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  1. All you have to do is fill in form c2, provide the necessary documents, ie, the mother OR fathers birth certificate and British passport, the mothers can only be used if the child was born after December 1982, prior to that it gets complicated. Make an appointment at a PO that deals with the British passport, not all do. It is all then sent of to NZ for processing, usually takes about 2 weeks, though they say it could take longer. It is very easy to do.
  2. tisme

    Funeral Clothes

    Many people wear any color nowadays, especially to a funeral of someone so young. It is quite often called a celebration of life now.
  3. tisme

    Keeping budgies?

    Not a good thing to habitually feed native fauna and birds in Oz. The bigger birds are bullies towards the smaller ones and will keep coming back looking for the food and will scare the smaller birds away, and if done regular enough can become dependent on humans feeding them. Providing them with water only is best.
  4. [h=5]Obviously Juliar Gillard knows how slow the housing market is at the moment, that's why she's given herself 7.5 months to find a new place. :laugh:[/h]
  5. tisme

    House break ins

    My system is 4 years old now so has possibly been replaced by a newer system, it is a Bosch. The link to the installers are.... http://www.lockdownsecurity.net.au/ They also now do camera's but I bought mine from JB hifi. Mine is the DCS-932L I think it was about $190. http://www.dlink.com.au/products/category/?cid=86
  6. Craig Thomson has been arrested for fraud. Hmmm I wonder if Juliar's next. :laugh: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/craig-thomson-arrested-by-fraud-squad-20130131-2dmnn.html
  7. Agree with you, Juliar took power with plenty of money saved by the previous Government, that is the reason we have survived the GFC as well as we have. She has spent, spent and spent again money we no longer have. Instead of making the most of the mining boom she raped and pillaged it. And continues to squander tax payers money. I will be glad to see her gone.
  8. 7.5 months is way too long, now we have to put up with all the dribble that's goes with a lead up to an election.
  9. tisme

    House break ins

    It is Bosch system, I had it installed 4 years ago by a company in Mandurah, Lockdown Security. It is hooked into the phone line and if goes off will call my mobile or husbands if I don't answer, I can also turn the alarm off using my mobile. As it rings my mobile it is classed as a monitored alarm so reduces my insurance premiums, you can use a monitoring company but you pay for them making a call instead of you. There are many different sytems available and the cost depends on how many motion sensors you have and which sort of sensors. I have a mix of battery operated ones, due to having an upstairs and not being able to run cables through the roof space and some hard wired ones. I can set the alarm so the whole house is armed except for my bedroom, great for being alone at night. The camera is a Dlink wireless camera, it is logged into my wireless modem, I just go to the Dlink website, (after setting up an account, which is free) I log in and watch what is happening at home, Great if you have left children home alone, :wink:. You can add as many cameras as you like to the system, all you need is a power point near by to plug the camera into, it uses a micro sd card to record onto and can be set to record on motion or record 24/7. I have bought one to try out but am going to install more as I am very happy with the result, the picture is very clear and it has an auto night mode function. Mine is hidden in the room so isn't clearly visible incase someone does get inside. If you type in Perth WA Crime Report into the Facebook search box the page will come up. People post what crimes are happening to them, friends and family, and any suspicious behaviour in their area, gives you a heads up on what to look out for. Not sure if there's pages for other states.
  10. tisme

    House break ins

    I have wood in my window and door tracks, always have for 30+ years, they just smash the glass, quicker and easier than removing a flyscreen and jiggling the window open. I think the shatter proof film on the glass would help. Ceilings are only plaster board so anyone can put their foot through any part of it without having to open the loft hatch. ALWAYS buy new tooth brushes if you ever get broken into, :wink: hahaha
  11. tisme

    Cracked heels

    I know what you mean about hygiene and sharing implements. The salon I use you have to have your own box with your name and it is for your use only.
  12. tisme

    House break ins

    It is everywhere, it just doesn't make the news, and sometimes goes unreported. Take a look at 'Perth WA crime report', a Facebook page reporting whats going on in the area's of Perth, it's frightening what is happening everywhere daily and nightly. So many people asleep in their beds at night and getting robbed while they sleep.
  13. tisme

    House break ins

    I have an alarm system, installed after our first break in 4 years ago. Got broken into again last October and the alarm went off and the offenders ran without gaining entry, they smashed a window. The alram rings my mobile if it goes off, and if I don't answer it rings my husbands mobile, we rang the cops straight away and they were here before we even got home. Since the second break in I have installed a security camera I can access via the internet from anywhere in the world, it also records so if someone does happen to get in they will be recorded and this can be given to the cops who may be able to identify them, if not then maybe sometime in the future. Also having the monitored alarm system it has reduced my insurance premiums.
  14. tisme

    Cracked heels

    I use Ego's AV feet heel balm, I find this not as greasy as the Eulactol Brand, so your not slip sliding around in your shoes. Go visit one of those nail salons that also do Pedicures, if you go regular along with the use of heel balm it will help to keep the hard skin soft.
  15. I wouldn't think there was much in Mandurah to offer the rest of the state. ie. no fabrication yards, warehouses etc. so what would need to be transported from Mandurah?? you may have to rethink your starting base.