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  1. kungfustu

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    You can call it what ever you like.....the simple fact of the matter is the Irish have been trying to murder each other for hundreds of years and continue to do so today......the Republicans are still planting road side bombs in NI and attempting to lure the police into a massacre......they cant even run their own government......this whole Brexit business is being used as a weapon to try and unify Ireland against the wishes of the DUP and many unionists living in NI.....its their best shot in years having failed in previous decades and signed up to the GFA. A ridiculous statement......we held a referendum......one side won.....the other didn't......as a democratic country that respects free votes and the will of the people that would never happen so is completely irrelevant to this argument......
  2. kungfustu

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    complete rubbish....fabrications.....assumptions.....make believe.........when have I ever banged a drum for "no deal".? I think your problem is that read what I say and put your own slant on it.....your own spin of what you "think" I want....you have no idea what I want because I don't believe I have ever said we need "no deal"...."TM's deal"...."soft brexit" or specified any type of brexit.....the most I have said is that we "must" Brexit of some description to respect the referendum result.....anything else would be a disaster.....
  3. kungfustu

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    The problem with the Irish and I mean specifically the southern Irish (Republicans) is that their main purpose in life for the past 100 years has been to have a unified Ireland.....Brexit and the border issues provides them with a gilt edged opportunity to push for that very outcome.....with threats of violence and destabilisation of the communities......the anglo-irish agreement was an agreement that gave the republicans their Irish free state but also respected the wishes of Northern Ireland to remain part of the UK as was negotiated and agreed by the British government and Irish Representatives (Michael Collins)....I think the UK has made it pretty clear that they have no intentions of erecting any borders in Ireland.....so where are these borders going to come from?
  4. kungfustu

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    not true.....complete rubbish.....the truth is welsh farmers can trade with Japan as an agreement was reached in January without the 30-40% tarrifs mentioned above......once again we are getting complete fabrications....untruths....I wonder where these remainers get their stories from.....I would suggest maybe getting better educated on the facts before posting complete untruths.
  5. kungfustu

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I know what context it was put in and I know why you wrote it......you wanted some way....some method to try and score points....get a laugh at my expense.....after telling us all about how insulated you are from brexit......how well off you are and that brexit is great for you.....you did not like my "selfish" comment.....TBH I don't know what else you could expect.....but bringing someones family members into a debate in the way in which you did shows a lot more about the type of person you are than you obviously realise..... Foolishly on my part I suppose I occasionally speak about my family.....so maybe it is my fault....I will just have to adjust and alter the things I talk about in the future.....I deliberately keep my name and as much info about myself off this forum for the reasons that have just been demonstrated and would advise others to do so.
  6. kungfustu

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    You know over the years I have read some really funny stuff on here......I have read some very sad stuff on here.....I have read some quite insulting stuff on here.....I have probably participated in some of it......but when you use other peoples family members In the context that you have just done......you lower the basic guidelines to a level I cannot ever remember seeing and hoped I would never see on here.....I hope you get the laugh (at my boys expense) that you are fishing for.
  7. kungfustu

    Another drugs cheat in (Aussie) sport???

    I always remember Diane Modahl.....she was one of the first stories I can remember in detail back in the early 90's.....had a massively high testosterone reading I think it was....she obviously denied any wrong doing.....got banned....then it was proven beyond doubt that her sample had been kept in a high temp room for too long causing the readings to go haywire.....then there was the scottish skier who I think won an olympic medal and then had it taken off him due to buying a USA vicks inhaler and it containing a banned substance thats not in the UK version.....gotta be unlucky there.....lots of stories but I think in todays age of drug taking in sport all athletes know the score.....if they fail it is out of sheer stupidity....or they are an out and out cheat as was said earlier.....no room for errors so its up to them to make sure they check and double check anything they take.
  8. kungfustu

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I love the Irish....they are always up for the crake....a laugh a minute....
  9. kungfustu

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    you are still awake @Collie....tell me why you think its my responsibility to come up with solutions to the Irish problem?
  10. kungfustu

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    maybe you can tell me then seeing as the Irishman has gone quiet.....why is it my responsibility to come up with solutions/ideas for all of this?
  11. kungfustu

