definitely a question to ask - a lesson learned for us, though we hope not to be doing it again!
  14. Mongrel

    ***** as snow shippers

    Any body any info on them mates needin urgent good or bad thanx. Mally
  15. OH MY GOD..... shippers been today and taken the few bits we are shipping, and next thursday we fly out to start our new life in oz, i finally get to meet all my family. What a mixure of excitement and nerves i am living off at the minute. Me and the hubby have been talking about moving to oz for nearly 6 years now, and last year we finally made the steps to make it happen, and now we are only a few short days away from it, just the goodbyes to do, which i am not looking forward to Adventure starts May 26th HOORAY :biggrin::wacko::laugh:
  16. We've got 3 different shippers coming in over the next couple of weeks to give quotes. Anyone have any suggestions for questions I should ask...? or is the process usually fairly straightforward? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  17. Guest

    Northwest based pet shippers

    Hi just wondering if anyone has used any uk North west transport agencies for their pets ? What was your experience and would you recommend them ? Thanks in advance :wink:
  18. shazney64

    shippers are in

    They are great! sitting in bedroom not touched this room with family including newborn. nice to chill after all the sorting out. not long now we will be in Perth
  19. The shippers are finally coming Wednesday and its all happening. Any tips for the day they come?:jiggy:
  20. CharmedP3

    Shippers came today

    We used Anglo Pacific and can only say how efficient they were. They arrived early at just after 7.30 and the team of 3 lads had our entire worldly goods all packed and ready to go in 3 hours! They said we were alot more organised that some jobs they go on...however I can tell you I didn't feel it. Don't under estimate just HOW much there is to be done and how long it takes you.... we'd already go through all our stuff decided what to take and what not to take but still actually sorting through that stuff and either chucking stuff or selling stuff takes longer than you realise. We had just over a week from finishing work and we are absolutely cream crackered! We are stopping in a hotel for next 2 nights, just go to go back home and give it a clean before rental exit inspection. Then travel to Heathrow on Wednesday!! Will let you know how we are getting on soon enough lol
  21. clickettuk

    Shippers Coming Tomorrow

    Hi All, Shippers are coming tomorrow and its time for a last minute panic. By tomorrow night we'll be left with a suitcase each!!!! Very exciting though!! Michael.
  22. Guest

    Had the shippers in today...

    Okay, so we had the shippers in today, we will require half a container (ish). What has everyone else been quoted for this? just want to check before we get the quote in a few days. Thanks Leila x :v_SPIN:
  23. Guest

    shippers arriving in 45mins!!

    Hiya, just wanted to say that Im sitting here waiting for the shippers to turn up, got up a bit too early this morning, wont be too long till we are out there. Actually arrive in Perth 19th Jan 2011, moving in temp accomodation today till xmas so we can spend the festive season with the family, handing notice in on Friday....its all finally happening :jiggy:
  24. markntracey

    Shippers here

    Well the shippers came this morning and have left us with the bare essentials, computer of course, tv, settee and a few kitchen things, they come back in the morning to finish off and load the container. So far so good, still calm. flights are booked for the 28th but still nowhere to live. Laptop is in to be fixed so hopefully i can get back online soon. bye for now and i'll update you as soon as poss x
  25. Well we used Doree bonner to ship out, Who we have no complaints with! Grace were the company who worked in conjunction with them who delivered to us in Sydney, Well after a few quotes to return we stuck with Grace removals simply because the price was right, and we had dealt with them before. They had no problems with us using our Doree bonner box's and were happy for us to pack most of it by ourselves! Just leaving the box open so they can check and write what was inside! We received our shipping today, with no problems whatsoever! Nothing lost, broken or damaged! And on time!! So would just like to say that we would highly recommend both Doree Bonner and Grace for shipping, Two really good companies, :biggrin: