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  1. kungfustu

    What Have You Learned Today?

    I saw this yesterday.....just crazy really.....they call it "victim shaming".....if the whole statement is read then its quite clear what was being said and why but again its people cherry picking the parts they want and acting on only those parts......its just yet another example of people being outraged because they can...... He appealed for anyone with information about the family to come forward. "We need to look at every piece of information and, to put it bluntly, there are probably people out there in the community that are deciding which side to take, so to speak, in this investigation," he said. "Is this an issue of a woman suffering significant domestic violence and her and her children perishing at the hands of the husband, or is this an instance of a husband being driven too far by issues that he's suffered, by certain circumstances, into committing acts of this form?"
  2. kungfustu

    I really want to move home but husband doesn’t

    I don't think you are being selfish at all......I think you are still suffering the loss of your father and it is this that is causing you to feel the way you do.....you have said you have good friends and a decent life in Australia.....for me you need to get some help with the grief of losing a close family member.....coming to terms with the loss might help the rest of your life fall back into place..... Goodluck.
  3. kungfustu

    The UK and Climate Change

    Near where I live we used to suffer flooding on a regular basis.......the Thames was always flooding in Maidenhead.....this is going back 20, 30 or more years, the Jubilee river was constructed in 2002, at the time I think it was one of the biggest projects in Europe.....railway bridges where being removed and refitted etc.....its made a huge difference to our area.....Maidenhead never floods now.....they just get it about 10 miles further down in Runnymeade instead.....the point is.....flooding has always been a problem and flood defences are always being upgraded.....no doubt we are suffering more flooding in parts of the country but its not cheap.....nor easy to fix this problem......its going to be an ongoing issue for years to come.
  4. kungfustu

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Forever grateful for the “Brown” years....
  5. kungfustu

    Caroline Flack found dead

    I know mate.....I know exactly what you mean......
  6. kungfustu

    Caroline Flack found dead

    It is such an awful story.....I was chatting to my boys about it last night.....they said she was getting loads of negative stuff on twitter and the press were hammering her!.....I cannot understand that.....I was up to date on the story re the court appearances etc but totally unaware of any stories in the press.....incidentally if the roles were reversed the law would have been more appropriate because its designed to protect against abusive partners of which women suffer more than men.....in this case it obviously didn't work as well but the laws the law......has got to be the same for everyone.....to take your own life you must be in a very bad place......very sad.
  7. kungfustu

    CTF - what's the solution

    I think you will find it probably bothers you a lot more than it does the silent laughing faces......now theres a thought......spewing when others do not accept when they are wrong......welcome to the "Court of Jez".....judge....jury and executioner......its starting to make sense now.....only child by any chance?
  8. kungfustu

    CTF - what's the solution

    "whats the solution".....well thats 2 out of 4 contributing to the cause.....can you see it now when you read it back?
  9. kungfustu

    CTF - what's the solution

    in your opinion......yet you seem to think its fact.....
  10. kungfustu

    CTF - what's the solution

    why is it you feel the need to put people into boxes.....labelled as a certain type......why cant you just answer a point or express your view without having to personalise everything?
  11. kungfustu

    CTF - what's the solution

    so its your assumption then......I was right.....incidentally.....tell me what type of people it is I support.... I am genuinely interested to try and understand your assumptions.
  12. kungfustu

    CTF - what's the solution

    you should answer my question before asking one of your own?
  13. kungfustu

    CTF - what's the solution

    how do you know "who I support"? Is that just another one of your assumptions or is it fact based?
  14. kungfustu

    CTF - what's the solution

    yes....and there it is.....can you see it aswell?
  15. kungfustu

    Never have I....

    5......but more to the point is what 5