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      Found 363 results

      1. Hi, I am currently in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen and am looking to apply for the partner visa. We have been in the relationship for 3 years and have a 18 month old child together. We are currently living in the UK. I am wondering whether it is worthwhile paying for an agent to handle the application? My situation seems fairly simple so am not sure if its necessary and the fee of £1500 seems fairly high for help in filling out the forms. If people do thinks it's worth it, it would be great to have a few recommendations for agents.
      2. Hi, I am currently in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen and am looking to apply for the partner visa. We have been in the relationship for 3 years and have a 18 month old child together. We are currently living in the UK. I am wondering whether it is worthwhile paying for an agent to handle the application? My situation seems fairly simple so am not sure if its necessary and the fee of £1500 seems fairly high for help in filling out the forms. If people do thinks it's worth it, it would be great to have a few recommendations for agents.
      3. Hoping someone is able to help me out and offer advice! Little bit of a different topic. So I've been over to Australia a couple of times and fell in love with it. And in typical British fashion, would love to up sticks and move there. I've got quite a lot of close family friends and school friends who live out there so luckily I wouldn't be completely alone over there. I'm currently studying a Masters in Professional Acting in London and for the last year, I have been contemplating moving after I have graduated. It's now or never right? But my main concern is my career choice. I'm well aware that the acting industry is tough and very competitive no matter where you are - however I was wondering if anybody on here knows a thing or two about the Acting Industry over in Australia - specifically Sydney, or even Melbourne? If so, I have a couple of questions. What is the industry like? Is it a good place to be for a career in Acting? How tough is getting an agent? And are the agencies good out there in terms of getting you auditions? Do you get many opportunities in terms of Film & TV? Is it possible to get representation if only on a Working Holiday Visa? Do they offer opportunities to audition for US TV shows & Films? Any advice would be amazing!! Would massively appreciate it as it is hard to find advice on this through google. Thank you, Zoe
      4. Which agent to choose?

        I am thinking that I will need an agent to help give advice and aid with the visa application. Any suggestions on who is good please?
      5. Ambler Collins

        Hi has anyone used Ambler Collins as an agent? i am having problems contacting them.
      6. 190 visa app to Vic and agents

        Hi All, I've been enjoying reading some of the posts here and thought I'd post to see if I could also get some advice. My wife and I (including 2 kids; 6 and 3) are seriously looking at emigrating to Australia and would like to settle in either Perth or Melbourne. We've got friends in Sydney, but we stayed there for 3 weeks a few years back and it was so expensive that to get reasonable property for a family meant a large commute. I'm an Oracle Database Administrator (Schedule 2 - 262111), with over 10 years exp, and my wife is the same with more exp. We're looking at applying for a 190 visa to Victoria as I saw they still accept visas for this skill. However, I also spoke to a UK emigration company "The Immigration Advisory Service", and he mentioned that as a British Citizen, we don't get any points for the language stuff. Is that true and would I therefore need to sit the language course to ensure I get tons of points? I seem to get 25 for age, 20 for language (one would hope i score an A!), 15 for job, 15 for a BA(Hons), 5 for the wife, and perhaps 5 from 190 support. So, without the language test I would score around 60-65 points. Do I need more to have more chance of acceptance, and therefore would the language test help? Also, the company I was speaking to is based in the UK, so I was wondering about agencies. Is it easier to deal with in Aus or here? I asked him lots of questions, like their costs, timelines, associated services, and finally (as I've read everywhere on these forums) whether they were MARA agents. He said he wasn't as he was British, but there were MARA agents in his team. Do I continue with this kind of service (around £1200) or look for others that people recommend? Thanks and Best Regards, Stephen.
      7. Migration Agent Issues

