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  1. Hi Andy, Because you will be a perm resident, your RN pension will form part of your income and you will pay tax on it here along with you're wages, at around 38 %. As far as the RAN pension goes, they will pay you a sum equivalent of 28% of you're annual wage into a pension fund here, which believe me is the best pension in Australia! Put it this way if you joined the RAN from scratch you would get 18%, so they recognise you're time done in the RN for you're 28%. So if you earn $100000 a year in the RAN, they will pay $28000 into a pension for you per year. It soon mounts up! Regards Steve
  2. Congratulations to everyone that have got their TOS's & dates for coming to Australia :smile: Gav and Nic - hope you had a good journey over - are you here yet? Looking forward to finally meeting you all, give us a ring anytime :biggrin: Liz & Steve x
  3. Hi Dougie, Its not for my benefit, the RAN want me to RPL my qualifications, then tell me I need work experience evidence! I think its different for us MTs in Submarines as the job is completely different (Nuke boat - Diesel). I am not sure what LATs do now as it seems to change every six months! The thing is, you think your done jumping through hoops when you get here, then you find out the RAN have a few more hoops up there sleeve waiting for you! Thanks Steve
  4. Hi There, I am currently having issues here with the RAN (being here 6 months as an POMT) regarding Tech Quals. When you get here you need to re-submit evidence of every qualification you have got from the RN and send it to HMAS Cerberus, so it gets recognised on PMKeys, a process called RPL (recognised prior learning). I have done this but they have started to ask for more work experience evidence (task books maybe?)! So if you find out anything let me know and I will do likewise because I think this may become an issue for many of us! Steve
  5. Liz Steve R

    Real Estate agents suck.....

    I have to agree, here in Perth we have heard some expat's shocking experiences regarding rentals. The rental inspections here are a joke as my friend found out, they were told off for leaving bread crumbs on the kitchen work top mid inspection!!! It is one of the negative aspects of life here in Australia I,m afraid along with boguns, hoons, excessive roadside litter(WA), expensive houses and crappy politicians!!
  6. Hi there Bobby and Claire, We have been in Waikiki, WA for 6 months and are enjoying life so far, as are the kids. Regarding your pension - it's a minefield - we took financial advice for all our finances before we came over. We used a company called Montfort that have helped us quite a bit, it did cost us 600GBP but we feel they pointed things out that we weren't aware of. Must stress I am not advertising Montfort, merely saying we have been pleased with them - I am very sceptical about giving anyone money for advice but it seems to have paid off for us so far regarding tax & pensions. We send our two older children to private school, we chose private as we felt they had a stricter and a more morally based structure. Again personal choice, we saw a few schools (private & government) and sent the kids to the one we all originally thought we'd like. We let the kids have a say in where they liked too. Also some of the schools only had places for one or the other of our children not both, this one had space for both of them. Although it's not as expensive as private school would have been back in the UK (we don't get any help from the RAN towards the fees) they do like to charge you for EVERYTHING, we had a surprise demand from the school, just before Christmas, that we purchase an iPad2 for the eldest (wasn't happy the school suddenly decided to make the parents buy them instead of them providing them as in previous year groups). Other than that we are very pleased with it. Our children settled in so quickly and have made loads of new friends, the school atmosphere seems friendly as well. We decided to send our youngest to the local government primary school for Kindy and she's loving it. We wanted to be part of the community and get to know families whom live near us. Seems to going well so far and the curriculum seems quite challenging for a little Kindy girl. Congrats on your TOS and good luck with all the things you have to do before you get here. If you want to ask anything else, feel free. Liz & Steve
  7. Liz Steve R

    Shifting GBP to AUD - when/how to do it?

    We used Moneycorp and they were very good! Do not bring all of it though, we brought 6000 pounds out just before xmas and got $9300 (1.55 x rate). If we did it now we would have had $600 less (1.45), thats after 2 months. Thats more than any savings account could give you so choose your time carefully to transfer, after the Olympics may be a good bet!
  8. Liz Steve R


    It is not as bad as Britain for litter, its just that (mainly) bottles just seem to be lying alongside the road on grass verges. It almost seems as if it's an accepted practice over here in WA. I could almost accept it if it was just in built up areas but it's just as bad on the Great Northern Highway, the road to Denham (Shark Bay) from the Overlander Roadhouse and even the road to Monkey Mia! So I don't suppose anywhere else North of there is any better? I drove all the way around Australia 13 years ago and it was spotless, now after being here for the last 6 months I have been dismayed by the change! I can only hope it is just a roadside thing. Yes, most places you go are generally clean and tidy, so I suppose it just sticks out more! Don't let it put you off as it is still a lovely place, its just a problem that needs addressing and as you can see from this thread there are people here that are addressing it!
  9. Liz Steve R


    I don't think its the British either, its the arrogant lot that expect other people to do things for them! Maybe the Uk is getting better or you just don't notice it as much. You have less vegetation on the sides of the roads here in WA to hide the rubbish. Has anyone been somewhere in OZ where the litter problem is non existent?
  10. Liz Steve R

    just wondering

    I think you can keep it in an offshore part of an Oz bank but they give a real poor interest rate sterling, so not worth it.
  11. Liz Steve R


    I feel your pain, it saddens me to think that people have no idea what all this plastic is doing to the environment. In the Pacific there is an area the size of the USA made up of plastic floating just underneath the surface which will take a 100 years to decompose. I think the companies that make this packaging should be held partly responsible along with the idiots that chuck it on the floor without a thought!
  12. Liz Steve R


    Keep Australia Beautiful. You can become a litter lout reporter, thats if you can catch anyone lol. Not sure how effective it is though am dying to catch someone in the act, although I think I would lose it and over react! I know how bad it is in the UK for litter, I thought that was a thing of the past now I was living here in WA but unfortunately not.
  13. Liz Steve R


    I joined the KABC, not sure how effective it will be, have not caught anyone in the act yet! Also I think fines do not do anything, it is so hard and time consuming to catch any one in the act. I just wish people had the sense not to do it in the first place. Is nice to know there are other people who feel the same!!
  14. Liz Steve R


    I am not sure who is to blame but I know WA has the worst littering record in Australia, I lived here 13 years ago and the place was spotless. I work on Garden Island which is off limits to the general public and I have picked up empty bottles there as well! Glad to here Melbourne and Cairns are litter free!
  15. Liz Steve R


    Has anyone else noticed the huge amount of empty beer bottles and plastic drinks containers abandoned along the side of the roads? I live in Rockingham and every major road seems to be blighted. We went to Shark Bay and I was appalled that even at a World Heritage Site people still seem to throw their rubbish out of their windows, which may keep your car clean and tidy but spoils the otherwise beautiful landscape! What are peoples thoughts?