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  1. LincolnH


    Sweet thanks for reply have just applied for it, need to get grandparents birth certificates now so got to get them to get one as both are lost!
  2. LincolnH

    Moving To Cheshire

    Awesome thanks will check them out much appreciated! Got a few moving quotes last week, this week sorting my sons passport out! Exciting times
  3. LincolnH


    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has any experience with applying for a UK passport for their child born down under? I am a British Citizen so seems he automatically passes as one? So am about to apply for his UK passport although there seems to be conflicting info on the UK gov site. One part says he automatically qualifies and can apply for a passport the other says I will need to register his as a British Citizen first? Any help would be appreciated thanks Henry
  4. LincolnH

    Moving To Cheshire

    Thanks so much Marisa you have been very helpful Really appreciate it
  5. LincolnH

    Moving To Cheshire

    Thanks Marisa yeah what you wrote is pretty much what I was trying to say, little fella has teeth coming through and had a sleepless night last nite so brains not working aswell lol. Yeh we have savings and I have a couple of job options that should be able to fulfill spouse visa requirements. 3 weeks is pretty good! How much did that cost you if you don’t mind me asking? Will prob go through an agency need to look into it. Thanks again
  6. LincolnH

    Moving To Cheshire

    Thanks Toots is she still active on here? Yeah have my Australian Citizenship so that’s not a problem, my partner has her Maltese citizenship which was our original entry idea but now have to be in the UK before we r planning on being there due to Brexit so looking like the spouse visa is the option. Away for Xmas but going to get the ball rolling when I get back to Melbourne. Thanks for the reply Marisa
  7. LincolnH

    Moving To Cheshire

    Hi Everyone. After years of debating we have decided we are moving back to England in May/June time. Bit of background..My Fiancee is Australian and son was born here last year I’m from England but have lived in Melbourne for 8 years. Tough decision and getting a lot of guilt from my partners parents but we feel it’s the best decision for our family right now. My partners sister lives in England soon to have kids and her brother lives in Germany. We currently live in Victoria with no family nearby and me working 6 day weeks (her parents live central coast NSW). We are looking at the Cheshire area to rent in at first as that’s generally where work will be for me plus close to family etc although don’t really know the area that well? Was looking for any advice regarding Chester and surrounding areas that could be potentially be home for us? Decent areas close to amenities. Appreciate your time in reading this lengthy post!
  8. LincolnH

    Getting a mortgage on return to UK

    K cool thanks, I realise I'm going to have to build it up quickly but surely 3 years seems like too much! I guess it comes down to house cost and deposit amount aswell. Ah that doesn't sound good well I hope its all been sorted for you!
  9. LincolnH

    Getting a mortgage on return to UK

    Hi, very interested to hear what they have to say Amber so an update would be great thanks! Returning next year with my Australian partner and don't want to rent for too long when we get back. My credit rating was pretty poor from my student years but have now been here 7 years and have heard it resets after this time (need to look into this) Good luck to the both of you!
  10. LincolnH

    I want to move back to the UK, fiance doesn't

    I understand your predicament completely. Its not something you ever think about when you set off travelling/ on an adventure to Australia but the reality of being with someone from a different country ( especially the other side of the world!) raises its fair share of problems. I am from UK (been in Melbourne 7 years) and my partner from Sydney, we have our first child arriving 8th Dec and are planning on moving back to UK next May. We literally have no family in Victoria and I work 6 day weeks leaving house at 5am and returning 6.30-7pm. If I stay here working i am literally only going to see my kid on a Sunday for the first 2 years! In the UK he will grow up to know all cousins plus have all my family near by and my Partners sister lives in UK and will be having kids soon. Its very hard on my partners parents who live in Sydney but we are making the decision for our family. I feel that there will always be the question of whether to live there or not, and I understand that 'not belonging' feeling that so many people talk about. I feel you should go ahead and make the move and follow your heart and if it doesn't work out you can always return, you just wouldn't want to get stuck here then regret not taking the chance for the rest of your life. Your partner should go with you and understand your feelings, we haven't put a 'forever' look on it. We are going to try it out, go on a few holidays in Europe and even if we move back in a few years will look back on it as a great life experience. You only live once and your happiness is very important, I wish you all the best with you decision and hope it works out the way you want it to!
  11. LincolnH

    Accommodation Requirement- partner visa

    Hi Sarah, so you are English and your partner Australian? How long have you been in Australia for? We are moving back to the UK May 2019 and have just started looking into Visa requirements for my partner. I am English but she is Australian. We will also have a little boy with us who is due early DEC! My partners grandparents are Maltese so she is currently applying for her Maltese passport which I have read is a way round it for her. Still need to do alot of research into it though but want to get it sorted early to take as much stress out the situation as possible!
  12. Thanks you ill check that out
  13. Awesome thanks, yeh guess just have to take small steps to start with! Time to start hitting the overtime and save up as much as possible!
  14. Thank you very much and good luck with yours!! Yeah i'm sure she will love it just the weather to contend with ha. Planning on having children soon and by bringing them up in UK will have cousins, aunties, uncles, grandparents and her sisters kids aswell in comparison to here her parents live in Sydney (we are in Melbourne) and that's the only family we have here. Thanks again
  15. Awesome, 13 years not long for you now July is just around the corner! I'm really looking forward to moving back had the most amazing 7 years here but feel it has run its course now and i'm missing home far too much. Yeah 6 months rent shouldn't be a problem and family in UK can be my rental guarantor, it was more when it came to applying for a mortgage etc. We will be leaving a brand new house here so want to try make it as easy as possible for my fiancee and try get our ow place sorted asap. I never shut down my Natwest account and still have a small amount of money in there but haven't used it for 4 years! Going to call them tonight UK Tuesday morning and sort it. Would be great if they did wipe the credit rating, but I guess it would be hard for companies to give u credit if you have a 7 year blank in your history... Thanks for your reply