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Found 31 results

  1. Guest

    Just joined Poms in oz

    Hi would like to introduce myself. My name is Tracy my family and I have been in Adelaide for 3 months now still finding our feet!!!!. My son and husband have both got jobs now but I have has to complete a few courses first, nearly there now received police clearance today so hopefully work here I come. :biggrin:
  2. BrownEyedGal

    Hi All finally joined PIO!

    Hi Everyone I finally joined hiphip hooray. I applied for my temp partner visa this year and got it. So moving to be with my lovely boyfriend at the end of August. Currently in Nottingham and moving to Sydney. Really hoping to find great links to do work either in Probation, Corrections or ChildCare. I'm going to continue to study for my Diploma on a part time basis, when I get back. Yeehaa...!
  3. hi all :biggrin: just joined poms in oz as my wife and i have come to the conclusion that a life in aus is something that we need to achieve, for our children aswell as us. about a year ago we decided to do it and looked into a 175 visa, cost of doing it ( plus other things ) probably put us off + 4 children and a mortgage bit hard to find the money to save to proceed but now we are thinking a company sponsorship maybe a better way to go. we do realise there will still be costs involved. if anyone has advice all will be appreciated.
  4. loulou1872

    Just joined today!

    Hello everyone, I have just signed up to this forum today:jiggy: I've been popping in and having a look from time to time but today I NEEDED YOU ALL!! Was filing state sponsorship for WA and got loads of help from all your posts so thank you ALL very much,:hug: fingers crossed for a positive outcome:yes: My eyes feel like they are going to fall out of my head been on this computer all day lol
  5. Hi i just joined this site as i have a question and i hope you will be the best people to ask,I have spent hours looking for the answer but i cant find it,I am sick with worry so you are my last hope,Ok i will be coming to Auss (fingers crossed ) on the 12th of April. I have booked the flight £900,When my sister flew to Auss last year she took her passport in to book her ticket and she gave her passport to the woman who scanned it and bingo her visa was put on her passport,When i booked mine i was told i have to apply online. Now i went to do this but when it asked if you have any convictions you have to apply for a Tourist Visa (subclass 676) ,But when i go to try to do it all i see is what looks like a visa for people going to Auss for over 3 mths which i don't want i'm going for one mth.When i went to a different site to apply for a ETA it didn't ask if you had convictions so i could just go ahead and get but i want to be honest as i know i will declare it when i have to fill out the declaration form on landing. The conviction was minor so i got a £50 fine but it is still a conviction,It happened 15 years ago and is all i have against me , I am now worried sick as if i have to apply for the Tourist visa (subclass 676) it might take me very close to when i was going to fly. Do any of you good people have any ideas that can help me,Please Please advise me thank you .Mark
  6. Guest

    Just joined... Need avice

    Hi everyone I've just joined. My names ben and I'm a qualified BMW mechanic looking to emigrate to oz and live and work. I'm going there at the end of the year for a holiday to see family and look at work, but if I can get something sorted before I go all the better. I'm after advice from anyone who can me, who's the best people to deal with and speak to? I've emailed a few BMW dealers to get communication going. I don't have any savings and to be honest money is tight so what's it going to cost me? my family can sponsor me but will it cost them? also do I need to be married for my girlfriend to come on my qualifications? she's been in the motor trade approx 7 years so has loads of experience but no qualifications as such. I'm sorry for the barrage of questions but please any help and advise would be great!!!! Thanks
  7. Guest

    just joined

    hello there ive just found this site so go easy on me. my name is jimmy and i live in the uk i live in st.helens in the county of lancashire. im sure a lot of you have heard of it as we have the best rugby league side in the uk.
  8. Hello, We've got an opportunity to uproot the family and head to Australia through my wife's work in midwifery. It's a scary thought but there's really not very much in Hayes or the UK to keep us here. It would be a blind move and no matter how much you read about places there's always something bad vs something good that causes uncertainty. We went along to a skilled labour recruitment fair, listened to the area presentations and South Australia / Adelaide seemed to stand out. I keep reading that it's dull but we're not exactly looking for a place like the centre of London. Bands go there, there's a VW club, a Fringe Festival & Tuna Tossing......what can be bad ? Waiting for IELTS results and we'll take it from there, any thoughts or advice on Adelaide would be appreciated.
  9. Guest

    Just joined - hello!

