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  1. vdM family

    Ancestral visa

    Hi has anyone applied for a U.K ancestral visa in the last few months, I have a few questions.
  2. Morning all we (me, hubby & child) can lodge our citizenship application and I need some help. My daughters Dad is in the U.K and fully supportive of her becoming an Australian citizen. Are there forms he has To complete to send with my application, signed by him (like the one he did for our PR) and if so what form is it and can I download it to send to him. He works all over the world and is rarely in communication due to remote areas so would be helpful if I can get any documents to him before he goes away again. Also, when doing the citizenship though our immi account, we've started with my husbands, do we need to complete his before we can move forward and do mine or can we do them through the same immi account simultaneously? Lastly, will we need new Police clearance if we've just spent 5 weeks out of the country? thank you for your help
  3. vdM family

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    We got granted our PR yesterday afternoon. We were 457 to 186, applied for nomination & visa 7th Sept both granted 22nd February 16. We used an agent and all straight forward. Good luck to everyone still waiting Xx
  4. vdM family

    What to do home or stay!!!!!! help

    Is there anyway you could afford a trip back to UK so you can see what you are or not missing? It's hard when you're here and you both want different things isn't it. Maybe you need to sit down with your hubby and have an honest and frank discussion about what is best for all of you. Could either of you get jobs back in UK, or a house? Is it family and friends you miss or just the country as a whole? I should imagine you know pretty well after 3 years of being here whether you want to stay, if you can look to the future and think where do I want to be in 3 years time and the answer is at home in England, possibly without your husband then that is probably the decision made. Life is to short to do something you don't want to do. Lay your cards on the table to hubby and see where it goes from there. Good luck
  5. vdM family

    P & O Crusie

    Hello everyone Wondering if anyone out there has done a cruise with P & O from Brisbane or Sydney staying in OZ?? visiting places like Whitsunday Islands and Port Douglas? Is it worth the money? who did you book with, which boat did you go on and finally what's the best time of year to go on them? Look forward to advice )
  6. vdM family

    Crown, pss or john mason

    Hi Alice When the company here rang us to arrange the delivery of our container it was them who advised the delivery crew would deliver unpack and re build furniture, yikes we paid enough for their service. Anyhow they literally dumped the stuff and left and when I rang the company to query why she'd said about the re-building and it hadn't happened she said it was because they were contracting for their company and she would repremand them, god knows if she did but she was full of apologies and said they'd send some more men round to assist lol but we'd already done it ourselves. I don't like being advised I'll receive a service then not. Everyone we know here had their furniture re-built this end IF the shippers dismantled it.
  7. vdM family

    Crown, pss or john mason

    We used PSS and they took approx 12 weeks door to door (they quoted us 8) can't fault their service UK end, 2 lads did a great job packing and everything arrived safely. This end Kent Removals delivered the container to our door and we were assured they would re-build any furniture they had dismantled in the UK but this was not the case, they delivered the boxes to the relevant rooms, took about 2.5-3 hours then they left and we were left to build beds, tables etc. Couldn't fault PSS themselves though. We're in Adelaide so maybe said company this end is only here.
  8. We're shipping to Adelaide, not sure if that makes any difference to time scales
  9. We were told 8 weeks but by the time we get our stuff it will have been nearly 12! I'd advise shipping as early as you can then you have less time to wait at this end.
  10. Been here in Adelaide 2 months and are in our 1st rental in Oz. We have a fairly large Pergola and garden and are now looking to buy some garden furniture... I love the wicker type sofas and wicker table and Gav likes the wooden table and chairs and maybe a sofa, please give me some recommendations of what you have in your garden, what's most comfortable and where did you buy from?? We are a family of 3 but will have guests/vistors round so looking for a 6-8 seating.. Please help.... Lisa )
  11. vdM family

    LAFHA announcement in the budget ?

    Look forward to your sharing your response ginger. Lisa
  12. vdM family

    Baggage allowance

    Hi all wonder if anyOne can help us, we fly Emirates business class into Melbourne then the next day get our connecting flight to Adelaide. Now we know we are allowed 40kg of luggage on Emirates but we fly internal with Qantas do they allow 40kg? If not then essentially we'll only be able to pack 20kg?Also how is best to send money to Oz bank account??Thank you x
  13. vdM family

    457 Visa Timeline

    Ours was submitted on the Friday and we had the Visa by the Wednesday so mega quick, we fly out in 3 week x
  14. vdM family

    X ray and medicals

    Hi feduppat we used Spire Hospital in Edinburgh, did the chest Xray friday 10th Feb results were received by DIAC 13th feb then we got 457 Visa granted 15th feb...2012
  15. vdM family

    Opening a bank account

    I'm not sure, we have only literally done the online application part, haven't had any contact with them yet, there is a box to tick for credit cards, savings account etc on the form