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  1. kungfustu

    Corona Virus

    You selected the context and cherry picked the points of the post.....taking the whole post into account (which would be the common sense thing to do as thats what was written) and in the context it was clearly intended "rising because of covid".....in other words covid is responsible one way or another then what was said was absolutely correct and just.....what you conveniently did was ignore the bits about flu.....suicides and mental health....the simple fact of the matter is that all of the mentioned illnesses and causes of death apart from Flu have increased due to covid and will continue too over the coming years.....no one is suggesting the corona virus causes increased deaths in cancer or heart disease.....just that the response every country in the world has had to the virus would have caused these increases.....now if you want to argue that point out then lets go......if you want to split hairs about exact terminology and your own interpretation of the post then you crack on (i'll wait by the door)......just in case you are not clear on what I am saying.....this virus and the lock downs used to control it are responsible for a lot of excess deaths......some of them listed in the above post that I have highlighted.....(which I believe was the OP intention as well)
  2. kungfustu

    How is Boris Doing So Far?

    he was....no normal person would vote for JC.....students.....momentum sympathisers.....most normal voters want middle ground.....when you have people in the party using language like "comrades" it scares the sh#t out of the average voter.
  3. kungfustu

    Corona Virus

    Why do they need to be a virus or even contagious? In the context they were being used it is perfectly acceptable to use them as a comparison.....he made it clear that they are on the increase and that increase is solely down to lockdown measures put in place to stop this virus.
  4. kungfustu

    Corona Virus

    The problem is that you are fighting fire with fire.....what is happening to peoples lives is not humane.....there was a story on the news last night of a young girl.....https://www.itv.com/news/2020-11-11/death-of-university-student-emphasises-calls-for-government-to-increase-mental-health-funding absolute tragedy.....but not an isolated case.....so what lockdown does is to protect the vulnerable and the people that are not threatened by the virus at the cost of young girls like this.....why is that acceptable? It gets on my nerves when I hear people shouting about the selfish acts of a few putting lives at risk.....most of those making all the noise don't really have much too lose....like me....lockdown isn't hard....I don't go out much anyway and my home life is pretty much unaffected.....but that doesn't mean I cannot empathise with the hundreds of thousands of people it is damaging.....rubbishing this view is just emphasising your own selfishness and narrow mindedness. There must be a better way of dealing with this crisis.....the one dimensional approach is as damaging as doing nothing in my view. A small isolated island like NZ is probably more suited to that eradicate the virus approach.....but here in the UK its not an option and never was....you will never eradicate the virus in places like this and the EU.....its impossible.....so you learn to live with it.....stop allowing your fears dictate your way of life....protect the people that need protecting and get on with your life as best as you can whilst accepting that there will be collateral damage.....just like we have now with lockdowns.
  5. kungfustu

    Corona Virus

    I said right from the start I believe we will look back on this and realise there were better ways of dealing with it.....I don't believe lockdowns work as well as you obviously do....I have highlighted many reasons for this over the past several months.....there must be a better way to deal with this than destroying other peoples lives and prospects.....my view is this is not Lives v Economy......this is Lives v Lives & Economy.
  6. kungfustu

    Corona Virus

    Have you got anything to add to the debate or are you just wanting to try and shut me down? I'd be only too happy to chat about the virus and lockdowns.....if not then maybe you should share your knowledge on another thread.
  7. kungfustu

    Corona Virus

    contradicting myself....how exactly am I contradicting myself? I would say thats more common sense than anything else.....they can still get treatment but if they are vulnerable then they should isolate otherwise they are putting their life at risk but thats a choice for the individual.....what are you more scared of.....covid.....or isolation....the answer depends on your age and health. But the rest of us with no health issues....under the age of 60 and little or no risk of dying from the virus should expose ourselves to a lockdown and the fall out from it.....job losses....mental health.....domestic abuse.....etc etc etc.....look at what has just happened in Melbourne.....I would liken that to something you would see in Wuhan or Pyongyang.....the virus has almost gone but at what cost and thats my point.....these things are not free.....there is always a price to pay....if you look at things over here that price is going to be a heavy price and its my opinion that the lives lost over the coming years due to the lock down will far exceed the lives lost to the virus.....just my view.....so all this "covid denier" b#llox is exactly that.....B#llox.
  8. kungfustu

    Corona Virus

    I don't know tbf....about 70 - 80% of people that get the virus have next to no symptoms.....does that translate over to cancer patients?....I don't know the answer to that question....sorry. I think people that are dealing with cancer and any other illness that makes them vulnerable should isolate themselves until a vaccine is available because if they do catch the virus and it does affect them like the 20 - 30% of people that get symptoms then its going to be severe and probably wont be a good outcome.....what do you think?
  9. kungfustu

    Corona Virus

    thats the crux of my argument Paul....you wont know that for at least 4 or 5 years (cancer survival rates) but slowly numbers are being produced and reports coming out (over here) that demonstrate Lockdowns are not necessarily the life saver you and many others think they are.
  10. kungfustu

    How is Boris Doing So Far?

    Problem with Labour and its historical roots is that it was rejected on a large scale by the British people less than a year ago.....whilst some of the Left wing policies sound great its all really a bit LA LA land.....Labour only got into power because Blair rejected the old school Labour ways and it will be the same for Starmer.....If he has any designs on leadership he will need to swing the party to a more central position.....but that will not sit well with their backers as was demonstrated recently when JC was suspended from the party.....they just do not seem to learn.
  11. kungfustu

    102 years we will Remember Them

    a few years ago we holidayed in France and after many many years of driving straight through Northern France on our way to the Alps we decided to stop and spend a couple of days there......we went to the grand crater (Lochnagar mine) and walked around the area.....we visited a few museums and military cemeteries in and around the Somme.....what struck me was how close the front lines actually were.....they were only a few meters apart in some areas.....a very humbling experience and something I would advise everyone to do.
  12. kungfustu

    Corona Virus

    Parley I am surprised at you.....the same argument could be used on just about every other thread on CTF.....threads you are heavily involved in.....thats not an argument mate....not at all.....its how you attempt to shut down other opinions.....opinions you are not comfortable with....I don't do social media at all.....this is the only web thing I get involved in and tbf I probably post a fraction of what you and many others post......try using that argument on Simmo and his passion about stopping the boats or his passion for stopping islamic extremists.....you cant pick and choose what you want others to write..... Yes I am interested in other topics but find Its like spinning plates when you are in knee deep in several threads....I dont have the time nor energy to be arguing on several fronts.
  13. kungfustu

    Corona Virus

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8861271/Why-Victorias-lockdown-killed-four-newborn-babies.html It seems there are many tragedies due to this virus.....too many to highlight TBF.....Lock downs cost lives and destroy lives.....its true what you say.....it is every bit as bad as I am making out.
  14. kungfustu

    The US Presidential Election Predictor

    Its called irony.....I will try and spell it out for you....the democrats have won this election.....for the past 4 years and more they have been protesting against Trump and his republican administration.....BLM protests......looting.....violence.....those protests even made their way over here when Trump came to visit......yet now the Democrats have won they all of a sudden want unity.....they want everyone to get behind Biden and heal the rifts.....the irony is.....and thats what makes it "funny"......why didn't they do that over the past 4 years......there you go....do you get it now?
  15. kungfustu

    Corona Virus

    sad https://www1.racgp.org.au/newsgp/clinical/as-lockdown-eases-victorian-gps-brace-for-wave-of