        I was wondering if anyone can help. Me and my partner enlisted the help of a migration agent to help us complete our application. After the 1st couple of months we noticed that the service we were being provided was getting increasingly worse and our case worker, who is based in south africa even though im based in the UK and used a UK company an my partner is based in Australia, was very difficult to contact. She did not seem to understand the reason we got the agent on board was to make the process easier for us and instead of making the information simpler for us to understand insisted and copy and pasting the information either straight from the internet or a script and not adding and personal touch. After making a few complaints we were simply finding that we being ignored and that the people who had promised us so much at the start were not concerned by our disappointment, and that our case worker in south africa was either too busy to managed our case as we needed or was not qualified enough. After having several discussions with the agent and our complaints being ignored again we decided enough was enough and that we would sent the application directly to Australia House in London ourselves. We made that decision in Feb 2012 and to this day we have only been contacted once by our case worker by email to ask if we had sent her the documents ready for her to post the application. We have since found out from another couple who used there services that we made the right decision, because they had the same problems with this agent and it took almost 2 years to get there application aproved and in that time had to have there medicals done twice as the 1st set had expired. Now is the tricky part. We are trying to get some advice on getting a refund of our money. We both know this is going to be a long process and most likely unsuccessful but would be much happier knowing that we tried and failed rather than them to think they have made easy money by just waiting for us to get tired of them. We have contacted MARA who said they are basically powerless as they are not based in Australia so are not governed by there rules and have also tried the UK immigration ombudsman who said that they could not help as im not seeking entry to the UK. Has anyone been through this before and can you point me in the right direction, or give me any info or contacts that might put us on the right track. many thanks carl
      8. Hi, I have been in Sydney since Feb 2nd this year. Up until the 25th of Feb the company I am working for paid for my hotel stay in the CBD. Every weekend since I have been here I have been looking for a place to rent. It has been one of the most demoralising experiences in my life. The system here is appaling - it lags way behind the system in UK. First thing you realise is that you get very very little for your money. My job pays $50,000 plus overtime per year so I cannot afford much. I am looking at places between 350 - 400 per week. Considering my house in the UK has a mortgage of £400 per month for a 3 bedroom with a large garage, paying $1600 a month here (£1088 approx) gets me the equivalent of just my garage. Secondly, the 'open house' system is very poor. You get a 10 minute chance to view a place. Don't get me wrong, you don't need 10 minutes to look at a place, I usually know within 10 seconds if I like the place or not. It's just that getting to several places on a Saturday (which is when most viewing are) is very difficult. eg, I find a few places I like the look of on the Domain website/app. First one is open at 9.00am - 9.10am. Second place is 9.15 to 9.25 but it takes 20 mins to get between them so you miss the second viewing. Each weekend I have had to miss at least 3 viewings due to this. To make things harder, several times the agent has turned up a few minutes late, which obviously has a knock on effect meaning that I have to abandon my plans to get to the next viewing. The 'agents' that turn up are really just people with keys and application forms - no skills needed. When I have asked them questions before they open up the property, the reply is often "I'm not sure - I haven't seen the property myself yet". This is usually followed by fumbling as they try to find the entrance to the building. I travelled 20 mins to one place and when I got there the agent apologised because she was unable to get hold of the keys and that if I was still interested I could come back the following Saturday. Another situation was where I paid $20 in a taxi to get to a place because the previous agent was late, and when the agent arrived he apologised to everyone waiting that he had just been informed that the property had already been leased. More time and money wasted. Yesterday I waited outside a place with about 10 other people - and when the agent hadn't turned up after 10 minutes I decided to phone them - they told me that they had no idea about a viewing on the property and that the picture and address on the website were wrong. In the words of Peter Griffin "it really grinds my gears". Everyone always mentions about the pictures on websites for the properties....it really is true. Don't believe them, what looks like a sparkling new kitchen often turns out to be a pic from 7 years ago. A lot of the pics don't show inside, just a shot of the building and a view from the balcony - there is a reason for this which becomes apparent when you enter. Some of the photos on the website look like they have been taken by a child - so bad it's laughable. It makes me wonder what estate agents actually do to earn their keep. There are a lot of good things here however the real estate system is shockingly bad. I had read posts for months before I came warning about the system - but I never imagined it was this bad. i am sure something will turn up eventually, but at this point it has me questioning my decision to come here. Here's wishing y'all better luck than I am having. Take care Stereo
      9. Migration Agent Issues

