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  1. Tulip

    Partner VISA 309/100

    Hello everyone! Long time, no see. I've been sent my alert that my permanent partner visa will soon be taken into consideration, as it will soon be two years since I've lodged. I'm currently on the temp visa 309, this one will be for the 100. However I can't get a straight answer on what I need to gather and submit online? So far I know I need to have; two form 888 from two Aussie citizens/pr that know us, and their ID (do I need to get a JP to verify ID copies? Does it matter if they are husband's parents that do the forms?), one stat dec from sponsor hubby saying we are still together, a police check, and our ID. Underneath those things it said that I needed to scan and upload document proof of our claims. I don't understand what that means at all! Anyone else under-going that could shed light on it?
  2. Tulip

    Seven Months Down the Line

    Wow, can't believe it's been 7 months already! Thought I'd check in as I barely go on the forum any more, and whilst I'm here, write a little update. We've settled beautifully, but not without a few hiccups; mostly, Christmas. I missed my family something rotten and was pretty upset over the holidays, thankfully all over now and after a few Skype calls, we're all sorted! It's incredible how much a new life can affect your capacity to deal with so much emotion, I found myself turning inwards and eventually burst into tears at Westfield in the car park, with my bemused husband having no idea what was the matter! So my main bit of advice about when you're feeling homesick is TALK about it! It's ok to miss your mum even when you're all grown up and married in a new country! Once I accepted that and stopped trying to brush over it, things were a lot easier. Christmas was also the first time, ever, that we were able to manage financially. I have never been able to spoil people as much as I'd like, but this year we were able to do it comfortably and without any stress or worries. I realise it's not the most important thing about the season, but for us it was a big deal, not only being able to give gifts to family members who have been so generous to us, but to give each other gifts too (we haven't been able to afford to give one another birthday presents these past couple of years!). In the UK all of our spare pennies went to food, transport, and rent. After that it was purely for saving to come here! Now we're paying for food, rent, transport, and saving, but with the luxury of extras too. First time either of us has ever had a smartphone that wasn't a hand-me-down! We are managing to save for the UK too as we're visiting in September. I suppose that leads me on to work! In the UK we were scraping by on two incomes, now we are comfortable with just one. Mark is now at Uni so it's me bringing in the dough, which is great as I have landed my dream job. Grooming three days a week and doggy daycare part time too. I loved to groom in the UK but it wasn't possible with such an economy, no one was doing well enough to hire someone and I couldn't afford to set up alone. Now I'm part of a team and love my work, and love being paid better for it. Don't get me wrong, there are still weeks where every dollar is accounted for, and we are still quite thrifty with our pennies, but we can now afford a car for example. Work here is very different to the UK though; for example, if you're working in an industry like mine and you have to deal with clients every day, you had better learn the Aussie way fast. It's considered rude not to greet with a 'Hello, how are you today?' and wish everyone who you serve (or who serves you!) with 'Have a great day'. Even people at the supermarket are exceptionally polite. You do obviously get the exceptions, but for the most part, if you're working in Aus you have to be well-mannered and open, or you will not be accepted for a Pommie who is living the Aussie lifestyle, I've found. The Aussies are quite hard to describe! For the most part, very humourous and laid-back folk. 'Too easy!' and 'No worries, mate' are common phrases attached to everything, from coffee orders to complaints! They also aren't as bogan as people lead you to believe, most I've met are quite articulate and deceptive, with wry humour and a smile instead of a sneer. However, I come from Norwich, where most are very friendly, so I'm happy the Aussies are my kind of people. Suddenly, my Aussie husband's laid-back approach to everything is no longer a mystery to me! I've made some friends from work and around the dog show scene, too. Speaking of dogs, we have a new addition to the family. Fed up of people insinuating that I should be popping sprogs (at the ripe age of 22!), I am happy with my four-legged children! Here's Rowney, our newest Schnauzer, he's five years old and came from Japan. He wasn't getting along with his previous owner's other stud dog, so now he lives with me and we show together regularly. Of course, we still have Maisy, my little globetrotter who came over from the UK with us. She loves it here and she and Rowney come to work with me frequently. Overall, we have settled in nicely. We're saving up for a house and living with the In Laws until then, which is ok considering we have our own living space downstairs and can retreat when we feel like it. I'm still so new to the Aussie lifestyle, but I still get a flutter in my heart when I hear the kookaburras or when I think of long roadtrips through the lush forestry that surrounds us. So far, so good!
  3. Tulip

    Dogs names ....