    Hi, I've just joined PomsinOz, despite being here now since last August. Just back from a 3week visit "home" to the UK and am utterly knackered - I am never travelling solo with a 2year old again! Anyone else live in the "country" north of Sydney? Not too far from Newcastle? Be good to hear from you if you do.
  10. mrsb

    Morning, just joined.

    Hi, I've just joined and am after some advice so I'll go find the relevent forum! My husband is australian and we have two children, our daughter was born in Oz and our son was born over here. I'm british btw! We have made the decision to go back and are trying to find out the easiest way t get visas etc. Our daughter has an aussie passprt but it's expired, is it right we have to attend an interview as we are applying overseas? Or should we wait till we get there before renewing it, will her QLD birth certificate prove she is a citizen or does she have to have a passport? Also our son only has a british passport, do I just add him onto my spouse application? TIA for any advice. :smile:
  11. Guest

    Hi, I have just joined today

    Anyone on this site from Dorset? Im missing home so much. I have been here now 4 months now.
  12. Guest

    Just joined, BIG Hi to all

    Just trawling the net and found the forum. Family of four ,had Residency Visa since April 2008, activated March 2009. House on the market(fingers crossed). Hoping to move to Brisbane, just need to find more info on jobs, schools etc. Visa granted on my employment(Diesel Fitter) as too many strings for my wife(Physiotherapist). Any advice would be appreciated:hug:
  13. Hi all. Just joined the forum and wanted to say a big hello to you all. I am in the first stages of emigration to Australia and hope to be out there very soon with family.....cant wait! I've had an initial assessment and things are looking pretty good so far. I am looking to lodge my visa application soon and will need to find an Architectural practice in Perth who would be willing to offer me employment and sponsorship. I am in touch with a few recruitment agents, but thought if I could approach practices directly, they wouldnt have the agents fees to pay and it may improve my chances? So...if there are any Architects out there looking to sponsor, it would be great to hear from you. Alternatively if anybody knows anybody who may be able to help, it would be appreciated. Thanks all and I look forward to getting to know you. Yorky :smile:
  14. Hello all, We have just joined this site as like the many other Brits, we have decided to move south!!! I am Tony a military man (HR and Finance) who will have completed his 22 years prior to leaving, my wife Mandy is a nurse who specialises in sexual health. We have a wanna be Oz in our 5 year old son Alfie. As Mandy is a nurse, she applied to the ANMC on 16 Jan and her qualifications where ratified and back in our mitts on 21 Mar 09. We then found out that in order to get the 120 points required, Mandy had to do the IETLS. We booked this for 2 weeks later and Mandy managed to achieve level 9 (it was very easy and spelling ability for even the less confident should enable you to achieve level 7!). Mandy is happy to let people know should you have any questions. Once we had proof of the test, we then applied on line for the Skilled Independant Migration Visa sub Class 175 on 4 May 09. We then completed all our medicals on 12 May 09 and are now awaiting confirmation that we are all fine and healthy POMME specimens. We are very interested in other peoples experiences on the "migration trail" especially how long these things take! We will keep this thread alive so other people can appreciate the process and how long things actually take. Once we have our Visa's we will rent our UK home out and use my Military gratuity to fund us in the short term until we both find work! We are kind of hoping that a job offer will come before we leave (for Mandy) as this will help us decide where to live. Our current order of preference is Adelaide, Brisbane or anywhere!!! Look forward to sharing others experiences. Tony, Mandy & Alfie
  15. Guest

    Just Joined

    Hi Just found this website and wanted to say Hi. We are currently stuck in UK at the moment but are in process of moving to Townsville, Queensland. Myself and hubby are both nurses so have both got jobs at Townsville Hospital and are being sponsored so Queensland Health are taking care of us real good and sorting everything out. Due to commitments in UK, probably won't be out till January 2010. Probably have loads of questions over the coming months but look forward to corresponding with anybody. Best Wishes Janet and John
  16. Guest

    Just Joined!

