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Found 80 results

  1. Nanna

    804 or 864

    We are contemplating entering Australia later this year to be with our children and grandchildren and would like some advice on which visa to apply for . We pass the balance of family test and age tests . Is our application means-tested? We would have reciprocal healthcare but would we have to have private medical? Any advice would be welcome.
  2. Hi, My sister has been living in Oz now for two years and has just been notified that she will be getting her residency through shortly which is excellent news!. My parents are now planning to apply for the Contributory Aged Parent visa via my sisters sponsorship (they are over 65 and in good health etc) and, once they receive that, I am planning to apply for the remaining relative visa through sponsorship from my Sister (I will have no other family outside Oz). I have a question regarding the visa payments for the Contributory Aged Parent Visa i.e what gets paid and when?. We have been told conflicting information that the large payment needs to be paid up front but others have said that this is paid at the end and then residency is granted approx 6 weeks after receipt of the final payment - could someone who is going through this please confirm? Also does anyone know the average times from start to finish for receiving the CPV/remaining relative visas? It would be good to managed expectations. From what I have read on here, we could reasonably expect both my mum and dad and myself to be all resident within two years? Any other thoughts/issues would be welcome - this is my first post so apologies if it has been covered off elsewhere. Many thanks! Frizzy
  3. Hi All, My mum is currently in Oz on a bridging visa (Aged Parent). We were told by the ATO she was entitled to a TFN, however upon making an appointment, we were told to go to Immigration to get the VISA in her passport and get a bank statement and then return.....which we did - but they refused to give her a TFN because the VISA states she cannot work. She doesn't want to work, she just doesn't want to get Tax Withheld on any interest in her accounts at 47% !!! Has anyone been through this before? Cheers, Dave
  4. Could anyone possibly answer a couple of questions for me. We are looking at applying for a Aged parent (804) visa for my parents soon and was wondering when the Assurance of Support bond is required? Is it paid right in the beginning when the application is submitted? Are there any other costs involved when submitting the initial application other then the fee for the visa.. and the 1st instalment of $2960 - is that per parent or a total amount? Also do the medicals and character checks have to be done when submitting the application or at what stage? Anyone who can assist I really appreciate it… Thanks
  5. Guest

    Aged Parents and Bridging Visas

    My partner of 20 years and I are considering migrating to Australia to be with my daughter and her family. We have looked at the Contributory Parental Visa and its (at the current rate) almost £50,000 cost for both. We don't really want to wait for the Non-Contributory visa to come through and have been looking at the Onshore Aged Parental Visa and Bridging Visa as an option. It is not that £50,000 is out of the question, but it is the balance between a reasonably secure settlement in Oz and a perhaps worrisome one. I am 65, my partner 55, my daughter is my only child. He has none of his own. Can any tell me if this might be a reasonable strategy, if I have missed anything, and any opinion on the pros and cons as it were. We sell up, house and all, and take steps to transfer monies to Australia. We 'go on holiday; to stay with family for a projected two months (lets say). While onshore in Oz we lodge an application for an Aged Parent 804 (?). Upon doing this we would then get an automatic bridging Visa to tide us over for the years until the 804 is granted. Is that right? Is is that simple? Save the vast majority of the £50,000? Any flaws or things to consider? My partner is is quite good health, as am I. But I am on regular medication for arthritis and I believe the drugs are quite expensive. What might the costs might be like for my medication and health? Would I qualify for the reciprocal care programme and would that include my drugs? Any other pros/cons anyone can think of? Has anyone here done this at all? Thank you in anticipation.
  6. My parents are hoping to emigrate to Oz on the aged contributory parent visa. Today they went to see a Sydney based immigration lawyer (they're here on an extended holiday) and were advised that they would probably have problems with my Dad (aged 67) passing the health aspect of the application. This hasn't really suprised us: Dad found out he has prostate cancer a few months ago and on his return to the UK will have an operation to have the prostate removed. To make matters worse, he had a very, very mild heart attack (otherwise known as an acute angina attack) a few weeks ago. On the up side, prostate cancer, from what we've learnt, is very treatable. The tumour is small and has been found very early so the prognosis is excellent once the prostate is whipped out. No need for chemo, radiotheraphy etc. The heart issue is worrying of course, but Dad has never had any problems before and is already so much fitter than before having started exercising daily and making other lifestyle changes (weight loss etc) so we're not as worried as we'd been initially. The lawyer said, even if the prognosis is good and Dad gets supported evidence from his drs here and back home that he's in the clear, the panel doctors tend to take a very pessimistic view of 'big' health issues like cancer and often use quite old research to calculate a visa applicants risk of costing medicare lots of money. My parents have private Australian health insurance which is specifically for overseas visitors (they're here every year for up to 6 months at a time) but apparently that makes no difference. So, I was wondering - has anyone else been in a similar position of having serious health issues while applying for the contributory aged parent visa? Or is anyone a cancer survivor who has successfully passed the medical? Do you have to be in remission for a certain length of time before passing the medical? Mum and Dad were thinking that in a year or so, presuming Dad's on the mend, he could start the application process but have the medical first so they don't waste any money on other parts of the application. But then the lawyer said that failing the medical might have repurcussions for them getting future 6 or even 3 month visas. Sorry this is such a long winded post. I have so many questions and so many worries! If anyone out there has a comment, I'd really welcome it. Thank you so much. Emma
  7. eamnic

