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  1. Activated visa in 2017 and was going to move out the year after. Family issues put paid to that as did a change of heart because of the issue. We then decided we would wait until my daughter did her exams last year but then coronavirus kicked off. We have a permanent residency visa but it runs out this year. Hopefully borders will ease and flights will get better - living in hope
  2. Is it just a case of getting bumped once off your flight or could it happen multiple times and take months? It's really frustrating because my visa runs out soon.
  3. But does anybody know of any recent success stories?? Is it do-able? My wife and I would both have to resign our jobs, pull the kids out of school/college and move out of our rental without the slightest idea of whether we could get there.
  4. Hi, My family and I were going to relocate to WA last year but then Covid 19 came along . We are now in a position where we either go for broke or forget it all and buy a house again in the UK. All we hear is that we will never get flights and things are unlikely to change soon! Has anybody any thoughts or recent success stories? Regards Mike B
  5. Mike B

    Construction industry in Perth

    Good to know things are busy out there. Sounds like commitment is the key, but don't all construction firms want their pound of flesh! What sort of work do you do? Are the hours as bad as the uk?
  6. Mike B

    Construction industry in Perth

    It's good to know that there is a bit of activity out there, thanks for your replies. Does anyone know how the commercial side of construction is, or if there is investment in schools and hospitals etc Regards Mike B
  7. Can anyone tell me the current state of the construction industry in Perth? I am a 47 year old contracts manager in the UK looking to relocate ( already have a permanent visa) . Is the job market a dead loss? Is it true that my age would go against me? Any advice would be appreciated.