        Hi All Me and my partner are at the final stages of applying for our prospective marriage visa. We have paid for the services of a migration agent, however we are both extermely unhappy with there performance and after weeks of being constantly ignored which keeps delaying are application we have decided that we want to finish the application on our own. As we have received some advice on the best way to put together our application from an agent over the past couple of months do we still need to declare on our application forms that we have had help even if we decided to sent the application in directly ourselves? Will it jeopardise our application at all? Will the agent be within there rights to tell the immigration department that they have helped us along the way? Are we putting ourselves at risk of failure? Its been a very frustrating month, especially the last few weeks and we just want to get the application in, as the waiting time at the moment another 6 months thanks
      10. Rental Agents in Bundaberg

        Hi There, I know it is ages off yet, but I want to make sure that everything goes according to plan. My husband is due to start work at the beginning of February and his employers are providing temporary accommodation until I arrive early April. We have two small dogs, they will be out of quarantine mid May - can anyone recommend any good agents in the Bundy area? We will be looking for unfurnished 2 to 4 bedrooms, the less bedrooms the better. Modern property, preferred no pool, something nice. Budget around 350 maximum. Also if people can advise me as to what we need for a rental, I.e., passport´s, previous land lord´s reference, bank statements, (blood test, and police checks!) the last two were hopefully a joke! Kind regards Any advice that anyone has is more than welcome.
      11. Here is the official sites of MIA and MARA registered agents http://mia.org.au/search-agent also check https://www.mara.gov.au/ Just search the name here for a MARA registered agent and soon u will know whether he is real or fake.If he is on the list, his MIA no and MARA number will appear . I just found this useful hence i posted it over here Beware of fake agents who can cheat you in the name of immigration. Regards, TIJO MATHEW
      12. Anyone else experienced this sort of rubbish? We have just left our grotty smelly house in Greensborough which we treated with respect in spite of the fence falling down, a large collection of wood being left in the garden for a year, a leak in the hallway that was never fixed, a leak in the garage that leaked constantly and ruined all our stuff that was in there, a garage door that was falling off, ineffective heating, a urine smelling kitchen cupboard and numerous other ailments. We always paid the rent on time and never caused any issues. On moving out the agent has decided we need to pay for a cleaner, a handyman and a gardener to get the place "up to scratch" (a bulldozer would be more appropriate). She expained we needed to do a "a bit of weeding" and pointed out there are scratches on the polished living room floor. My argument is that we have lived there for a year, a carpet would get worn and it is surely understandable that a floor will become marked, were we supposed to float around for a year? We just found out today the gardener has quoted $385! To pull some weeds out! It seems the landlord/real estate agent treat our bonds as a Christmas bonus. On top of this, our new house (which does not smell of urine) was advertised for $440 a week and an invitation to call the agent for an appointment (ie not an "open house") I did this, arranged my appointment, and to my astonishment they then decided to advertise this time as a time for any other potential tennants to have a look. We got the house and were about to sign the contract when the agent decided they would actually charge us $450 a week!! If we refused to pay then we would lose the house! Having moved in I put the key in the shed lock and it broke (thats my fault and I have to pay to repair it). the airconditioner does not work (we reported it and its like talking to a wall, they sort of listen, and then do nothing), the blinds dont work in any of the bedrooms, you have to physically pull at them (which breaks them which will presumably be our fault and will result in the landlord getting new blinds at our expense). They have not even bothered to replace light bulbs that have blown! Overall renting over here is a thoroughly awful experience.
      13. agents

        Can anyone please recomened me a good agent to use for migration purposes. Thankyou Gary Oliver :goofy:
      14. Help with Migration Agents