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    you really need me to tell you who they are.....they are 2 MP's that have been trying to implement the 2016 Referendum.....remember that....oh yeh.....seems to have slipped your mind that we had a referendum in 2016 and voted to leave....those elites are trying to implement that vote whilst another bunch of elites try to stop it.....there you go.....get yourself up to date with whats going on an stop hanging on the coat tails of the other economists.......
  12. kungfustu

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    apologies for that....not my intention. the TM deal will not get through Parliament....end of....BJ has taken the mantle and is currently riding the gauntlet......goodluck to him I say because its not an easy task.....in his favour is his determination to leave on the 31st October....he has set his stall out as such that we leave one way or the other and for the first time in 3 years that is being taken seriously hence all the scared sh#tless looks on Irish faces. The problem is the UK parliament voted overwhelmingly to trigger Article 50....so we are leaving.....in the ensuing 2 1/2 years a group of elites have decided that they think they know whats best for the UK and want to do everything in their power to stop us leaving even though most of them voted in favour of the referendum.....voted in favour of implementing the result and voted in favour of triggering article 50.....you just could not make this up!.....thats why the numbers will never add up....we have had nearly 3 years of toxic debate which has just galvanised opinions where we now see pretty much a 50/50 split.....something has to budge....the EU either agree to negotiate.....we leave with no deal.....or there is a GE....who knows.....I dont but I can gues we have 2 or 3 Pommy expert economists that will be only too happy to tell us all.....before it has actually happened
  13. kungfustu

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    they voted by a clear majority of about 500 - 115 to trigger article 50.....that meant we were on that road to leaving one way or another....a very clear majority.....if you read my post fully you would have noticed I mentioned the poison that has flowed into the debate since and the elites doing everything in their power to stop it happening. The government negotiated a deal.....by the time it was put before parliament the whole debate was so toxic (apart from the backstop) and still is.....nothing will get through I doubt.....who knows.....maybe BJ can negotiate something acceptable to everyone although I doubt it....so unless people are prepared to move and renegotiate it is looking likely we will leave with no deal.....not the preferred choice of many but it honours the referendum result which to many is the most important part of this. Just to ad....the irish maybe jumping up and down about their border and respecting the goodfriday agreement.....The UK are doing the same but in relation to the referendum result.....its very important to lots of people.....there are lots of angles to this not just the Irish one.
  14. kungfustu

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Explain to me why you think its my job to find a solution to this? I know the same as you my friend....I get my info from the same sources....the media....or have you a hotline to Mr Barnier that you are keeping hush?
  15. kungfustu

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    which government are you talking about? the TM or the BJ government......The TM government negotiated the withdrawal agreement so they must have had some idea of what they wanted....they ended up with a negotiated finished product.....doesn't make sense. The BJ government hasnt had a chance to say what it wants yet other than through press releases and the UK parliament but I think they have made it pretty clear.....they want to leave and intend on doing so by the 31st October whether that be by a negotiated method or no deal. The Irish border has always been the problem.....the backstop was only introduced in all this because the other suggestions were shouted down by the EU....the UK government at that time needed the DUP's backing so had to come up with something.....unfortunately TM f#cked it up big time.....it was doomed from the very beginning.....the team around her were all remain......she was remain.....she spoke the right language but never had the balls to see it through. The very next day after the referendum there were people refusing to respect the result.....in any other vote....win or lose the result is respected....not this time and that has caused a huge problem......when you have elites in parliament doing anything in their power to block any type of Brexit then its going to be difficult for any government.....for 3 years poison has been pumped into this debate weakening the hand of the UK government.....TM never intended to use no deal.....that was also taken from her by parliament but the truth is I doubt she had the balls to use it anyway. Things are a little different now.....BJ appears serious.....planning for no deal is in motion and according to the CBI although neither side are completely ready we are in a more advanced position than the EU.....it is now becoming a little more serious for the EU and the Irish as was demonstrated by Coveney on the BBC.....the general mood around Brexit is changing.....the remainers are getting a little spooked along with the EU and the Irish.....BJ appears to mean business so lets see what happens.....I prefer to wait and comment on fact rather than speculation.....too many economists on here think they have all the answers and too quick to criticise.....anybody can be a critic.....its easy to criticise someone elses views....opinions or work.....if you look close enough you will always find fault.....