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  1. Do you think they will still address it today as it seems as though they are further down the agenda?
  2. It looks like it may have been postponed again? .
  3. Thanks... on the edge of my seat as this is life changing for us:)
  4. Hi Alan, no news yet on what has happened today?
  5. paulimouse

    UK passport

    Hi all, I have just received a new British passport for my daughter. I requested that her previous passport be sent back to me as it has her visa in it. It was not sent back. So will she have a problem coming back into Australia when we go on a holiday? Thanks
  6. Would anyone know what the current processing times are for the onshore Contributory Aged Parent visas (sublass 864). Is there somewhere that I can look for this?
  7. paulimouse

    Parent Visa

    Thanks Alan, have just sent PM.
  8. paulimouse

    Parent Visa

    Alan, I wonder if you can answer a couple more questions for me... Do you know the current processing times for the 173 and 889? At what stage in these visa applications would the 2nd VAC need to be paid? Are medicals and police clearance required for both the temp & perm visas (so they would have to do 2 if they went the split route)? If they applied for the 173 or 143 from South Africa and then came over here on a 12 month holiday visa - what happens if the 173/143 have not been granted by the time the holiday visa expires? Sorry about all the questions but my mind is boggled with trying to choose the right path for them since the 804 was binned!
  9. Hi there, could any lovely parent out there give me any idea on the current processing times for a 173 and an 884 visa?
  10. paulimouse

    Parent Visa

    Oh my word that's frightening - we would need time to get together the exorbitant fees....maybe we can request the visa application to take longer:eek:What about the 884 - would that take longer? Do you have to prove that you have the full funds available at time of lodgement for any of the parent visas?
  11. paulimouse

    Parent Visa

    Thanks Alan for the link to your blog... most informative. One question, with regards to the 864 and 884 please confirm that they can be applied for when in Australia on holiday and then they would go onto a bridging visa and wait out until the visa is processed? Could you confirm roughly the processing times for these two visas? Thanks
  12. paulimouse

    Parent Visa

    Bridgeman - I know you mentioned that the 143 and 173 had to be granted whilst out the country but could the 143 or 173 be applied for in Australia whilst they are here on a holiday visa and then they would go on a bridging visa whilst they wait? My understanding from the immi website is that you can with a 143 but not a 173 (is that correct)?
  13. paulimouse

    Parent Visa

    I am also really confused between the differences of the 143, 173 and the 864. In an ideal world, my parents would like to apply for the visa whilst in Australia and they would like the processing time of the visa to be as long as possible to enable us to get the funds together to pay for it... any advice would be fantastic?