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Found 645 results

  1. JSummer

    Financial advisor/planner

    Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations for a financial advisor/planner who they have personally used when working out their move to Oz? We have property in the UK and looking for some advice on how to navigate a move and best ways to mitigate financial loss etc. Lots of confusing info out there! Any help would be hugely appreciated Thank you
  2. PaulTM

    Finding UK job from Australia

    Hi there, My family and I will be aiming to move back to the UK around April this year, after 12 years in Sydney. Can anyone offer their experience on finding a job in London or the South of England, from Australia? What is the likelihood of securing a job before departing? I work in SaaS as a Service Delivery Manager but have had a variety of roles in customer service and contact centre management. Also, has anyone moved back during Covid and could offer experience on the job market activity within IT / customer service & finance? Many thanks, Paul
  3. Has anyone ever regretted moving to Australia for reasons other than missing family and friends? Maybe money, jobs, weather, location, insects, health, something?! Me and my husband are due to move to Sydney from the UK in June, we have never been to oz before and if we dont like it we can just come back. We dont have any family or friends that we feel we will miss so thats not an issue for us. The only thing i hope is that i love my new job as much as i love my current one. Just looking for some negatives to level out all the positives i keep hearing...or are there no negatives?! Thanks
  4. Marie Jo

    Thinking of moving to Mornington

    Hi, I am new to this forum. We are thinking of moving to the Mornington/Mount Martha/Mount Eliza area. We have 3 children, aged 6, 8 and 10, and are looking to move to a good area for a family, with good state schools, primary and secondary. Our 10 year old daughter will start in High School in a year and a half so we want to move into an area where there is a good primary and secondary school. Any help with info/experience in the school/area would be very much appreciated.
  5. Hi There, we're young family with 2 kids (3 yo and 1 yo). we're from Indonesia and recently received our Australia citizenship. we're planing to move from Jakarta, Indonesia to Melbourne or Perth. still don't know which area to decide. we're looking to a safe place to raise kids, a friendly people, good education for the kids, good jobs opportunity in warehousing/barista/communication industry. we have visited melbourne last year and stay there for quite some time. we love the city, but the real estate price is quite something. $400-$500k house is about 1-2 hour train from melbourne CBD. so we really need some informations about this 2 cities to decide which one is better to live. thanks before ?
  6. I am a single mom with a 7 year old daughter and I am trying to organise a secondment to Sydney for a couple of years. I'm worried about moving away from my support network as I will have to do the school run every day as well as work full time. Has anyone already been through this? How common are after school clubs and how easy is it to organise childcare? I really want to experience the Australian lifestyle but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by going it alone.:wacko:
  7. Has anyone managed to claim back there super if you are a permanent resident and have moved back to the UK for Good. Any advice would be great or if they don't pay it out can you transfer the funds over to a UK pension? Thanks
  8. I havnt met anyone from the southwest of England yet! Hardly anyone over here knows where cornwall is lol:shocked:
  9. So I'm wanting to move to Australia, permanently. I plan to get a two yearly working holiday visa, and then after this - what are my options? I'm an exotic dancer so I really don't have a career path. While in Australia I'd like to do some beauty courses. Ultimately I'd like to set up my own business which is very doable, weather it's mobile, in home or small store.Is there a visa for me to start a small business and stay in Australia after the two year working holiday visa? Or what are my options, if any, to permanently move and live in Australia?
  10. The Pom Queen

