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  1. jgt

    Considering heading bk to Newcastle U.K. For good.

    yeah we are a family of four and returning to the UK at the end of the year. we have done nearly 5 years and simply cannot afford to live here anymore,plus work is getting harder and harder to come by, good luck with your move, PS we are in Connolly, Joondalup
  2. builder in perth with over 30 years in construction. got my diploma,working at heights, first aid, asbestos removal. looking for a change, aything considered
  3. Hi there im in Connolly im at jgtbuild@outlook.com cheers
  4. Hi there after the hardest 5 years of my working life we are looking at going back.Any advice removalist companies and tips etc please let me know. I AM NOT interested in a Aus v Uk debate - been there and done that, im voting with my feet, thanks
  5. Hi all. iv been in Perth 4 years and came back to the UK in May for work due to the downturn.My family are still in Perths north and i miss them and want to come back over.Iv been in construction for 30 years.I can multi trade but as all the brits in Perth know it means nothing.I was laying bricks for several months and then worked on maintenance as most of the poms end up doing.I have my building diploma, first aid trained, work at heights, asbestos removal and would like to ask if people there would keep their ears open for me. Previous work with Dale Alcocks, webb brown neaves etc etc. Really appreciate it cheers
  6. all about who you know in WA im afraid, and thats when times are good..... pretty much covered by Very Stormy
  7. Hey there after having no work in Perth i came to The Uk .My family are still in Perth and im trying to get back there, so as to get my kids through school, 3 years left. Does anyone know if a proffessional resume is beneficial or a waste of time.The Aussis love the word "'Qualified'" let me know your thoughts. Im in construction and aquired my builders diploma, and other stuff, first aid, asbestos, work at heights .If anyone knows a good resume writer please advise. I fancy a career change too so anyone with an opening , drop me a line.PLEASE stick to topic. Regards
  8. jgt

    back in uk from perth

  9. jgt

    back in uk from perth

    Hi there anything from 12 to 20 dollars in town !! ?
  10. jgt

    back in uk from perth

    Hi there not been on for some time ,i have got back in the UK after having worked my nuts off in Perth for 4 years.i simply cannot afford it any more. I achieved getting my Building Diploma, does anyone know if this is transferable in the UK . PS isnt beer cheap here wohooooo
  11. jgt

    moving back from perth

    Hi There i havent been on for a while so was wondering if i could get some advice from those who have returned. After being here for 4 years work has dried up in construction and i hear its busy in blighty. Is anyone able to tell me how does the new car tax work as its not in your windscreen anymore. Any advice for getting good van insurance without no claims bonus as here in WA insurance is not obligatory. i was getting around to it. Thanks for the help
  12. jgt

    if i come back

    Thanks guys we are looking at all options but it is seriously tough, i dont give up easy and will keep trying
  13. jgt

    if i come back

    im in construction its dead. It took me 10 years to get here so its not been taken lightly about going back. Its so bad that if we leave it any longer we wont have the air fare. Very worrying, iv been offered lots of work back in the UK so hoping to save up and come back later
  14. We're outta here as soon as.....