    aged carer sponsorship??

    Partner looking for job offer in WA as Aged Carer with two years sponsorship required for RSMS visa, Any feedback welcome
  8. Hi guys! I am planning to take the cert 3 in aged care in Melbourne early next year, Jan 2012 to be exact. So I am supposed to get a student visa that is good for 6 months. According to my agent, this is the easy way to get to Au if you did not meet the required score of 7 in all subtest in IELTS. But after reading some related blogs saying that having certificate 3 in aged care does not give you rights to get sponsorship for a visa to work as a personal care assistant, put me in dilemma if whether I will still take the Cert 3 in aged care or I should directly take the bridging course and wait for July 2012 because the bridging course classes starts just every January and July. I am aiming for a working visa then permanent visa eventually. So does anybody know if having completed the Aged care course will not be allowed to get a sponsorship? because if that is the case then I'll be sent back to my hometown, right? :unsure:Please help me on this! I badly needed your help. Thank you very much!
  9. Could anyone possibly answer a couple of questions for me. We are looking at applying for a Aged parent (804) visa for my parents soon and was wondering when the Assurance of Support bond is required? Is it paid right in the beginning when the application is submitted? Are there any other costs involved when submitting the initial application other then the fee for the visa.. and the 1st instalment of $2960 - is that per parent or a total amount? Also do the medicals and character checks have to be done when submitting the application or at what stage? Anyone who can assist I really appreciate it… Thanks
  10. The Pom Queen

    Child Beggars in London aged 4

    Did anyone watch Panorama last night, here is a quick clip of the episode for those that missed it: http://news.bbc.co.uk/panorama/hi/front_page/newsid_9618000/9618848.stm Child beggars as young as four earn up to £100,000 each for gypsy gangs, a shocking investigation has revealed. The children work in teams on London's streets, wheedling money out of tourists in snow and rain. Some of the children make £500 a day - and hand it all over to their Romany 'minders', the BBC's Panorama programme found. These minders live in huge houses and have BMW's parked in their driveway:no:
  11. Well, I'm 16 (17 in February) and i've just got a few questions, education wise. I know that from an age perspective, i'd be headed into year 11, or would it be worth going through Year 10? I ask because the courses seem somewhat different, and so getting an understanding at the same level as the other students before the Year 11-12 courses begin seems to me like a good idea. Hoping for replies, please point out anywhere that i went wrong
  12. im kayleigh aged 14, 15 in january and im moving to the gold coast (robina) in january. im scared about starting the new school (varsity lakes) and making new friends any advice?
  13. Hi does anyone have any experience of getting a disabled, aged, dependant parent out to OZ with them? We are hoping to move out but for the obvious reasons above we cant leave my mum behind nor can we wait until we are 'settled' to move her out with us. Any experience stories / advice would be very welcome. Thanks Ali
  14. Hi there I'm a newby to the forums here and I also want to say thanks for everyone who adds their tuppenceworth - I've found it very helpful, but can't find an answer to this question anywhere. My background is that I and my sibling are Oz citizens having migrated from the UK, and we sponsored our parents for an onshore aged parent 804 visa. They applied for the visa 2.5 years ago and were given a bridging visa type A within 4 weeks, but they still don't have a queue date. I've called and emailed immmigration several times over the last year and they often say that the queue date/case officer allocation is "imminent", or "they won't have to wait long" but nothing every happens. The last couple of times that I've emailed them they either misinterpret my request (I don't know how - they don't seem to take the time to read the whole email) and answer a question I haven't asked, or simply don't respond. Can anyone provide me with feedback as to how long it takes to get a queue date? Immigration's voicemail still says 15 months, which is patently wrong based upon my/my parent's experience. Thanks heaps!
  15. liverpoolloo