    Moving to Adelaide

    Sydney and Melbourne housing affordability woes: Is it time to move to Adelaide? ABC "Housing out of reach", "The death of the Australian dream" — if you're a young adult living in Sydney or Melbourne such headlines might be enough to make you give up trying to own your own home. Key points: Young adults moving to Adelaide to buy housing Adelaide praised internationally as it transforms Job opportunities still the biggest challenge outside Melbourne and Sydney House prices in Adelaide, however, remain affordable and with international travel guide Lonely Planet laying praise on the city in recent years, along with economists, perhaps it is time for a closer look at the festival city. Cameron Kusher, CoreLogic's head of research in Australia, said Adelaide's median house price was $455,000 at the end of February. Sydney by comparison was $895,000 and Melbourne $680,000. "We're talking Sydney prices almost double what they are in Adelaide, but you certainly don't get double the wage for the same level of job in Sydney," Mr Kusher said. In fact, to service an 80 per cent loan in Sydney, it would cost a homeowner 44.5 per cent of their annual median income, compared to 37.9 per cent in Melbourne and 33 per cent in Adelaide. Just saving a 20 per cent deposit in Sydney will cost somebody 168 per cent of their median annual earnings. In Melbourne it will cost 143 per cent but in Adelaide it is a relatively smaller 125 per cent. "It's much harder to get into the market in Sydney, and it's a similar story in Melbourne," Mr Kusher said. "And once you're in the market, you've got to dedicate a lot more of your income to paying off the mortgage." PHOTO: SA was endorsed by the Lonely Planet guide as one of the top five regions in the world to visit in 2017. (Facebook: South Australia) Is it time to move to Adelaide? The housing figures make an isolated argument for an interstate move, but mention Adelaide to any parochial Sydneysider or Melbournian and it is more often than not met with scoffing, invariably by those who have never travelled there. "The big brother or big sister will always knock the little one into place," Melbourne-based Lawrence Mooney said, an Adelaide fan who visits regularly. "People need to feel superior in some way or another. That's why Adelaide's picked out. They might call Adelaide a sleepy town with a disproportionate appetite for weird, headline-grabbing murders; an ageing place full of baby boomers who block innovation and refuse to retire; or a town full of hardcore football fans who harbour a chip on their shoulder for losing the grand prix to Melbourne. Such descriptions are correct, of course, but unbeknown to Sydneysiders equipped with blinkers, or Melbournians reciprocating an unassailable football rivalry, Adelaide has transformed significantly over the past seven years: A rivitalised CBD is bursting with small bars and start-up businesses The famed February/March Fringe Festival has exploded into the second largest of its kind in the world A revamped Adelaide Oval is bringing tens of thousands into the CBD all year around After years of letting it languish, the State Government is finally investing in public transport and reinstalling a city tram network The transformation has not gone unnoticed overseas. Lonely Planet recently listed South Australia fifth on it Best of Travel 2017 list, citing its wine regions and beaches as drawcards, just three years after it endorsed Adelaide as one of the top 10 cities in the world to visit in 2014. And in 2016, the Economist Intelligent Unit listed Adelaide as the fifth most liveable city out of 140 cities surveyed worldwide. Melbourne was listed as number one; Sydney dropped four places to move out of the top 10 altogether. PHOTO: Adelaide's east and west are separated by the busy Rundle Mall shopping strip. (ABC News: Nicola Gage) Young adults making the move Rita Horanyi, 34, moved to Adelaide from Melbourne in 2010 to do postgraduate study and now lives there. "It's true that Adelaide didn't have a great reputation when I first moved, and back then it was understandable why that was the case," she said. "In the last five years the city has improved significantly. Adelaide's bad reputation lingers, but friends of mine from interstate who visit for festivals and so on do notice the changes and are pleasantly surprised." Warner Music media manager Bret Woods, 35, moved back to Adelaide about four years ago after spending his adult life in Sydney. "Working in the music industry, I'm seeing there's more than enough stuff going on," he said. "To me, it almost feels like when Sydney had that small bar scene five or six years ago. Adelaide's in the same situation." Having recently bought a house in Adelaide, Mr Woods simply laughed at the idea of buying a house in Sydney. He added that perceptions of Adelaide interstate were starting to change, with several friends from the UK and Sydney having recently visited for the Fringe Festival and the Clipsal 500 car racing carnival. "And obviously our wine regions are pretty highly regarded, and at least do their bit to hold up SA to the rest of SA [outside the festival months]." PHOTO: Wineries, such as Bird in Hand, draw crowds to Adelaide's wine regions with events all year around. (Supplied: Bird in Hand/Felix Forest) News Limited journalist Stan Denham moved to Adelaide from Sydney five years ago. "The kind of lifestyle you can have in Adelaide is not attainable in Sydney, unless you are earning megabucks," he said. "I was up there last weekend and was struck again by the beauty of the city, but then very few Sydneysiders get to really enjoy that. "Most of my time was spent working and commuting." Dubai-born surgeon Annika Mascarenhas, 27, moved to Adelaide from Perth in 2013, having visited the year before. "I've been here while things have started to boom," she said. "I think the misconception exists that Adelaide's a sleepy city. It exists in Perth as well. "The Oval opened, the Fringe got a bit bigger, more wineries are advertising good weekends ... there's plenty to do." Adelaide's biggest challenge is jobs Before Adelaide can expect a major influx of young adults chasing the homeowner's dream, however, it does lack in one area that Sydney and Melbourne has in spades — job opportunities. Most of those jobs have been in the services sector, financial services and the health care sector. "But unfortunately for the rest of the country, the jobs growth story hasn't been as strong," Mr Kusher said. Until recently, South Australia suffered the highest unemployment rate in the country, due largely to a downturn in mining and the decline of large-scale manufacturing. Start-up businesses and small bars are unlikely to produce the same levels of employment, but the State Government has been working hard to transition the city's employment base. This includes securing major, long-term defence contracts, spending big bucks on a medical research hub, and courting emerging industries such as self-driving cars. But Melbourne and Sydney also benefit from being the headquarters for the big end of town in businesses, multinational companies, banks and financial institutions. "It would be hard to move them away from those cities for somewhere like Adelaide or Brisbane or Hobart," Mr Kusher said. "Those cities need to look at ways to attract different types of business or to find ways to attract big businesses to move part of their functions to other parts of the country." Mr Kusher added, however, that as more and more businesses started to allow their employees to work remotely, there could be a shift of workers moving to places where the housing is more affordable, "in markets like Adelaide".
  11. Hi everyone. Well I have just found this forum and I have got to say it is fantastic, I have been browsing it for about the last hour and it really does give you a good insight into moving to Australia. I am still in the UK at the moment but am currently applying for jobs in Adelaide as a veterinary nurse. As my job isn't listed on the skilled list my only way to get into Oz (i think) is through a working sponsorship visa (as I am over 30 :embarrassed:) so I am applying like mad for jobs so that myself, my husband and son can move to OZ. It has always been an ambition of mine to one day emigrate and I have now started to get the ball rolling so heres hoping :smile: Emma x
  12. Its very early days for us, we have only been here three weeks of our three month reccie trip but Hubs and I have already been talking about the possibility of making the move a little more perm. His employer also wants to talk to him in the next couple of weeks re the possibility of migrating so you would think that we would be really pleased. However whilst we were chating about this possibility, Hubs told me that he would consider moving for a max of two years but that he would never see Australia as home and would want to return to the UK. So now im in two minds, do we make the move and just enjoy the two years here, hope that we both fall in love with the place and that we both end up wanting to stay. Or do we put a stop to things now and return to the UK and consider other options i.e. maybe moving somewhere different within the UK as we have already desided that we do want a change. I think the big stumbling block for my husband is that he is very close to his parents but they would NEVER fly to Oz to see us. I know some of you may say that they would once we are out here but this is a def no - they wont fly. Obviously i would miss them too, they are like parents to me but i also want to make the most of my life and trying this different way of life / experience i think would be a great thing. What would you do? Emma x
  13. :cry: I'm just having a little rant.....but the thought of having to wait 5 years just kills me! I have to wait 5 years because I need to start and finish my nursing degree, then get a years experience....:-(.....think you'll all have to put up with me until then moaning about how much I wanna be in Australia!! Okay, rant over, feel a bit better now lol.
  14. siiobhan

