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Found 31 results

  1. Hello people~ I need help to understand the residence calculator on DHA website. Very confused. It says before applying for Citizenship, you must have lived in Australia lawfully for 4 years, including 1 year as a permanent resident. And you cannot have been outside Australia for 12 months total, during the past 4 years. So I did enter my dates in the calculator as seen below. Permanent Residence Date: 31/08/2019 Lawful Residence Date: 07/02/2016 Intended Lodgement Date: 11/09/2020 and the absence dates: From Date: 05 Jun 2016 To Date: 02 Feb 2017 From Date: 30 Apr 2017 To Date: 01 Aug 2017 From Date: 01 Oct 2018 To Date: 23 Dec 2018 From Date: 03 Dec 2019 To Date: 20 Jan 2020 Now the calculator says yes I can apply for Citizenship but we can clearly see that I've been out for 17 months...it doesn't make sense. Also..should I count from the first visa I got in Australia? which was in 2008. or the first visa i got 4 years before the citizenship application. Any help or clarification would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone, how you going? My partner and I have an EOI in for VIC 190 and are currently just waiting to be invited. We are over in Bali for the next 5 weeks before returning to Australia where we will both be on tourist visas. If we are selected while we are here in Bali and apply, are we able to return to Australia and even be there on this tourist visa when the 190 visa is approved? We are under the impression that a tourist visa does not necessarily come under the 'onshore' category, therefore allowing us to be there on holiday to then swap straight onto the 190 residency, despite having applied offshore. Can anyone help clarify? THANKS
  3. Could anyone possibly answer a couple of questions for me. We are looking at applying for a Aged parent (804) visa for my parents soon and was wondering when the Assurance of Support bond is required? Is it paid right in the beginning when the application is submitted? Are there any other costs involved when submitting the initial application other then the fee for the visa.. and the 1st instalment of $2960 - is that per parent or a total amount? Also do the medicals and character checks have to be done when submitting the application or at what stage? Anyone who can assist I really appreciate it… Thanks
  4. It is coming upto my 1 year here in Fabulos Australia, and my sponsership company, who brought me out here ( i am a Nurse) on a 457 visa, said i can apply for PR after one year. Could anybody out there give me some advice how to start this process, i would really appreciate your knowledge. Thank you for your time......
  5. I have used the calculator on the webpage, the result said I met the requirement, However,I am woundering one circumstance, which shows in bold below: If any of the following applied to you in the past 4 years, please telephone our service centre on 131 880 during business hours to discuss your circumstances. You obtained an e-visa to replace an expired RRV You obtained a bridging visa of any type You lodged an onshore application for a permanent visa then travelled overseas on your temporary visa You are a New Zealand citizen on a Special Category Visa (SCV) After I lodged onshore, my student visa did not expired, so I went to oversea for 3 weeks- I came back before my visa expired. I called the Immi, someone said because I went to overseas, so my previouse residence became unlawful, i need to stay longer, Is that true, I am really comfused. Thanks for your answer.
  6. Angjol

