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Found 101 results

  1. Hi, Little bit about myself, I am a 28 year old Brit and a HV/LV cable jointer with 8 years experience. Having visited Australia for year on a WHV my girlfriend and I endeavoured to return permanently. At the end of last year I applied for the Skilled Independent Visa 189 as a technical cable jointer and thankfully received my visa in early May! We have booked our flights for the 29th of December 2019 and are extremely excited to start our lives in Australia. When I get to Australia I want to be ready to apply for jobs as soon as possible but i'm having trouble finding out about licensing and/or registration for Technical Cable Jointers in Victoria. I have sent many emails to various Distributors and to the ESI scheme but have received no helpful information back as yet. Any information on what I need to do next to be ready to apply for jobs before or upon arrival would be greatly appreciated. As part of the visa application I completed a Migration Skills Assessment. Does this count as anything going forward or is it just part of the application process? Thanks, Jake.
  2. Hi Guys, If you have a license from one state, and you move to a new state, in general, you have approx 3 months to get the license from the new state. However, if you plan NOT to drive in the new state and hence plan NOT to get license in the new state, do you need to give the license from your previous state to the department in your new state after 3 months ? Or do you have the option to simply keep the license from prev state in a bag and not use it and not get any new license from the new state that you have moved to ? Thank you
  3. Hello all! I've been living in Brisbane for almost 3 years with my Aussie gf. I'm currently on a Bridging Visa while I wait for the first part of my Partner Visa to be completed (been waiting 19 months, and lived here for 12 months prior to that on WHV). So 3 years in August. I was moving apartments on Monday and I lost my wallet - all bank cards, and also my UK drivers license. So what can I do about getting a new/replacement license? From all my research, I don't think I can technically get either my UK license replaced or get a QLD license? I don't think I can get an International Driving Permit either. I have a photocopy of my license but not the hard copy. Any suggestions please? TIA Shaun
  4. Partner