    Perth to Melbourne

    Been in Perth over a year now living in Mandurah - which is beautiful but travelling 3 hours to work everyday - i work in Recruitment - and not even being accepted for Receptionist jobs around Mandurah area is becoming frustrating! Tbh im not a fan of the heat atm haha i can handle it but even the simplest tasks of getting ready or going out of a wknd its too hot and makes me not want to do ANYTHING which lead to big rows with my partner who is on a 4:1 roster. I really want to move somewhere a bit cooler and more going on thinking of Melbourne! has anyone done this and could offer any advise Thank you!
  15. So i have been working for a company for about 6 months...they did my initial 457, sponsoring me for the maximum 4 years...the work they thought they had dried up, so I am looking for a new employer and have found one. The company is an approved sponsor but there is a problem: they are under the impression that if they sign me up, they are effectively signing me up as a permanent employee for the duration of the sponsorship under law. No matter how much I plead, they won't listen that they are 2 separate things. Does anyone have official/semi-official proof that this is not the case? Thanks in advance!
  16. Guest

    Planning to move to Australia

    Hi there, I'm a 27 year old student nurse and I'm planning to move to Australia with my man and our son when I'm qualified. We're doing as much research as we possibly can in the mean time in order to make a smooth transition
  17. sunni1234

    Best Time of year to move back to UK

    Hi there, Just wondering what people's thoughts are on the best time of the year to move back to Blighty. Our target is October. sunni :wubclub:
  18. Hi, I have been living in Melbourne for the past 7 years. I have an Australian wife and a 2 year old son. We both have jobs in Oz however we are finding it impossible to secure any future ie buying a home due to the ever incresing costs of living over here. My son has a British passport which we arranged last year so thats not a problem and my wife has a visa to stay in the uk as her grandfather was British. My parents have kindly offered for us to stay with them untill we get up and running which is nice. The plan is that i go to the UK first to try and secure a job then i will fly back and bring the whole family over(including our dog, which i know is expensive) any suggestions? I will not have a bank account set up in my name so any advice on how i might go about this would be fantastic It will be a big move i know, but i feel this is our best opption to have a go at securing our future. Any advise, tips or people's experiances who have done the same thing would be great. Many Thanks
  19. We know about the $$$ airfares, removalists, pet relocation - but what about the HIDDEN LIABILITIES - TAXES? You sell your home - will there be anything left for you? You pay in to Super? Is any of it yours! I'm sure it's all there on the official sites, but I'd like to hear it from the folks who've been there, done that & survived (or who learnt the hard way) :frown: Just wonder how long you have to work before the move becomes affordable & viable? Thank you :notworthy:
  20. ajcooper

