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Found 74 results

  1. kellyjamie

    Our leaving party last nite

    Hi all, not posted for a bit as weve been busy with the last bits n bobs. Anyhow we had our leaving party last nite, and it was absolutely packed, pretty much everyone turned up, and it was a great nite, we didnt do a speech we decided against it! Our friend filmed the whole nite and then people were given the opportunity to leave us a private message on the video. It was a really great nite and was the first time i have been emotional i wasnt really bad, but tears were shed. Anyhow i know im no different to most but i am absolutely sh$*&ing a brick now about going, i have been for the last week or so i have all of a sudden hit a brick wall. and its purely down to leaving our life here its finally hit me how huge this move is and what were giving up. I have no queries about ife in oz i dont doubt it will be wonderful, but i am really struggling with giving up everything we have here, especially leaving my son behind. We have spoke about it and jamie has promised that if dont settle we come back end of. I have been the driving force up until now and so positive but not anymore, i will give it my absolute best and hope once there i find that spirit again:wubclub:
  2. Hi guys, I work for Tourism Western Australia in London. We're helping Daybreak (the new GMTV which goes out every morning on ITV) do a live broadcast from Cottesloe beach on Friday 11th November and wanted to invite all Brits living in Perth to come down for the filming. The theme for the live link is Perth’s large British expat community and the city's awesome outdoor lifestyle. As part of this Daybreak wants to create a beach party atmosphere and attract British expats living in Perth to come down and take part in the filming. Filming will take place between 1pm – 4pm. If you'd like to be involved or want to know more please contact me. Thanks! Elen
  3. Hi guys, I work for Tourism Western Australia in London. We're helping Daybreak (the new GMTV which goes out every morning on ITV) do a live broadcast from Cottesloe beach on Friday 11th November and wanted to invite all Brits living in Perth to come down for the filming. The theme for the live link is Perth’s large British expat community and the city's awesome outdoor lifestyle. As part of this Daybreak wants to create a beach party atmosphere and attract British expats living in Perth to come down and take part in the filming. Filming will take place between 1pm – 4pm. If you'd like to be involved or want to know more please contact me. Thanks! Elen
  4. kellyjamie

    Our leaving party is booked!

    Morning all, Well after a few problems, we have finally got the rugby club booked for a leaving party on 26th Nov:yes: We were originally having a large family meal i had paid to have special aussie invites printed and sent for the restaraunt to call last week and say its double booked!!!! so ive spent all week trying to find a new venue and decided to make it a party instead. So finally got a local rugby club, sigh of relief as we have family already booked flights to come up. I ordered some decs from an online company and they arrived yesterday and they are brilliant, include a 40 question quiz on oz for everyone to take part in. Not ashamed to say i had a few tears yesterday going through the decs, tears of happiness may i add, we got aussie road signs, boomerangs, aussie posters, bunting, hugeaussie flag, bunting of aussie flags, welcome to the outback sign, inflatable roo and new invites! put the house in hands of letting agent getting total wakos doing ourselves! spoke with my boy explained my side of the story so he knows whats happening, think he,ll join us in 2 years after exams, im sure of it:jiggy: So were pretty much good to go, only 14weeks left till we fly to brissy cant believe this time last year we thought we would never get to australia, if you want it badly enough never give up xx
  5. fossda

    Party !!!

    Anyone have any ideas how to make our Aussie themed BBQ - we got our visa party go with a swing. :jiggy: We are putting up decs and flags etc Fancy dress for all but not sure what to wear ourselves. Any ideas??? We really want to have great party so any ideas would be fab. Friend I know is coming as a prawn which I can't wait to see !! Ha ha. Pls give me some imagination Rachel x
  6. Hi all, I secured a job offer in Melbourne last year October. Issues with my newborn sons passport meant the visa application was delayed by 3 months:mad:. Eventually lodged the application, but to only find out a couple of weeks later that I have done the wrong skills assessment, so had to do the 457assessment which is still in progress, but hopefully not too much longer to go. However, understandably my employer is getting impatient, but once the visa is approved, then only can I start shipping my tools, which is at the shipping company for the past 2 months already. The shipping is said to take anything from 8 weeks onwards meaning even more delays until I can actually start working... We are thinking of using my cousins visa just to get the shipping on the way:idea:, as she is in the UK now for the past year, but unsure what complications we might encounter in future. Will they release the the shipment to me when it has arrived in Melbourne on my visa, or will she have to be present in person. I understand the risk of doing this without having my visa yet, but things are getting desperate now. Thanks for the advice in advance !!:notworthy:
  7. Guest

    Lib Dems finished as a party

    The minute Clegg got big stars in his eyes and the slobbering greed kicked in all reason was out the window and his party's political credibility was shot. Forever. The Party's Pooped: Lib Dems Hit All-Time Low http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Politics/Council-Elections-2011-In-Depth-Analysis-Of-How-The-Local-Elections-Have-Crushed-The-Lib-Dems/Article/201105115986694?lpos=Politics_First_Poilitics_Article_Teaser_Regi_2&lid=ARTICLE_15986694_Council_Elections_2011%3A_In_Depth_Analysis_Of_How_The_Local_Elections_Have_Crushed_The_Lib_Dems
  8. Ours was better. :cute:
  9. kellyjamie

    Party ideas - whose havin one?

    Evening all, So i asked this a bit back but now we are actually planning a party so, whose havin one or had one? and whose got ideas for leavin parties? Im defo having one jamies not 100% sure we should he thinks maybe we should just have a few catch ups or pick a pub and tell people where we,ll be BUT no were havin a party, as i am the party queen, im always organising them for different things so this will be my ultimate! so if you have ideas let me know plz:wubclub: so far im havin a book to go round tables for peeps to put messages in, also a video camera in a seperate room for people to leave us video messages x
  10. Hey all, I'm moving to Perth end of March from Glasgow, will prob be living around Armadale although have 2 weeks in rental accommodation first and then decide where to stay. Looking to meet new friends who like pubbing, bbq's, shopping etc. I'm moving on my own initially for the first 6 months and my partner will hopefully be joining me towards Oct/Nov so very daunted by it all! Excited but nervous about new job/new life etc! Has anyone else been in a similiar boat and can offer some words of wisdom? Look forward to hearing from you! Lisa xxx
  11. kellyjamie

    Whose havin a party??

    I know i know its an age old question, but to refresh for all of those receiving visas recently and those of us soon to get them hopefully im wondering whose having going away parties and if so what your doin for them? Kelly:wubclub:
  12. Guest

    optomist leaving party

    is kat having one-- she goes in 2 weeks to melbourne--i love that girl,and no doubt when she gets to her dream she will have heaps to do,and may be offline for a while--so as a mate i would like to suggest we have a going away party night on pio for kat--we could all have a cyber drink,and a bit of fun to wish kat all the best--i know shes into heavy rock--so we could put heaps of music on,and rock the night away--it would be nice--any suggestions for the time,and date plus how to give her a good send off would be great--shes probaly going throuh heaps of emotions right now so a party night might be a good idea for kat to let her hair down,and take her mind of things--if you dont want one kat no dramas--id like one though,im getting on a bit,and dont get out much:wubclub:
  13. clickettuk

    OMG - Leaving Party - How Difficult

    OMG - Just finished our leaving party - lets just say it was emotional - also did our Civil Partnership the same day - we cried so much and we thought we were so strong - but at the same time it was a fantastic day - lots of friends and photos and memories. Michael and Mark. :biggrin::biggrin::wink::wink:
  14. clickettuk

    Leaving Party

    Having a big leaving party tomorrow with over 100 people there. Seemed like a good idea at the time to have one big party with everyone there. But now I'm having second thoughts - all those teary goodbyes in one evening - its going to be so hard. :cry: Still can't wait though to step foot on that plane and say goodbye to the UK. Michael.
  15. Hi all, Me and my partner are new (ish) to Melbourne and looking to link up with people out here. We live in the CBD and are generally interested in a broad range of social events, sports and partying. Drop us a line if you want to hook up, we're pretty free minded and spirited and enjoy having a good time so looking to meet a mixed crowd. Also, congrats to England on the Ashes! A sweet victory Cheers, Sam.
  16. Hi, I live in Butler and my son will be 6 yrs old next month. I dont really want a party at our house so was considering BBQ in the park and looked into hiring a fire engine, face painting etc. Some companies are bit expensive though. Anyone got any good suggestions as we new to Perth so recommendations for good kids entertainment or what kids do here for parties would be great ?! Thanks Dawn :smile:
  17. Guest

    So lets party!

    So many people keep asking if we are having a farewell party.I've not had a good party in ages and what better escuse to throw a bash.There must be loads of you out there that have thrown some pretty great partys so lets hear about them.:jiggy:
  18. Hi guys, I need to submit my application to ACS for skills assessment, but I cannot get a statement from my employer for my work experience. This job is my first job and I have 3 years of experience. Is payslip enough to prove experience? Payslip shows the start working date. What if I ask a customer (as a third party) to confirm that? Should the guy be of a managerial position? Should the paper be on company letter and stamped? By the way, I have a bachelor's degree in ICT. Did anyone face the same before or know anyone who did? Any advise will help and highly appreciated. Thanks.
  19. I was given a flyer for a Zumba party at the Colmslie Hotel in Morningside (Wynnum Road) - any brave souls interested in coming along with me? It is on Sat 30th October 5.30 to 7pm, $15 prepaid or $20 on the door with some lucky door prizes. Burns masses of calories and there's a bar should you want to reward/revive yourself afterwards.
  20. LukeM

    Cocktail Party in Brisbane!!

    For anybody who's interested in a good night out, this is coming up in October... Anybody and everybody is welcome. Could be a great social opportunity for those who are knew to the area! Details are as follows - Get your dancing shoes on - it's time to kick back and have a little fun! We have many wonderful Karuna supporters just like you! Amanda Cole is one such carer and supporter who has put together a night for all of us to remember. You are invited to come along and join with Karuna to "Sunset Swing" Featuring live music from Brisbane’s famous Swing Central big band, an auction of experiences and exclusive lucky door prizes, the evening promises to be a dazzling night to remember. Take a look at the website and book your ticket at www.sunsetswing.com.au Hope to see you there! Date: Friday, 8 October 2010 Time: 7.00pm until 11.00pm Venue: Riverside Centre Foyer, 123 Eagle St Brisbane Dress: Vintage 50's cocktail or formal Details: Featuring Swing Central Big Band, Alchemy Cocktail Bar, Fine wine and select beer, cocktail dinner canapés and tapas Cost: $155.00 all inclusive This is all for a good cause I promise!! For more information about Karuna Hospice, for which this party is a fundraiser you can have a look at www.karuna.org.au We need at least 100 people to attend. If anybody wants to know anything else and can't find it, please feel free to PM me! Also there is a Golf Day coming up in November too, more details of that on the Karuna website.
  21. All our friends have been asking us, we thought a fun night at a dinner dance would be a treat but putting a few feelers out and some are saying its really pricey for a night out 29.95 pp 3 course meal with entertainment. We could just hire a room at the local pub but we want to do something fun as to just standing around and drinking at the pub. What did you do and what do you think works best?
  22. Hello Poms! After 7 years in Sydney, I'm moving back to London and am in the process of getting my shipping sorted. I'm thinking of using OSS Worldwide Movers for a $3000 move.... but wondering if anyone has found a good insurer here in Oz charging around 1%. I know we have Letton Percival in the UK... but is there an equivalent here in Sydney? Can't seem to find anything about that online. I'd be extremely grateful for any advice as I'm shipping my car too and don't want to pay a huge amount of insurance. Thank you! Kitty
  23. Now that "its official news" that we have booked our flights to go to Oz, people are asking when is the party. We are not having one!! Not because we dont have any friends lol but we are not fussy or showy people and would just like to say "see you soon" over dinner etc. I have been to 2 leaving parties (close friends off to Spain) and the emotion of it was terrible but now we see them often on their trips back and have skype parties lol and its easier to say "see you later/chat later". My Mum and Dad were £10 poms so understand but think we are too scared (emotionally) to have one and I think they are probably right. Will we regret not having one? Did you regret it? Mandy
  24. How do you leave a party early, more to the point how do you leave a party that you don’t want to be at? My kids got invited at the last minute to a 3rd birthday party yesterday (for today) the woman pretty much admitted it was boost up numbers, being that it was at a neighbours house I said yes, my plan being to forget about it today and put the kids to bed. (Naughty I know) Anyway this morning as I was walking the kids to school she cornered me and reminded me about today, BUGGER!!!! So this afternoon I walked across without a present in my hand (car had a flat battery so I rang Tracy to buy one on the way home) and waited, and waited and waited for Tracy to come home, the whole time thinking of an excuse that I could use to leave, finally she came over! My cue to exit, so I came home sat for 30 minutes and went back to collect Tracy and the kids using the excuse tea was ready........... Result...... I know this sounds really bad but I knew no one, my kids knew no one and we were kind of sat entertaining ourselves So anyway that’s my story have you ever been to a party that you don’t really want to be at, what’s been you excuse to leave or not even turn up?
  25. Guest

    party time

    Hi PIO, we leave for Brisbane in 10 weeks, wife says she wants to throw a leaving party, don't know if this is a good thing or bad any thoughts. Graham.