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  1. Check out how to apply for an ONSHORE Aged Parents Visa Class 804, subject to satisfying the terms and conditions http://www.huntmigration.com/aged-parents/
  2. PARENTS VISITOR VISAS Apparently there have been some changes for parents visiting their (permanent resident) children in Australia to allow accumulated visits of up to 18 months in every two years, if my memory serves me correctly. Can any one please direct me to a definitive statement on this issue?
  3. Further to my quoted below, I have checked with my bank in Australia and they impose a charge of $12 for every deposit from the UK. For my wife and myself with a state pension and occupational pension each that is about $600 annually in charges. Seems to me it would be more economic to make a single accumulated payment monthly for the four pensions unless any one else knows better? Any comments welcome, Tony
  4. I have posted this inquiry elsewhere but it was suggested that this might be a more appropriate place. My wife and I are both in receipt of UK State and Occupational Pensions paid monthly into a UK bank current account. We are now living in Australia. Has any one any experience of the advantages and more importantly the disadvantages of having pensions paid directly into an Australian Bank? I can see the advantage of automatic transfer with no further action needed on my part, but disadvantages may be that my Australian bank may impose charges for the service (I shall check with them) and also there may be punitive rate of exchange imposed on conversion from £ sterling to Australian dollars. Any comments gratefully received, Tony
  5. Thanks for the replies above. Advantages. Automatic monthly payment of pension direct to my Australian bank a/c. Disadvantages.I would need to check with my Australian bank to see if they impose any charges on deposits from the UK Possible disadvantageous exchange rate? Could anyone add anything to the above, in particular the disadvantages?
  6. Aerotony

    Aged Parent (Residence) Visa (Subclass 804)

    Further inquiry through the local Federal M.P. office indicates that February 2009 applications for the 804 Visa are currently being dealt with. This is a backlog of 2yrs 4 months rather than 2 years but again, who am I to complain? The significance of the QUEUE NUMBER had escaped me until now. Tony
  7. At the risk of duplicating an issue raised on previous threads does any one have experience of having UK State and Occupational Pensions paid directly into an Australian bank account? My wife and I are both retired and resident in Australia on a Bridging Visa. We both have our State and Occupational Pensions paid monthly into a UK current account. It is getting to be inconvenient to organise monthly money transfers from the UK into our Australian bank account. Any information on the advantages and more particularly the disadvantages of setting up direct pension payments into an Australian bank account would be most welcome, Tony EDIT It seems I may have posted this in the wrong Forum. I shall repeat the posting in the "Money and Finace Forum"
  8. Does anyone have experience of the current length of time it takes to get a Case Officer ? As a UK resident I applied onshore for an 804 Visa last September and the Bridging Visa kicked in at the end of last November when my 3 month Visitors Visa expired. Since then I have heard nothing, not even an acknowledgement of my written notification of a change of address. Is a wait of six months or more typical? Any information gratefully received, Tony EDIT Linday, Thanks for the suggestion below, Tony
  9. Aerotony

    Aged Parent (Residence) Visa (Subclass 804)

    Hi JBS, Thanks for the links in your posting. I knew that there was a posting on pomsinadelaide but it would have taken me ages to find it. Two years without a case officer seems a long time but who am I to complain? Tony
  10. Aerotony

    Aged Parent (Residence) Visa (Subclass 804)

    Mildy, Re: your posting above have your aged parents been assigned to a Case Officer? According to a previous posting by Gollywobbler there is a possibility that initial medical checks may no longer be obligatory. Can anyone confirm? please, Tony
  11. Aerotony

    Aged Parent (Residence) Visa (Subclass 804)

    Johnb, Thanks for the information in the posting, above. Further to my posting on page 1 of this thread I have yet to be assigned a Case Officer after a wait of nearly 7 months since applying for an 804 Visa, so no health/police checks to date, but I guess it will all unfold in due course. I found that Medibank in Australia were very helpful in supplementing medical insurance cover in addition to the RHCA cover with the UK. Dental insurance is my main concern and my wife had to seek some emergency dental work before the Medibank cover "kicked-in" but the costs were not prohibitive and the service was as good if not better than she had received from the private dental practice in the UK, and that was first class by UK standards. We were surprised that when we went for our (free) 'flu jabs recently the GP suggested (free) blood test and bone density scans, so all is not "doom and gloom" on the health care front. Out come so far is that we have started taking vitamin D tablets. Obviously too much sun block has been used!
  12. Aerotony

    Aged Parent (Residence) Visa (Subclass 804)

    NickyNook, It always helps to look on the bright side! Who knows what will happen in ten or fifteen years time? Given that 804 visa applicants are at least 65 years old at the time of applying for this visa, one is equally likely to be dead! To be serious I believe this issue has been raised in other postings. One scenario is that there is an appeal procedure and there is reason to believe that the authorities would be reluctant to send a frail elderly person back to the UK by themselves. Only time will tell, but your viewpoint is certainly an incentive to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to keep fit and active. Tony
  13. Aerotony

    Aged Parent (Residence) Visa (Subclass 804)

    Paulimouse, Regarding "cons" of the 804 visa, I guess that payments can be made out of income with a view to conserving capital. At my age I have no intention of working but I understand that it is possible to apply for permission to work in the case of extreme hardship. Regarding health cover my wife and I are currently in a good state of health and one course of action is not to take out expensive private insurance, but to set aside the equivalent as a cash reserve in case of emergency. I am still working on this aspect and will consult with Medibank to see if we can pay only for dental cover ( since we are currently paying for private UK dental cover) and ambulance cover whilst we are on a bridging visa and are eligible for limited cover under the reciprocal health agreement between Australia and the UK. Could be a risky strategy so it will need more research. Any input from other 804 visa holders would be welcome, Tony
  14. Aerotony

    swapping the uk driving license

    gsaps, In NSW I understand that as visitors to Australia my wife and I have to wait until we have been in the country continuously for 6 months before we can apply for an Australian licence. Apparently these will be issued without any formality on payment of the appropriate fee because we both have clean licences. Trust that this helps, Tony
  15. Aerotony

    Aged Parent (Residence) Visa (Subclass 804)

    paulimouse, I applied for an 804 on behalf of my wife and myself in early September 2011 having entered Australia at the end of August on 3 month 767 visitor visas and have received advise that a bridging visa has been granted. My understanding is that our bridging visas start at the end of November 2011 when our 3 month visas expire and the $2960 covered both of us as an up-front fee with the application. We have yet to be assigned a case officer and medical/character checks will take place some time after that when the case officer requires the checks to be done. It is my understanding that the assurance of support bond is only required when the 804 is granted several years (7?, 10?, 20?) in the future. I am open to correction on any of these points but to the best of my knowledge this is correct, and I trust that it has been of some help, Tony