    Looking to move North

    Hi, We're expats who've been living in Melbourne for the last 9 years. We're now looking to finally get the sunny lifestyle we moved down here for and are contemplating a move to Queensland. My wife is a teachers aide and I work in IT, but the reliance on me getting a job in IT isn't really high, I'll happily work at Bunnings if it means we get to be near the beach! The boys are 8 and 10 years old. The two areas we're looking at are Sunshine Coast and Hervey Bay. Looking for any recommendations and info about both, including good areas to live etc. Like I said, proximity to the beach is a must! Thanks Aidan
  21. SWEtoOZ

    Move to Melbourne

    Hey! Me and my friend are thinking of leaving Sweden in the fall '14 and could sure need some advice and information about the whole thing! We don't have any work waiting for us, we don't know where to live or where to look for work. So you see, all information and help is probably just good for us to receive. We're females, 22y/o, and do not say no to a area where there's kind of fun to live in with young people. If you can, give us all information about a move to Melbourne! Cheers!
  22. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone has moved their car from India to Melbourne. I am based in Delhi. What would be the average cost I should be prepared to pay? I have a 1.5 year old Suzuki Wagon-R which works on petrol as well as CNG. Thanks. Piyu.
  23. ReZ

    Hello everyone! :)

    Hi all, My name is Matt, I'm currently living in the UK but I have an Australian visa already as my dad has lived in Sydney for about 5 years now. Myself and 3 of my very close friends (basically brothers) are planning to move to Australia, just outside of Sydney, in 2015. We plan to get a mortgage on a house, build it up and sell it on when we're ready, and maybe start a building firm there or some sort of business eventually. So we're all going to sign up to this site and we're gna have a heap of questions to ask! Speak to you soon! -Matt
  24. dundeeboi82

    UK Architect move to Australia

    Hi Everyone, Firstly, I'm a newbie who's spent the last week or so trawling the forums and have been amazed at the amount of information. We're looking for a bit of advice, and I suppose a bit of reassurance that we're heading along the right path!! I'm 28 years old and a fully qualified Architect in the UK with 3.5 years post part-3 experience. My same-sex partner, who is 31, works in I.T. and has about 15 years experience in the industry, but no formal tertiary qualifications. We've been together for over 11 years (living together for the past 10 or so). We're looking to emigrate to Melbourne, or at least that area/state so first question is, what's the architecture and IT sectors like there at the moment? From what I've seen, the 'Skilled - Independent - Migrant (subclass 175) visa' seems to be the only one available that doesn't require some form of sponsorship, and should allow me to include my partner on the application. Am I correct that the total visa fee would be $AUD 2,575, and that the second installment mentioned isn't applicable? I cannot see any additional fee for including a partner? What timescales are people experiencing, and any idea what priority Architects are getting? Is it worth boosting your points total by sitting the additional English test, or is the standard 15 for holding a British Passport working for most? Anything else that's worth knowing? I also understand that I have to have my skills assessed before I can apply, and this is done through a provisional assessment by the Architects Accredition Council of Australia (AACA) at a cost of $AUD 1,050 - has anyone got any experience of this (time scales/completing forms and getting correct info (some of it seems quite strange) etc) as this would be really helpful! It also seems like I'll need to do work experience and go for a final assessment after a year or so - all seems crazy after spending so much time and money on Part 3 in the UK. But if it has to be done, then so be! So UK Architects who have done the move, any advice you have would be great!! My biggest concern is that, assuming i get the assessment away this week, if it takes longer than 14 weeks, this would mean my visa application would be under the new points system (which I don't think would be a problem), and I would guess an increased fee as well! Anyone know if this is the case? Other costs associated with the visa seem to be medical costs and police check costs (if required) - am I missing any others? I've probably got 1001 other questions, but don't want to use my forum quota in one post!! It's such an expensive process that we just want to make sure we've got it all right in our heads! If anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated!! :biggrin: Graeme
  25. sickasachip

    Groomer wanting to move to Oz

    Hi All, Ive found so much information on this website but still cant get my head around if and how my family can move to Perth. I am about to complete my studies in City & Guilds as a Dog Groomer. I know this isnt on the Skilled Migration List but Im wondering if there is any other way of applying to move please? I have a wife, who is currently doing Accountant studies but it will be 2 years at least before she completes these, and we also have children who would be in promary education. Ive noticed the Pet Grooming is on the Industry training council-identified priorities 2011 list but im wondering what that means in terms of a visa application Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks