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  1. jgt

    Share a container?

    arguments for arguments sake,,,,,,,,,,jog on
  2. After 2 previous attempts i was told by my senator who after speaking to border force that if i agreed to leave permanently i would get permission........thats the truth
  3. jgt

    Share a container?

    8 years........
  4. jgt

    Share a container?

    Been offered to share a container several times previously ......
  5. jgt

    Uk trade certificate’s

    The Aussis take great pride in viewing your certs as trash.......you will need to re train over here.........
  6. jgt

    Share a container?

    returning to blighty in around 6 weeks......anyone want to share a container ...i have about 6 cubic meters of boxes or a small van load to send to the UK.....message me please im in the northern suburbs going to yorkshire
  7. took 3 goes and had to give up my permanent residency
  8. Lol and im trying to get out of Perth ..........
  9. jgt

    Moving to the UK in Weeks – Questions!!!

    hey did your move go ok i am intersted in going back.do you have any advice please..my mother is ill but i still got refused exit from Aus....cheers
  10. jgt

    Construction industry in Perth

    i am in construction..it is mental at the minute, but they build different and require your soul when you are unemployed..lol
  11. jgt

    Considering heading bk to Newcastle U.K. For good.

    yeah we are a family of four and returning to the UK at the end of the year. we have done nearly 5 years and simply cannot afford to live here anymore,plus work is getting harder and harder to come by, good luck with your move, PS we are in Connolly, Joondalup
  12. builder in perth with over 30 years in construction. got my diploma,working at heights, first aid, asbestos removal. looking for a change, aything considered
  13. Hi there im in Connolly im at jgtbuild@outlook.com cheers
  14. Hi there after the hardest 5 years of my working life we are looking at going back.Any advice removalist companies and tips etc please let me know. I AM NOT interested in a Aus v Uk debate - been there and done that, im voting with my feet, thanks