    Student to Permanent Residence

    Hi guys... I am new to this forum n glad to see ya'll ! We are planning to go o a student visa to Australia.I have done bachelors of business admin a 4 yrs course from pakista.now me and hubby are planning to go to Oz , me being the main applicant.We have some issues: 1) Can I do a diploma in a skill in demand course as doing masters will require a lot of fee that we can not afford.Would we b able to get PR through a diploma course? 2) If we cannot get PR through a diploma course then which university is the cheapest in whole of the Oz like around $8000 a year for doin masters.? 3)How much chances are there to get PR after 2 yr study? 4)If I do a diploma course, will i get a work permit after 2 yrs for further stay in Oz? 5)What are the per week and per month expenses of accomodation, grossary, daily life issues if some one can share their routine life exenses with me? 6)Can I get scholarship from any university in Australia that can cut down my university fee into atleast 50% ? 7)*****The most imp Q....At the time of applying for permanent residency, would we need to show our 3 yrs experience of work (in our home country or in Oz)? Or is it that oz gives leniency to students onshore? 8)Is work /employment verification done in the process of PR in the home country even if we have applied onshore from Oz ? We aew very worried abt all ths situation, some one told that Australia is hardly giving PR to students after the new rule implementation...How much is it true? Thanking you all Ang
  7. Hi forum, been a while since I have looked on here. brisbane is treating us well, and been 3 months so far! my question is posted toward anyone with the experience really, but maybe a migration agent can answer on here? We came on 457, I am a nurse who is 4 years qualified. My contract runs for 2 years and we wish to go for PR ENS. Immigration site states that if you have 3 years experience and you have your skills assessed then you can apply for PR. However, there seems to be a general feeling that you have to be working in Oz for 2 years before applying for PR. This would mean getting another 457 with my employer and then applying for PR immediately. The immigration does state if you can do 'one of the following'....and that is A. 2 years work on 457 and at least 12 months with one employer B. Hold a qualfiying visa (e.g. 457) C. Have held your profession for 3 years and had skills assessed. Any feedback people? My company welcome suggestions for PR ENS after 6 months, so if we can get the ball rolling then it would be great....... Missed this forum BTW, good to be touching base (even if it is for advice again!) Been spending too much time eating SAUSAGES
  8. Could anyone possibly answer a couple of questions for me. We are looking at applying for a Aged parent (804) visa for my parents soon and was wondering when the Assurance of Support bond is required? Is it paid right in the beginning when the application is submitted? Are there any other costs involved when submitting the initial application other then the fee for the visa.. and the 1st instalment of $2960 - is that per parent or a total amount? Also do the medicals and character checks have to be done when submitting the application or at what stage? Anyone who can assist I really appreciate it… Thanks
  9. Guest

    Permanent Residence

    We are now in Australia on an e457 visa and cannot find out how to apply for permanent residence or how long we have to be here before we can apply. Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. Hello All.I am a 47 year-old podiatrist who would love to pursue my career in Australia. I don't make the 65 point thresold for a 175 visa, so what other options are open to me? I know that I can gain a visa for a 4-year stay, and I am wondering what the likliehood is of being allowed permanent resident status after spending some time working in Australia? I would be really grateful for any advice.Many thanks.Eileen
  11. Apologies if this question has been asked before. My wife and I were issued 176 State Sponsored visas in August 2009, which we then activated during a short recce in October/November 2009. We were then planning to make the big move last year but, due to a number of factors, had to delay. We are now trying to plan again (we have until 2014 on the visa), but need advice on the issue of the residence requirement - at the time of the visa being issued we were told we had to remain in WA for at least two years. Can anyone confirm from which date that calculation is made - date of issue; date of first arrival; a physical count of two years in Oz (ie time back in the UK would not count), etc? We are still aiming to go to WA but, if the option comes up to at least look elsewhere in Australia without breaching our visa, it would be useful to be able to factor all that in to our thoughts. Thanks
  12. Would really appreciate some help! Have searched the immi site but still baffled. Currently on temp visa and due for PR Nov 2011. When I get PR I know I have to apply for a RRV in order to spend time away and be able to return as a resident. 1. Can I apply for the 5 year RRV as soon as I get PR and does this mean that as long as I return within 5 years I am ok to stay? 2. If not, how long can I spend away in one go and be able to come back as a resident. I want to spend 2 1/2 years working away for financial reasons, but want to make sure I can still come back with no restrictions! Any advice much appreciated - thanks in advance!
  13. Guest

