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Found 197 results

  1. Benjamin Baker

    Hello, booked and counting down

    Hi I'm Ben I have just taken the plunge and finally after many years for toying with the idea of moving to Aus for a year, BOOKED! Visa granted, flights to pay for and money to save i am so excited! I plan to travel out August 31st just in time to spend my 25th on a beach in Cairns! Anyone else going around the same time? Would nice to meet some new people!
  2. Hi all, I have been in contact with IOM UK (International Organisation for Migration), they can do flights for us cheaper then we found online from our more local airport of Birmingham rather then going down to Heathrow. The flights will be with Emirates and we will get the double baggage allowance of 40kg each. I just wanted to check they were ok, and if anyone has booked flights through them before? Thanks all, Lucy.
  3. markandtraceyessex

    1 way flight now booked!!

    well, house sold ok, money in the bank, living with inlaws while our eldest finishes her gcse's, last exam on 28th june, we fly out on 29th! woohoo :biggrin: going to gillieston heights nr maitland nsw. flying with emirates, stopping at dubai for a few hours. we prefer singerpore airlines but emirates was far cheaper for us 4. free registered with skywards which lets you select your seating we arrive at sydney 1st July we are going to collect a rental car (and drop back to maitland depot when finished with) this will get us up to maitland and be our transport for a few weeks whilst looking to buy a car. estimated arrival of our container is 19th july, which is better than expected. i start work on 12th july. no pool at rental :unsure: but tracey has agreed to us buying a spa :jiggy: good luck to all those travelling over the next few months, we hope it all goes to plan for you. lastly, anyone wanting to make friends in the maitland area please feel free to reply or pm us. cheers mark & tracey
  4. emmaroo

    Booked flight home!

    Yes I did it, booked flight home for March 2012!:jiggy: Can't wait! Emma x
  5. pommiecheeks

    Flights booked!

    So flights are booked, we leave on the 1st December. Visa (457) application complete. Removal company arriving 28th November and car bootsale done. So that just leaves us to find tenants for our house and re-home our cats. Oh and sell the car...there's nothing like living on the edge!!! :eek:
  6. I hope someone can give me some advice. We have our flights booked for January and finally decided on Queensland. Hubbie still working here and kids still at school, house up for rent, packing well under way and everyone knows the plan. BUT...I have such a terrible feeling this is the wrong thing to do, I'm not sure if it's fear or panic or the fact that I will miss my family but I just don't know if I can do this. I can't eat and feel constantly ill. It is going to cost us soooo much money to do this and I am just not sure it is worth it. We have a nice life here, we have had to cut back in recent years but we are not in any sort of dire situation but I am terrified that starting all over again will be very hard on us, especially my husband. I just feel so sad and feel we have gotten ourselves into a mess. I know there are no guarantees but the tears just won't stop coming and I don't know how I am going to get on that plane. If anyone has gone through this can you let me know how it ended up for you. Thanks & sorry for going on, just desperate at the moment.
  7. Hi All, just looking for a quick bit of feedback if anyone has any. I have been quoted a fantastic price to fly to oz in Jan. There doesn't seem to be any cathces, they just need the grant letter and the payment lodged. Has anyone any experience of them? Will be paying in the next day or so, but wanted to check beforehand. Thanks in advance, D
  8. andy228

    Flights booked!

    Well thats it! We got our flights to Melbourne booked last night, flying from Edinburgh to London Heathrow, then Heathrow to Singapore then the last leg Singapore to Melbourne. It all feels very real now, finish work on friday morning, then 10 days later we are flying to Australia. We are going with British Airways for the first two flights then Quantas for the last flight. Australia here we come!
  9. Guest

    Flights booked!

    OMG we are really doing this!!! Edinburgh- Singapore- Brisbane 28th Dec. We are me(midwife) OH(teacher) and 11 year old son. Have job in Warwick on 457 visa. Looking forward to the adventure and the challenges, we lived in Vancouver for 4 years and came home when son was 1, so know it won't be easy, but life is too short not to grab hold of the oppurtunities you are given. One thing I am worried about is I bought lovely Hunter wellies last year when we were snowed in for what seemed like weeks on end, but will I need them in Oz?!!!:jiggy: SS!
  10. purpledonna

    One way flights booked!

    We have just been and booked our one way flights from Edinburgh to Melbourne :biggrin: Leaving UK on March 5th 2012. Yippee!
  11. kellyjamie

    Our leaving party is booked!

    Morning all, Well after a few problems, we have finally got the rugby club booked for a leaving party on 26th Nov:yes: We were originally having a large family meal i had paid to have special aussie invites printed and sent for the restaraunt to call last week and say its double booked!!!! so ive spent all week trying to find a new venue and decided to make it a party instead. So finally got a local rugby club, sigh of relief as we have family already booked flights to come up. I ordered some decs from an online company and they arrived yesterday and they are brilliant, include a 40 question quiz on oz for everyone to take part in. Not ashamed to say i had a few tears yesterday going through the decs, tears of happiness may i add, we got aussie road signs, boomerangs, aussie posters, bunting, hugeaussie flag, bunting of aussie flags, welcome to the outback sign, inflatable roo and new invites! put the house in hands of letting agent getting total wakos doing ourselves! spoke with my boy explained my side of the story so he knows whats happening, think he,ll join us in 2 years after exams, im sure of it:jiggy: So were pretty much good to go, only 14weeks left till we fly to brissy cant believe this time last year we thought we would never get to australia, if you want it badly enough never give up xx
  12. janine the party queen

    Holidays Booked

    :jiggy:After weeks of trying to decide where to go for New Year we have finally decided on .....Saigon.
  13. Guest

    Flights booked aaaahhhh!