    Driving license from UAE

    Hi all, I'm based in Sydney right now. Earlier I was in UAE and got my driver's license in 2011 which has my father's name on it. Now after marriage, all my documents have my husband's name on them. My full name hasn't changed - it's just that in place of father's name, now there's husband's name. I've got my learner's license here in Sydney. However, the guy at Service NSW told me to get a confirmation from the licensing department in Abu Dhabi that the UAE license belongs to me, because of the change from father to husband's name. Is there any female here who has been throguh the same? Who exactly did you contact in Abu Dhabi and what did you ask for? How long did it take for the confirmation to come? Looking forward to answers. Thanks
  5. Swapping UK license for Oz license cost $60 for 1 year and $100+ for 2 years in SA. I guess it costs just $18 in Victoria, although not sure how long that would be valid for. anyone else with some info ? ps : - you dont need to surrender UK license. - Those in Visitor visa/ Temp work visa ( 457 etc ) need not apply for Oz license. - Those in PR visa should apply within 3 months ( SA)
  6. Hi, I have PR in Australia & have never had a driving license, either in Australia or the UK. I am hoping to start lessons soon and have an idea to speed up the process of getting a full license. If/when i pass and get my Green P's (25 yrs old), can i head for a holiday to the UK and convert it to a full UK license, then come back and convert it to a full license in Australia? I have read a couple of posts where people mention 50 pounds to swap it over, but just wondering whether anyone's attempted this before. It'd be great to come back from a holiday and get a full license. The holiday is not purely for this reason, but thought while I'm there, it might be worth it if possible. Cheers,
  7. Hi Everyone, Calling all electricians and Instrument fitters! Im planning on moving to Queensland next summer and this license thing sounds like a nightmare! Im an Instrument & Electrical Technician by trade but have been working the last two years as a commissioning and maintenance electrician in Germany. Got my ARTC already and been classed as an Electrical Fitter (Instruments), which from what I've read only qualifys me for a restricted license. So I wouldnt be able to do any of the elctrical work I do know, which restricts my employment opportunities! Ive heard a few times that applying for a license in SA is the easiest and quickest way. However with this ARTC, I can probably only get the restricted license no matter where I apply?? Does anyone know if I can still get a full license and if so what do I have to do? How can I do this quickly? and what can be prepared from Germany/UK? If I can only get a restricted license, should I still go through SA and what is the exact process, the SA websites etc seem to provide little info on the exact procedure. HELP! Do I just need the ARTC or do I need resus course and wiring regs etc? The Queensland route seems to be out of the question with training permits and logbooks and all sorts of bureaucracy. Can't afford to be messing around for months, want to get working, and need to get the best license I can! I was told the only way to get a electrical mechanic license would be to do an apprenticeship in Australia, which would be obsurd! Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks guys Danny
  8. Hello! Looking for a little advice here, I just received my first ever speeding ticket in the mail. I was clocked 8kmh over the limit on Christmas Eve. Clearly a little too excited having finished work for the holidays! Anyway besides the question of what kind of a$$ :policeman: sits giving out fines on Christmas eve, I'm wondering if anyone else here has dealt with this? I'm on a temporary visa so still on a UK drivers license (you dont need to get a Vic one until permanent visa comes through). Will the points get put on my UK license? Or can I at least avoid the points? I ask because I once worked for a foreign company in the UK, where the internationals would take the UK people's points (from company cars) for payment! It never got registered with their home country.
  9. I was wodering if anyone could help with a question that I can't get answered on the internet. I have been in Australia for 16 months, I'am currently on my 2nd year Working Holiday Visa and will be returning back to the UK early 2011. My current employer is keen to put me through a Heavy Rigid license driving course for me to pick up extra hours at work. My question is - Will the HR license automatically transfer to the UK so that I will be able to do truck driving back home and at what level? If so what steps will I have to take to make it happen? (e.g DVLA) Anyone's help would be gratefully appreciated Kind Regards Jon21289
  10. Hi, my husband is in his forties and we have 4 kids. He has a diploma (3 year course) in electrical and electronics diploma in Singapore from Singapore Polytechnic (accredited by Ministry of Education in Singapore). Upon graduation, he was an electrician on the naval ship for 9 years. He has been certified as a Naval Weapon Electrical Senior Technician III (Electrical). This year, he did a refresher course on wiring for residential properties. He is interested to be electrician for residential properties. We have some questions and hope someone can help. 1) Must my husband go to TAFE to study 4 years again to be an electrician? 2) If yes, can some modules be exempted? Who should we approach? 3) I heard that the apprenticeship is 4 years, so we calculated that to be an electrician, we need 8 years. :chatterbox: My husband will be in his fifties... 4) Is there any shorter route? For obvious reasons to support 4 kids 5) Should he stick to industrial sales and is the opportunities in Perth good? Any electrician can recommend any good electrician school or career advice? Thanks a lot. risraera
  11. Where to Start? Im 22 and a qualified electrician from the UK. I went to college on a 1 day at college 4 days at work course.. which i started when I was 16 back in september 2007. and got an apprenticeship with a company. I carried on my course and once i finished my apprenticeship 2 weeks later the company I was working for went into liquidation June 2010. So as soon as i found out i spent Hours calling and going round to various companies asking if they had any work. after a lot of hard work i got an interview with a company which i went to and they offered me the job on the spot. and i started the following day after a week I got a brand new work van and phone! i had landed a good one here! anyway i worked for this company for just over 2 years until 4 days before I came to Australia. i gained alot over the 2 years working in places most electricians would love to work in Harrods, Selfridges, various multi-million pound houses, hospitals all over Essex and London. carrying on... I got to Australia on my working holiday visa (subclass 417) and travelled for a while then ended up in Brisbane. i started looking for work. and within a week i found a job as a trades assistant just outside of the city. so i started working and have been working for this guy for 8 months now on and off. as well as with another company for the past 4 months on and off. my issue is i can only work for one employer for a maximum of 6months at anyone time. i have done my Rural work and been granted a 2nd year visa. the Guy i have been working for on and off for 8months has offered to sponsor me if i get my electrical license. so since then i have been looking into it no end! I recently found out about Skills Shortage Solutions in perth and gave them an Email and sent Jason copies of my certificates he said he can get me a licence with my qualifications but i need either 7 years experience from the UK or a Formal completion of apprenticeship certificate. which i don't have either as I started the course myself and then got an apprenticeship afterwards. and i have only 6 years experience from the UK although i have gained a lot of experience in them 6 years... more than some do in there whole electrical career. basically i need advice! what can i do to be able to stay in Australia and get my license without having to go back and do another year or so in the UK! then having to apply to come back on a different visa!? i love Australia and and don't want to go back to the UK to live.!! any help would be great!!
  12. Hi Guys, This is so frustrating, has anyone been through this before... My partner is a plumber/gasfitter. We've recently moved to victoria and he's got a job which is great, but he's going to Tafe 1 night a week to do the course necessary to pass his registration exams. The thing is he's not learning anything! He's been six times now and nobody will tell him how victorian regulations are different to the UK. He's got 10 years experience and he's alongside apprentices who don't know how to weld a pipe. He's heard that before you take the exams(the first of which is 4 months away for him because of the waiting list, who knows when the rest will be), they give out a written list of everything you'll be tested on. Does anyone have these lists because it's this that he needs to be revising, not what they're teaching him at Tafe? And also, if anyone knows of a fast track way to getting drainage, sanitary and water supply registrations we'd like to know about it. Don't get me wrong, he's not trying to cheat the system, he's willing to put the time and effort into learning...but give him something to learn rather than simply wasting time 'going through the motions.' It's pointless and like I said, very, very frustrating!
  13. Hi, I need to swap my uk license to haev an australian one. Any ideas what documents I require to take with me? I am in gold coast. thanks
  14. Quick question. If you hold a P1 Australian Drivers license and then move back to the UK can you swap that for a full UK driving license?
  15. We're going to try and get our uk driving licenses swapped for OZ ones and was wondering if anyone has managed this whilst in temporary accommodation. Basically we have a months temporary accommodation before we look for a permanent rental, I assume we have to prove address, difficult for a temporary accommodation! Any advice is appreciated, thanks Grant
  16. Guest