    perm residence and disability

    hi everyone. some advice please. My partner and I arrived in oz two years ago on a 457 visa (employer sponsored) working for a government department. we made the decision to stay and apply for permanent residence. My partner became pregnant before we started the process but just before the birth my employer submitted the employer nomination so that we could get it started following birth. We understood Kate could not complete the medical until after the birth so we held off. Our two beautiful boys were born a fortnight ago but one was born with downs syndrome, which was unexpected. We are now becoming aware that we may be rejected for our perm residence because of this. It seems the lad has only been on the planet for a week and already he's been discriminated against. All seems a bit 1970's to me. Has anyone any experience of this or advice.
  14. In the first year I was out of Australia for one month. In the second year, I was out of Australia for 2 months. In the third year, I was out of Australia for 2 months again... and in the 4th year I was out of Australia for 2 months AGAIN. Will I be eligible for Australian citizenship or do I have to make up for the time I have been outside of Australia? So, basically I have been out of Australia for 7 months in the last 4 years. Does that mean I have to spend another 7 months in Australia before I can apply for citizenship?.. i.e the total time spent living in Australia needs to be 4 years and 7 months before I am eligible for citizenship?...
  15. Hi friends, I am posting on behalf of fella mahcnag and bugger has several questions regarding his family sponsored 475 visa application. 1. He lives in 3 different addresses in yyyyyy(within 10 years gap) and now living in kuwait. Should he listed all the sri lankan address in his application or just a current one? 2. The guy is separated and divorce is pending. His X-wife has filed a mainatance case against him to get a high amount of $$$(he is already paying money which court has ask him to) which bugger can not bare. Both of these cases are pending decisions and have no idea about decision dates. Should he declare these cases in the section of " been charged with any offense that is currently awaiting legal action? " 3. Should he list his spouse details under the non-migrant family member section with separated relationship status ? 4. Will this maintenance case appear in his PCC? Answers highly appreciate!!
  16. I am going crazy waiting for my TR to arrive. It has been almost 12 months since I applied way back in February of 2010. I have not received any information from DIAC except for my file status changing to "Already Begun Further Processing" in December this 2010 and then nothing. If you have been granted a 485, could you please share it here with some details to ease my conscience. Thank you
  17. RockDr

    Help - Form 47SP - residence

    Question 21 it asks for your country of current residence. But doesn't specify which type of residence it's referring to. Does it want residency for tax purposes (Australia in my case as I'm on 457) or ordinary residence (which I think would be the UK since I'm not PR here yet)? thanks, RockDr (feeling a little :arghh:)
  18. Hi We are currently living in Brisbane on a Visa 496 and will be able to apply for PR visa 887 in October 09. Has anyone applied for visa 887 yet? If so how long does this stage take? Thanks :cute:
  19. Hello again, I am applying for the State sponsored residence visa- 886. Mu nominated occupation is on the eligibility list... Life Scientist but my experience is in Food technology and Quality assurance (food industry) that is more close to 'Chemist',which is also on the list... To get my degree assessed again is going to take ages... I am afraid I might be too late to apply for sponsorship. Therefore want to know if its ok to apply for sponsorship as is... As my degree is the same... Or is there any way to convince Vetassess to assess my degree only which is quicker... ?? Help!!! Thanks, Chaitali
  20. Hi, I am just wondering if anyone can advise me if my partner would be automatically entitled to permanent residence, due to the fact that I have dual citizenship, from having lived in Australia from when I was 5 till when I was 10 and we have just had a baby together. We are discussing the option of going over as I still have a lot of family there and was just wondering what process we would have to go through and how long this would take. Any feedback would be much appreciated!
  21. Good Evening! I am after a little help. I am completing the online application for GSM I am at the 45% mark and it is asking 'Countries of residence' Me and the OH have only ever lived in the UK, and I have double and triple checked all previous questions have been answered correctly, however it is requiring dates from and to of countries of residence in the last 10 years. Do I have to fill this out as saying UK from a date 10 years ago until now? as there is no option to select have never lived elsewhere, or have I gone wrong somewhere???????????? :err: Lauren
  22. Guest

    apply for permanent residence

    I have been here for 2 years with my children on a 457 visa and want to know can i now apply for child benefit and family tax benefit? or do i have to apply to become a permanent resident first then apply for them? i really would appreciate someone letting me know this as i haven't a clue what the rules are about this.
  23. Guest

    apply for permanent residence

    I have been here for two years with my children and want to know if i have to apply to become a permanent resident before i can apply for child benefit or family tax benefit. if i do, how much does it costs and how long does it take. i am on a 457 visa.
  24. Just read about the changes taking effect on 1st July and all I have to say is......... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!:arghh: These changes mean that I am going to have to go back before we had planned to or can afford to so yet again going to have 6 months apart from OH! There is always something!! Moan over Emma :cute: p.s here is the link detailing changes Australian Citizenship – Changes to the citizenship residence requirement on 1 July 2010
  25. Hi, I am thinking of asking my Company to sponsor me for permanent residency (subclass 856). What are the benefits to the Company to sponsor me? It's quite expensive (around $6000?) so how can I convince them? Also, do I need to be working in the occupation in the Company for 12 months? I heard this visa is processed much faster than the skilled one (around 3 to 5 months) Thanks