        We are trying to find a half decent migration agent that will help with questions before we submit our application. Every time I think we have found a half decent one that starts to answer questions we suddenly get an abrupt e-mail saying they will not answer any more questions till we submit our application. I realise we might have to pay to get some answers. But does anyone know of any half decent one's that are helpful that are either based in the UK or Australia. I just need advice before we go through with our application so I know what kind of information they are going to want & I have ready, save wasting time. The Visa we are looking for is 457, in agriculture. I really hope someone can help us!!:arghh:
      15. Hi Just out of interest do agents have the automatic right to enter your rental? We just got a letter saying they will be inspecting the flat giving a date in a couple of weeks and will be here sometime in the morning. The letter states that if we are not here they will use their keys to gain entry. I don't have a problem with them inspecting and will arrange to be here. But I would be interested to know for the future if I was unable to be here when they visit whether we had any rights to insist that they come at a mutually agreed time when we one of us could be present. Maybe I am being silly but I am not very keen on a stranger wandering around my things when I am not here. Vicky
      16. Advice on area and busy estate agents!

        Hello again!! We are still in Bali but trying now to complete our application to estate agents remotely before we arrive in Canberra early december... the tricky thing is we have no idea where is best to concentrate our search and which agent to choose! We only know that we will be looking to live nearish the french/ australian school of Telopea, or at least on the right side of town to the school. Any advice on areas down south? Any big and busy estate agents you would recommend?? Is Red hill good, very expensive? Our budget, probably around the 600$ a week. We chatted to Peter Blackshaw on Skype, nice guy and seems busy but i know he has a lot of people on his books... Can't wait to actually see the place. sophie.
      17. visa agents perth?

        Hi everyone, After some advice, living and working in Perth on 457 sponsorship but are keen to get permanent residency. Considering doing it independently rather than through our employers as don't want to be tied to them. Has anyone used any migration agents in Perth?? if so is it worth doing or can you do it yourself? how much approx did it cost and how long did the whole thing take? Also whats your visa status whilst waiting to see if your PR is granted would we still be on the 457 or on a bridging visa? All the agents i've come across want to charge you a $170 consultation fee which puts me off abit...you'd think they would be doing free consultations to get people to use them! Thanks Jasmine and Shaun :biggrin:
      18. Recruitment agents or not?

        Hi all, We have a 176 PR visa (Tasmania) and are arriving in Hobart 1/11/2011 ( :biggrin: ) My wife is a physio and is in touch with a couple of recruitment agents. The agents she has spoken too regularly say things like "don't apply yourself as we don't want to double up the application" and "don't go with another agent" for the same (doubling up) reason. I've employed a few people in my career and I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't be that unhappy to receive more than one copy of someone's CV from different sources. It's fairly easy to see an ulterior motive for the agent not to want us to apply direct or through someone else but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is a good idea. So, does anyone have any experience/thoughts on this? I suppose we would both feel more comfortable with contacting loads of potential employers ourselves but don't want to do that if it will be detrimental to her job prospects. Much appreciated in advance! Tim
      19. migration agents

        Hi, I am looking to emigrate to Victoria, and am looking for an agent for a business visa, I have chosen a few and wondered if anyone had used John Adams or Ivan Chait. Would like to know if anyone has also applied for a sponsered business visa and how easy was it. thanks J.
      20. So after lots of going backwards then forwards, my husband has got his contract signed and we are coming to Canberra around 8th November. My hubby starts work on the 28th November which will give us some time to look at Primary schools for my son and look at areas and hopefully get a rental (we have 1 months grace in temporary accomodation). The original idea was for me to do an intial 1 week visit and my hubby was goin g to come on his own in Nov and me and the kids would follow (3 yrs and 4 yrs) but this was costly and we decided to keep the family together.. I have been told to get a relocation agent to help us find a school and house. Ive already done alot of research online on schools and have a list, and also a list of possible areas (with lots of help from this site). Im not sure if relocatin agents are a good idea, expensive and what will they actually do for us that I could not do from here prior to arriving (making appts with schools and rental viewings). I would welcome anyones views on this esp if you have had experience of moving with young kids and having to looks at schools and rentals - with or without a relocatioj agent. We are already spending a fortune on our move so it seems like an extra cost for things I might be able to arrange myself?- but it is worth it? Ive never been to Canberra and my mum in law thinks its a MUST to hire one. Any advice on this would be great re costs, what they actually do, is it worth it?? Angela
      21. Warning on unregistered migration agents