    Driving License

    Hello, I have just moved to Victoria from Queensland and im about to get a Vic driving license and rego etc but my Queensland license has expired am I all right to drive on my English driving license?
  17. Debabrown

    Vechicle import license

    Hi all OH is shipping his Classic 1964 scooter to Oz, we are still waiting for them to send through the import license. OH has been rebuilding it and we have run out of time to register here we are importing it un-registered and will register in Oz. Does anyone know how long it will take them to get this done, all our stuff (and the Scooter) is booked to go 14th November!!!! If anyone has any advice it would be very much appreciated
  18. ive searched and searched for this but cannot find any definitive answers im pulling my hair out:arghh::arghh: I am an irish sparks and have a 176 visa with my wife and 2 kids. I got an OTSR with vic uni as part of my application. I am looking to apply for my grade A WA license but I've heard I can only do this whilst im in Australia, but Im not sure Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.:wideeyed:
  19. AaronS

    Drivers license

    Need help! Where do I go to get an Oz DL near Manly and will I need to test coming from the US.
  20. Guest

    Scooter License in NSW

    Hi all I hold a UK drivers license which entitles me to drive a car and also ride a scooter up to 50cc and 50kph. From what I can see there is no equivalent to a 50cc license, and even going through the 4 stage scheme to get a full license there is nowhere in the process restricting you to 50cc - it seems to start at 660cc! :wideeyed: My question is, what would happen to the 50cc entitlement on my license? Would I lose it completely and have to sit the entire process, or would it put me on one of the provisional licenses. I have emailed the RTA but haven't had a response, and their website seems very vague on the issue of entitlements, only that they would swap it for an Ozzie license. Thanks in advance!
  21. First post from a newbie here so hope I am using the correct section for this question. My husband is a helicopter pilot and we hope to move to Oz with our young son. At the moment we are struggling to find out what we need to do to facilitate this move. We are waiting on a couple of agents to get back to us (they have requested the info from CASA) but wondered if any of you knowledgable PIO's had any idea. My husband has a UK license and we had hoped that he would be able to convert this once we had the visa but both agents approached so far have said that they think the Australian License needs to be done before a visa application. CASA have not updated their website since pilot was added to the SOL so there is no info there. At a cost of approx £6000 to convert the license with no idea if you will indeed be granted a visa seems a bit harsh. Perhaps being new to all this we are not being realistic about the costs, time and hoop hopping required to make our dream a reality. Any advice/experiences shared appreciated.
  22. Hello all, Got a question for the WA experts in the forum. I'm reading a document from the Dept of Immigration & Citizenship about "Beginning a Life in Australia" - full of useful info, even thou I didnt know it was 85pages long when I hit print!! It says that you must apply to change your license over from a UK drivers license to an Australian one within 3 months of moving to the country. EXCEPT in Tas & WA where it's within 3 months of being granted Permanent Residency. If I'm right thats when we had the visa validated which is now almost 9months ago. Does this mean we cannot drive/rent a car in Oz when we get there until we take a tests? If so think the term is bu66er! :arghh: :arghh:
  23. ghost

    Uk license address question.

    By law in the uk, you have to update your drivers license address when you move home. Do you do this when u move to oz ? What have you guys done ?
  24. Hi all. We have just recently got word that our PR has been granted and are now in the process of ironing out all of the finer details for the big move, which will be in January '12 (Perth area, WA) We will be trying to find rental accommodation which is within a reasonable commuting distance for both myself and my husband. I will be working in Joondalup, and my husband in Welshpool, so not an easy task ! We have been looking at the Darch area amongst others, and wonder if anyone can comment on the area, and also any surronding areas or suggest somewhere else that would suit us for working in the areas mentioned ? Also, my silly hubby lost his license for speeding on his motorbike, and has to resit his test before we come over. Will he be subject the the P plate rules as it is a new license, or will his 14 years of (clean!!) driving experience count, and should he be able to transfer straight to a full WA license ? Thanks for your help
  25. Hi All After years of chasing the dream of actually moving to Australia and toying with different visa options (and well.....options in general!!) we are nearing the end of the path!! We have state sponsorship in and our visa app lodged (176) which I am hearing we could have back inside of 5 months!!! We are booked to go the end of November, and if we have our visa back before then we may well be staying!! if not I suppose it will be a good reccie visit regardless. Anyway, the reason of this post is to find out if anyone knows who/where I need to apply to for my A grade license, after I have done all of the relevant qualifications/tests, etc. on my arrival (which I believe I can do at peer in Adelaide). I am currently an electrical contracts manager in the UK on a decent salary and I will obviously be looking to get in to the same position in Oz as quickly as possible on my arrival. Although I can't imagine any company in Oz will employ me as a contracts manager without the A grade license regardless of what other UK qualifications I have. Any advise will be very much appreciated :hug: this much Neil x