    I called one of the pups we kept Eggnog, she was 8 weeks on xmas eve so it sort of suited. My own have boring names, Maisy and Rowney, but obviously we nickname them a bit. I groom and the weirdest name I've heard so far is Jemima Puddleduck.
  4. Tulip

    Do I just have old fashioned ideas

    I did that! I was so excited that I posted without really thinking. My mum gave me the silent treatment until I told her properly.
  5. Tulip

    Vanuatu - What a place

    I went in September, very nice place. Wouldn't say the people were destitute or anything, didn't see any shacks, but they were very friendly and helpful. No begging, but most bizarrely, no dogs. No strays, no pets, or anything. Really really odd. I did see a very big rat one night walking to dinner (best steak I've ever had!) and screamed like a pansy, the locals walking in front of us laughed their arses off at me, as did my sister in law! I went for my visa validation trip so I could re-enter Aus as a resident.
  6. Tulip

    Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    I've lived here for almost five months and love it. It's different, totally different, and very...surreal. The food is awesome, lots of Asian places to eat at, lots of fresh food. No ready meals. Lots to do, too; beaches, theme parks, wildlife places, even just taking a walk because it's always sunny (or stormy) and it's very clean. I can't see us moving any time soon.
  7. Tulip

    Christmas is coming!

    I just bought things online from the UK with my UK bank card and had it sent to my mum's. Amazon is fab for gift wrapping stuff so have done that so that my mum can't see what she's getting!
  8. Tulip

    Christmas is coming!

    I must admit I'm dreading it a bit this year, first without my family and first of living in Aussieland. Keep watching Xmas ads on youtube and bawling my eyes out! I think I will really miss my family and traditions from home but looking forward to learning new ones. Bought some lovely new decorations so that's something, looking forward to setting up my tree, and it's great having enough money to really spoil my in laws and family at home too, splashed out a bit and had a big box of Hotel Chocolate choccies sent to my mum's house for everyone. At least I have my gorgeous hubby and his family are very welcoming and lovely to me, and of course I can spoil the dogs! Turkey dinner all round here, followed by Xmas films (which I will probably cry some more at).
  9. Steer clear. My mother in law just got into a dispute with them; they told her at the shopping centre stall that she would have free installation and 3 months free...then they came and installed and demanded the installation fee, and wouldn't honor the deal! She's trying to get her money back and has told them to get stuffed.
  10. Tulip

    Only one Christmas Present

    I'd love a pair of clippers for my dog, cordless Sapphirs.
  11. Chany, I think the point Snifter is getting at is that all that...passion, if you like, does not make anything move faster. Vent all you like but realise it is pointless in the grand scheme of things. I also had mine granted before those who had applied before me, it's determined by things you can neither help nor cajole along.
  12. Tulip

    Halloween - how do you cope?

    Lollies here ready to be handed out... I remember going around houses in the UK with my little brother and how much he liked it.
  13. Tulip

    Our first Christmas in NSW

    I've just bought stuff off Amazon and Hotel Chocolat and had them sent to my mum's.
  14. Tulip

    It's magpie season!

    I used to joke with my husband that Australia takes animals and makes them deadly! I've only been swooped at Miners so far, and the dog. I spoke to my colleague about it and she said her Bernese Mountain Dog is very paranoid about them!
  15. Tulip

    Shocks & Surprises

    Customer service! It's IMMACULATE here! Actually a little annoying at times, but honestly, the amount of free stuff you get is huge too. The dog walks; lots of places well-maintained with a lot of poo bins and bag posts, lawn mowed, with clear off leash signs. Things aren't as expensive as everyone says they are.