    Hi Everyone! We are applying skilled 175 General Plumber, my partner has his assessment next week. All these recent reports of the migration programme have been so worrying, its nice to find a site where you can share all your concerns and see that there are people in the same boat. I need to stop reading the press reports! I'm really worried that they are going to take these skilled trades of the MODL. Has anyone else heard that the MODL list will be changed? Thanks, Shreen
  17. Guest

    Finally joined

    Just wanted to say a big hello to all,finally joined after months and months of reading all the great info on here. So here goes there is me Sarah (32)Hubby Jason (37) Connor (11) and Harry (7) our story so far decided to go to Aus about a year ago hubby always wanted to go since he visited as a kid,got ourselves an agent 9 months later were no further along so decided to go it alone. Applied to TRA December 08 found out January 09 had failed miserably so hubbys got himself an AQF 111 in Glass and Glazing just waiting for it to come in the post then gonna apply again. Hoping to go to Western Aus but got a long way to go yet TRA first all fingers and toes crossed!
  18. Guest

    Just Joined

    Hi all Just joined last week, loads of good info on here, we are hoping to go to Gold Coast in june this year where i will be studying Automotive. Has anyone got any advise please on the course or area of Ashmore ??? Thanks Andy
  19. Just wanted to say hello. My husband (Mongoose) joined a while ago, but I felt i needed to be heard as well! Hopefully off to the gold coast, and am feeling nervous/excited/worried/panicky, and probably every other emotion as well.
  20. Guest

    Just joined

    My wife is already a member here so I thought seeing as I have been housebound for the last 3 weeks and another 3 to come atleast (Broken leg & torn ligaments due to football/soccer) :wideeyed:I would come and say hello:chatterbox: If I sometimes reply in a sharp and blunt way then I am sorry as often after I have posted on forums I need to take a step back then reply and slightly change my angle (heat of the moment) I always stick up for myself and also defend the morally correct but disagree with the PC brigade on a large amount of issue's but hope that I can constructively add to this forum and also enrich Australia with my presencein some way as of January 2009
  21. Guest

    Just joined

    Hi All, Having not been accepted for many roles in Oz because they were either not willing to sponsor, or the position needed filling quickly and couldn't wait, we've decided to start the Permanent Residency visa application. Came across this board, so joined and i'm now going to waste many hours reading and asking questions (possibly playing the arcade games too:yes:). Think we're going with Go Matilda as the agency. Although 1st contact is in the runnings. Any others worth a mention??
  22. Guest

    just joined

    Hi all how many off you shiped all your furiture and stuff over there,?is it worth it or sould i sell it all
  23. MelandJas

    Just joined

    Hello to all We have just joined POI and look forward to gaining advice about Australia. We are a family of 5 visiting Gold Coast in December with hopes of emigrating if we like it. Our kids are 15,12 and 11 and worry about uprooting them. Any advice from anyone would be welcomed. Also our middle child is diabetic. has anyone else had similar experiences. Thankyou
  24. Guest

    Help joined last nite

    Hi this is my second day as a member, Could anyone give me some general info on getting to Oz........right let me start. Im currently in university studying IT and E-Business, I will be graduating with honours and will be taking a Microsoft Professional course also. Im 25 and my wife to be is 20. We are hoping to move when i graduate next year. What are our chances and how can we improve them?:wacko: look forward to reading the posts.:biglaugh:
  25. Guest

    daughter has joined

    Hi everyone , thought i would let you all know my daughter chloe has joined the site today her user name is betty boop 08 , she has been told to keep to the younger ones section and not to us the chat room . She is a sensible girl so she should behave ... karen