    Aged care salary

    Is there anyone on here working in aged care in perth, i am hoping to move next year to perth and have worked in aged care for 21yrs and have NVQ 3 which is a recognised qualification over there, my main worry is coping financially on the pay over there, i am single so will only have one salary coming in, i will be renting also , i am concerned after paying rent, houshold bills i will be struggling to live. I intend working full time as i am sure i will have to. Any info on hourly rate will be appreciated. Thanks Ann
  16. Hi, my mum and dad aren't in the best of shape (structurally!) and getting holiday insurance has been an issue in the past. Would they be able to visit Oz without travel insurance, and us all just have to foot the bill if, god forbid, they ran into any problems? Cheers
  17. We are moving to Perth in October. Our daughter is in her second year in college and will be visiting us from around December 16 through January 10. We want to take her to see and do as much as we can while she is on her visit because she may not get another chance to visit us during our short 2-3 year stay in Perth. What is the best way to see as much of Australia as we can on a budget during that time of year and where should we go? Her only request is that she wants to see the Great Barrier Reef (and meet guys that have an Australian accent...LOL). After that, we are open to just about anything. What airlines fly between cities within Australia? Which is the cheapest? Thanks in advance for your help.
  18. Hi, We are hoping to move out to Oz at the end of the year, I'm a carpenter and my wife is a care assistant (nvq2 qualified) and we wondering if there would be a similar post available in Oz for her to do?? Any info would be greatly appreciated, Scott and Sally
  19. Debbie Emblem

    Travel Insurance for Aged Mother

    We moved to Melbourne from Scotland in January, and would now like for my 77 year old mum to come over and stay for a few months. As my sister is in New Zealand, she'll spend her time between the two countries. Has anyone had any experience of aged parents coming over? It's just that it doesn't appear to be very easy to get insurance to cover a long stay. Any advice would be grateful.:confused:
  20. Guest

    aged parent visa 804

    hi all am new to all this, we are currently in a dilema about this visa or the cpv i realise that the cpv is the quickest visa but unfortunately it is very expensive, has anyone had any experince applying for this visa or already in australia on this visa? also can you tell me if we would be entitled to medicare while we were living there on the tourist visa? many thanks
  21. RoseBrown1972

    Aged person health check

    Hi We're just trying to sort out a visa for my in laws to come and visit us and when i went to apply for them it said my father in law would need a health check as he's 83. Does anyone know what this involves and how much? He's in really good health so shouldn't be a problem, we've already booked the flights and paid for them so hoping its not too expensive! Thanks Rose
  22. We are a recruitmemt company and have a number of sponsorship opportunities within Aged Care facilities in Brisbane's southside and also at the Gold Coast. The positions are for Registered Nurses and for Clinical Nurse Managers in residential care homes. In order to apply for a Clinical Nurse Management position you must be eligible for registration with the QNC. Our sponsors would particualary welcome applicants who are over the age of 45. You will need to have a minimum of two years experience and Aged Care experience would be desirable. On offer is an excellent salary package, relocation assistance ie help in booking accomodation, bank accounts, tax file numbers etc We also have carer positions in regional Queensland and sponsorship is also on offer for these positions. Immigration advice can be provided by our in-house MARA registered agent if required who will provide you with information and advice on obtaining permanent residency. Our clients are offering these positions on a 457 basis in order to speed up the visa process. If anyone would like more information - please send me a PM. We would also like to hear from migration agents who have clients who may be interested in these opportunities.
  23. He served in 2 world wars having lied about his age to join up http://www.abc.net.au/pm/content/2011/s3208962.htm
  24. Guest

    School aged children

    Hi We are returning to the UK, but first we have to sort out citizenship and sell our house. As this takes time we haven't discussed this with our 3 children....yet. They are our biggest concern. We have lived here since 2006 and they were then aged 5.5 and 3.5 (twins) They are now 11 and 9 so their greater memories are being here. They are happily settled at school and all the activities they can fit in! Our main concern is their education..will there be gaps, how far behind would they be. Our eldest is in year 5 but in the UK he would go to high school this September. Has anyone done this and if so what is the best way to prepare for not only the transition back to the UK but also from primary to high school, perhaps straight from yr 5/6 to yr 7 or 8 Thanks, from a worried sick mum!
  25. bellaboshade

    Aged Parent Medical

    Dear Pomsinoz Since my Dad died my mum lives with us for the majority of the week although has her own council property. She is only on a state pension so we give her extra money per month to help her pay her bills etc. She is not in great health and we are looking to see if we can add her to our visa application as a dependent. Given her health, if she fails the medical would we all fail? Although we want to take her with us, if our application is likely to fail we would rather just have her visit for as long as possible each year (I have read somewhere that as long as visits are under 6 months each time there is not a problem) and continue to provide her with money each month Any help would be greatly appreciated