    Hey how's everyone doing?? That's the flight booked, flying to Melbourne on the 29th of October and can't wait lol. Was the final piece of the puzzle really so starting to feel a bit scary now, and I'm only going for a year (maybe 2) who knows what it's like for people immigrating. Anyway I'm 23 from Glasgow and just wondering is there anyone else going to Melbourne around that time? Anybody from Glasgow? And can anyone recommend hostels to stay in, prob going to get a hotel the first night to sort my head out lol, but after that it will be hostels. And any other help and tips would be great . Cheers Joe
  14. Hi Folks, We done the deed yesterday and booked our flights to Townsville :biggrin: We (me,OH and our 2 year old son Victor) leave Heathrow @ 20.30 18/10/2011 and arrive in Townsville @ 10.50 20/10/2011 have also sorted haulier to come and drop off boxes for us to pack all our wordly goods (all 10x tea chests worth :biglaugh:) to say we are excited is a massive understatement seems so long ago we were walking down by Brighton sea front dreaming of a better life but hey its here and we cant wait :jiggy: thanks for taking the time to read and any words of wisdom and advice will be welcome John
  15. twinkletoes35

    flights booked for townsville

    Hi all Finally happy to report we booked our flights to Townsville yesterday going to be arriving on 20/10/11 in the morning Travelling with John and our little one, who turned 2 yesterday Now to finalise packing and sorting our stuff, just sending some boxes over, and they are arriving Wednesday to packed Eeeek its finally here!¬!!! TT xx
  16. Hi, Just thought I would drop a line to see if anyone else was going to Manchester on Monday for their medicals. We are booked in at 1:30, but knowing me we will be in Manchester form around 11 as I hate being on the last minute. I understand that their is parking bays outside the medical centre so we will park up and have a walk round before going in.
  17. Wellers and Whitehead

    Omg flights booked!! Whoooo

    Got our PR visa last week and booked our flights this morning!! Whooo! £580 one way London to Perth! Singapore airlines.. So excited but soo nervous x
  18. Guest

    Flights are booked

    We made a bold move and booked our flights today :eek: We are going from Manchester on Jan 13th,and are flying with John and Sarah Newland. Its all very exciting, emotional, scary, :wacko: Has anyone booked for the same flight with Singapore Airlines? It'll be a PIO flight i bet lol Mandi xx :wub:
  19. Hi all, Now we have a case officer we have booked our medicals, and are going to Manchester on the 19th September. Was just hoping someone could explain the process in Manchester and if we need to take anything with us. none of us are on meds or anything and we are not under a doc for anything so from what I read we only need to take ourselves and wallet. I am getting a bit worried as we carry a few extra pounds (not of the money type) and hope this will not hinder our application. :wacko::err:
  20. Guest

    Ticket booked, 21st August!

    Woohoo, finally going to be reunited with my wife, I'm flying out on the 21st on a tourist visa while the partner visa goes through. 5 months now since I saw her. Can't wait to get there and start my life in Oz. Hopefully the partner visa will come through before the tourist visa runs out! Brisbane here I come!
  21. A BIG thanks to all of you here on pio.....our RSMS visa was granted on the 26/7/11 and the first thing we did was book the flights....we fly out to Brissy on the 14/8....But i could not have done it without you guys....the info and the need to just chat has been great THANKS and just hang in there it will all be worth it.....:notworthy:
  22. Hi Just wondering if anyone has booked accommodation on the stayz website before? I am looking at an apartment in Sydney but it only shows persons name and mobile number and they want us to pay for the 4 weeks upfront to secure the apartment. Not sure if its a con or not.......
  23. Yay, I have just booked medicals for the family and me. I got the first appointment which was 18th March and so anyone else looking at booking should expect a three/four week time lag from calling them to actually having the medical done. Anyone know how long it usually takes from having medicals done to receiving visa grant? Thanks:jiggy:
  24. well as it says i cant believe this day has finally come for us it felt like it would never happen but we have finally booked our flights!!:jiggy: we leave heathrow on 10 jan 2012 with singapore airlines (fab deal)! it felt surreal booking them tonite this time last year we had virtually lost hope of ever getting to oz but here we are ready to go! if you want it bad enough never give up you,ll get there in the end!:notworthy:
  25. Guest

    Medical's booked!!!

    Hi our medical's are booked for the 15th June getting nervous now as it's all becoming very real, do anybody know timescale's from medical's to visa? all application was lodged online Thanks xx