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    A to Z in Songs

  2. clanstewarts

    A to Z in Songs

  3. clanstewarts

    What is your Reason for the Move?

    we are moving as my husband is on resettlement after doing 22yrs in the army. we havent lived in the UK for 7 yrs and dont want to move back there, we are at the start of a new phase in our lives so why not give it a go try something new. Used to the moving around every 2 - 3 years seeing new places and meeting new people. got to give it a go, no regrets. 6 wks and 5 days till we fly
  4. clanstewarts

    What is your favourite chocolate/chocolates ??

    mmmmm maltesers not fussy if they are milk or white chocolate :animal-pig:
  5. clanstewarts

    A to Z in Movies

  6. clanstewarts

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    Yesterday i was cleaning boots and shoes :sad: Today i have been in my sons room packing up footy trophies and all his model bus/coaches he collects, then sorted out a box full of daughters zhu zhu hamsters and stuff lol
  7. clanstewarts

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    today we had the estate manager around for our pre-march out:frown: oh and watched WDU lol
  8. clanstewarts

    Fly in/fly out phenomenon

    My oh would like to get into this, he's a heavy deisel mech, worked on tanks for all of his career. like most people have commented if you have the right mindset bout your oh being away then it can really work for you as a couple. Being an army wife i have had to deal with him away on tours, exercise and courses and me and the kids just get on with it. Has made me a stronger person had to man up lol :laugh: We enjoy the time we have when he is around, i think it keeps our marriage fresh:em3600:
  9. clanstewarts

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    Today hubby has been filling in the shippers paperwork and doing the valuations for the insurance. I sold a couple of kids fancy dress outfits, little bit extra for the oz fund lol
  10. clanstewarts

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    Handed in my notice this morning. Last day is wednesday 29th Feb. Flying to Adelaide 5th March :biggrin:
  11. clanstewarts

    Help Advice needed....

    Sandy this is the link to Trade Recognition Australia, they are the ones that will assess your skills. I am assuming you have tried to match your job up to those on the skills list! The one that is closest to you trade will have the assessement body next to it. http://www.deewr.gov.au/Skills/Programs/SkillsAssess/TRA/residenceVisa/Skilled/Pages/home.aspx
  12. clanstewarts

    Help Advice needed....

    Sandybeattie, having nearly finished my time in the REME as a VM, i got my Visa last year and am moving out in March. The process is not difficult but as you mentioned trying to line your trade up is difficult for you. Without knowing for certain due to the changes after i gained my Visa, but am i correct in saying that your trade is not important on the points test? You may find it easier to speak to TRA who may guide you more and find an avenue for you to go down and last resort and i loathe to say this as i believe they are not the best in the world and are expensive for what they do but it may be an idea to speak to an agent. If you have done your degree also this helps and it is never to early to start the process. Hope this helps
  13. clanstewarts

    Just joined Poms in oz

    Hi Tracey Welcome to this fantastic site. Me and my lot will be moving over to Adelaide in March YAY !!!!!!!! maxine:jiggy:
  14. clanstewarts

    Young children coping with move

    As quite a few others have said we too have involved our 2 kids in the whole process (7yr girl & 10 yr boy). DD is excited and very keen to start another chapter in her life. DS whilst being excited is a little upset at the thought of not seeing his grandparents (they have told him that this xmas will be the last time they see him, they wont travel over to oz). Ultimately my 2 are used to moving around and starting at new schools and meeting new friends, we are an army family:army-smile: so my kids are pretty adaptable and take everything as it comes. Let the journey begin :laugh:
  15. clanstewarts

    One way flights booked!

    Woo hoooooooo we leave on the 5th march 2012 as well London singapore singapore adelaide:biglaugh: