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Found 19 results

  1. MrsPegs


    Can anyone recommend a good map of perth/freemantle suburbs and immediate surroundings? We are moving to perth next year and I just want a map I can peruse while checking out possible areas to live and properties on the internet.
  2. The Pom Queen

    Archerfield Brisbane Flood Maps

    Here are the flood maps for Archerfield flooding_archerfield_flood_flag_map.pdf flooding_archerfield_flood_flag_map.pdf
  3. Here are the flood maps for Anstead North flooding_anstead_north_flood_flag_map.pdf and Anstead South flooding_anstead_south_flood_flag_map.pdf flooding_anstead_north_flood_flag_map.pdf flooding_anstead_south_flood_flag_map.pdf
  4. The Pom Queen

    Brisbane Flood Maps

    Ok, hopefully we won't need this information for a while. If you are looking at a particular house and you want to know if it's in a flood zone use this link: http://flood.brisbane.qld.gov.au/floodwise_property_report/
  5. We are heading to Perth on a reccie soon and it seems daft to spend $100-$200 to rent a satnav when we expect to move next year. Where have people bought their satnav's with Australian maps. Happy to buy in the UK, flying through Dubai so could get duty free if that is an option or pick one up once we get there. Ideally if we were buying once in Australia it would be in the airport before picking up the hired car....... What have people found the easiest, most practical and obviously the cheapest. Thanks in advance. Lara
  6. The government are trialing a system in West Yorkshire, where they name criminals, showing where they live and with their pictures and the crime they have committed, where it was committed and their punishment. Is it a good idea? Will it lead to Vigilantism? Will it help victims? Is it a pointless exercise?
  7. The Pom Queen

    Crime Maps for the UK

    For those moving back to the UK and unsure where to settle, I thought this link may be a good start, it shows you the crime rates of areas, even down to street level. http://www.police.uk
  8. Guest

    Don't buy maps

    If you're a member of RACQ. They don't advertise it but you can go into any office and ask for maps of any specific area (if they have interstate in stock). You are also entitled to a large handbook (once a year), containing all the campsites and motels and their facilities. They're only paper maps as oppsed to long lasting linen, but they're good for quite a few trips and you simply ask for another when they wear through. They should have a large scale map of the city they're located in also, with street plans of the CBD on the back. kev
  9. Hi, I was earlier assessed as 2271-79(Java) to get the MODL points. Though the responsibilities of these ANZSCO 261311/261312/261313/261399 are same and only heading is different for these occupations (only difference being design for 261313) So what you guys thing whta is a better fit for earlier 2231-79 whether 261313/261312/261311. Kindly note I am not looking at 261399 as I am looking for 175 in the new points system. Thanks Srini
  10. Hi POI :hug:, I am looking for some books and maps to show to my kids they are 3 and 6 :arghh:. Does anyone know of any decent sites for buying or downloading these also if anyone knows of any good videos with general things about Australia i would be grateful for any info. Ta very much :biggrin:
  11. Hi, Can you recommend which maps we should be looking at to buy whilst we tour around South Australia please? I have looked on websites, but dont know which are good and which are bad ones!! We need a pretty good map of South Australia, but in particular areas around Adelaide, Glenelg, Brighton, hoping to go to Adelaide Hills. dont know if I can get one that covers all of SA or whether I have to get a few! Any other information on places of interest, things to do etc etc. Thanks again everyone.
  12. Rather than trying to imagine what the areas you are interested in look like, a lot of Australia is mapped on Google maps down to the street view level. I really recommend this - it will enable you to see and "tour" the areas you are interested in. A picture can be worth 1000 words....:-) Type in the suburb and city you are interested in, and select in google maps. If you then click on the small figure on the left hand side of the map, it will take you to the street scape level. Clicking on the street arrows takes you along the street as if you were driving. Whenever you pause, the picture will come into focus. Just above the small figure is a circle with an N on it. If you rotate this N around the circle, it will give you a 360 degrees view of the area wherever you have stopped. This will work for all the big cities, and some streets in the smaller cities like Cairns or Albury. If you want to look up a specific house, e.g. if you see one you like the look of on www.realestate.com.au and want to check out the area, just type in the whole address. With house numbers though, it's sometimes not quite accurate, so if it says that the street number is approximate, maybe check the places next door if the map doesn't take you to the specific house.
  13. For those of you who, like me, spend hours trawling domain and realestate for properties in Oz, have you discovered Street View on Goole maps? What a fantastic tool to give you a clearer picture of a property, your prospective neighbours and the rest of the street! I have already 'walked' the length and breadth of Newcastle and have been able to rule out some areas that we thought had looked ok on Google Earth. Give it a go, who needs sleep? :SLEEP:
  14. Guest

    google maps

    could someone please give me the address to the google maps, where you can see reallife houses and look down the street etc. there was someone who posted this last week but carnt find it thanks alot in advance suex:notworthy:
  15. Lanky Lad

    Tom Tom v3 - Australia maps

    Hi All, When, ( its great to say when and not when we eventually..) get to Oz, we are re-doing The Great Coastal Road run from Adelaide - to Sydney via Melbourne and any interesting points found in tourist guides. I remember seeing a post, - ala Vera Lynn, dont know where dont know when... - about maps for Australia and installing while in UK. Just wondered if anybody has given thought to taking their Sat Navs and what coverage is available, ie does one "map" cover all Australia + availability, source of amps. Any info, hints and suggestions will be welcome. TIA Lanky Lad
  16. mr luvpants


    Anyone know where I can get a decent map of Brisbane, sunshine and gold coasts so that I can plot my reccie please. Net or hard copy, either is good. Many thanks JOHN
  17. Guest

    maps of water ways in oz

    Hi guys is there any one out there that could point me in the right direction ,i have been looking on the net with out much luck. I am trying to find a map of the pumicestone passage in qld . This is a water way passage . eddie :jimlad:
  18. Guest

    maps navigation

    hello all does anyone know how to get hold of tom tom sat nav maps for australia? thanks Martin
  19. Guest

    maps and areas again

    anyone know seaford and surrounding suburbs, north of frankston, is it as nice as mountmarthas supposed to be or is it like Frankstons supposed to be can anyon give me a idiea of a map book to get like A-Z here for Vic or Melbourne Cheers