        A criminal syndicate providing unregistered migration advice to foreign nationals has been shut down following a police operation in Perth early today. The execution of the search warrants brings to a close a 12-month multi-jurisdictional investigation. Prosecutions are now under consideration as the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) works with the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions to pursue further action. “People who practise as unregistered migration agents in Australia are breaking the law and may be subject to fines of up to $6600 or imprisonment for up to 10 years,” a DIAC spokesman said. The investigation involved DIAC officers with the assistance of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in which the scheme’s unregistered migration agents claimed to be able to arrange ‘working visas’ for non-citizens. “Organisers were charging exorbitant fees for unregistered migration assistance, and were also lodging visa applications which contained false information relating to claims for asylum,” the spokesman said. “Over the past 12 months, DIAC has conducted a series of targeted operations in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia aimed at dismantling this syndicate.” As a result of information obtained during recent operations, search warrants were executed by immigration investigators with the assistance of the AFP early today in Perth. The operation follows the execution of warrants Sydney in July in which large numbers of visa applications were seized at the residence and office of the principal suspect of this investigation. “The department has received outstanding support from the AFP, Victoria Police and other government agencies during this investigation which has demonstrated the whole-of-government resolve to protect the integrity of Australia’s migration programs,” the spokesman said. “In Australia there are strict rules about helping someone with their visa application. “If you are a migration agent you must be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority [Office of the MARA],” he added.
      22. Agents Recommends

        My wife and I have been pursuing a 457 visa for the last few months, but have come to a dead end due to my wife's lines of work, Probation Service, can't be sponsored by any state department, although she has the promise of a job if she can get to Victoria. OK so the quicker route isn't going to happen. Luckily we have the second option of applying for family sponsorship via my sister. We've decided to use an agent to take some of the stress and strain and make sure things are filled out correctly etc. I have spoken to two so far and to be honest not been overly impressed. The first was quite curt and would give much detail in the way of costing and eventually we got cut off. Tried calling back he said he couldn't talk to me any further unless I wanted to sign up with them. Pass. The next seems more professional, I understand all the visa option after researching them over the last few months, he realised I knew more than the basic and we had a good chat and he agreed that family sponsorship is the next option. He did say I would now need to pay a fee of a couple of hundred pounds for a detailed assessment, upon after we could actually talk to an agent, he then mention he was only a sales person. oh man. And before anyone mentions it they were both fully MARA members. My question is, is this normal for agents ? Does anyone recommend an agent ? I perfectly understand they don't want to pass off information for free, but surely if we are going to be spending several thousand pounds they would make sure they sell themselves to a potential customer in the first place.
      23. Agents

        Can anyone pm me names of agents they have used who were great and also ones to avoid, am having trouble with mine and want to know if anyone else has issue with the same agents, obviously can't say who they are! Cheers:wink:
      24. Migration Agents

        Sorry but this prob has been covered before but could not locate... Looking to move to Oz on a 176 visa as my job is on the skilled occupation list any tips / recommendations on using migration agents. is it easy to do it yourself? or if you have used a migration agent which one do you choose as there are sooo many out there
      25. Hi we are in perth and was wondering if you know of a good migration agent in or around Perth that is both thorough and resonably priced.We are on a 457 visa and wish to obtain a permenant residency visa . Any help would be extremely appreciated thanks Linda