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  1. shaunkaren

    Australians are not helpful or trustworthy

    Agree with the above but you missed one category as follows 5. Poms in Australia who love it so much that they pretend its bad to keep it all to themselves!!!:wink:
  2. shaunkaren

    Air Asia suspend London flights

    Have just received the email that Air Asia have suspended all flights to London as of April 1st, we are due to go in June and flying with them (or not now!!):arghh:. I have been informed to await an official email so that I can then rearrange our flights, supposed to be able to move to another airline at no extra cost.....lets hope that happens smoothly.....
  3. shaunkaren

    How good is Oz TV

    Agree with most comments, we have Foxtel and would be lost without the movies and sport on it. The adverts are a killer on normal telly, usually find I can't stay awake for the news as the schedules always run late. Never watched as many cop programmes in my life NCIS followed by NCIS LA, followed by Rush and Hawaii 50 - although on the upside each of the programmes have some really fit males in....... who needs a story line!!!! Do miss the comedy shows out here though although have found a few miss shows like 'Have I got news for you' and similar ones to that - I think it is the banter that UK people have between them and this is something that I have personally found Aussies are shy to do!!
  4. shaunkaren

    BBC article "Why we quit Australia for the UK"

    I think the big difference between the UK and Aussies is attitude towards things - the UK media appear (from reports on here as not seen them personally) to have made a big thing of POM's returning to the UK. All I have heard from this end is a comment on the 7PM Project when they appeared more upset that the POM's didn't love Australia anymore! A two minute news story and they moved on which I have to say is the media here through and through, when we lived in the UK I was engrossed with the GFC and potential security threats that may or may not hit the UK, hearing those two phrases on a daily basis. Since moving to Australia I hardly ever watch the news and love the fact that I am ignorant to everything else going on. Life is for living, you get one chance and whilst some would say that Australia is 20 years behind the only thing I can confirm in respect to this is the fact that kids can be kids for a lot longer here. Other than that Next delivery my favourite clothes for free, we get Amazon books/dvd's and cd's delivered for free, Top Shop are opening in Melbourne soon and I have a lovely Mum in the UK who regularly tops up my supply of Bisto Gravy granules - simple life and simple needs. The only thing that would make this move perfect would be a Star Trek style teleport in the lounge so that we could have weekend family/friend visitors from the UK!!!
  5. shaunkaren

    PIO media power - Can we get Take That out here??

    Ok so far it looks like a private audience with about 8 PIO members - I will happily share Mark!!!! I reckon that Kate could officially 'represent' us poor lost Pommies without our beloved Take That and speak to their media team on our behalf???!!!! Would start a FB page about bringing them to Australia but have absolutley no idea how to do it lol!!! For now I will go on dreaming about Mark.......
  6. Totally trivial topic but wondered whether there were enough Take That fans amongst us that could sign a petition and send it to the official Take That website and get them to come out in concert???!!! Realise this is probably one for the ladies but just think guys if you sign up the lady in your life will always be indebted to you!! I have emailed once but maybe if we can get enough together - social media power may do the trick!! If it doesn't work then I will just have to keep dreaming!!!
  7. shaunkaren

    BBC article "Why we quit Australia for the UK"

    Maybe the future won't be so bleak - with all the Aussie kids getting apprenticeships over here the tables on migration may be turned in years to come!! I really hope the UK sorts itself out as still have lots of friends and family over there struggling and worrying about what is to come, not all of them are in the fortunate position we were in.
  8. shaunkaren

    Just joined Poms in oz

    Welcome and good luck with the move - weird to think I was a newbie a LONG time ago!! Don't get on the site that often as too busy working and (some would comment) partying!!!
  9. shaunkaren

    BBC article "Why we quit Australia for the UK"

    Agree with a large part, except with the fact that it has saved benefit money (maybe for the future though), we only ever received child benefit from the tax man and I have a feeling that that too would be disappearing in the near future - also have a number of POM mates here who also never received a penny and would certainly refute the label of dole bludgers :frown:- between us a substantial amount of tax went into the UK system and is now going into the aussie system, which also manages on the most part to give us a bonus refund at the end of the year. Yes I am aware that the current economic climate will mean more people on the dole in the UK would increase the cost of benefits paid out and also the unemployment figures. The cost of emigrating, if paying for things yourself would make it pretty doubtful that you would be able to afford to do so on benefits on either side of the world, which could also hold back a whole bunch of people who may feel trapped. As for the apprenticeship training and future prospects - definitely one of the main reasons we left. A better future for the kids and ourselves.....hopefully, so far so good.
  10. shaunkaren

    BBC article "Why we quit Australia for the UK"

    Maybe the UK are trying to keep all the skilled labour in the country and have begun to realise that Australia has slowly taken a large number of taxpayers away??
  11. shaunkaren

    Poms in OZ Time Capsule

    Well having just popped on here to reply to a message I need to put in my two penneth worth. I wish that all my family and friends keep happy and healthy and that I can still be sharing many a happy day by the barbie with them. I hope that my children grow up to be responsible young adults and are able to follow their dreams (whatever they may be). I hope my OH finds a job he really enjoys and loves going along to everyday. For myself I hope to have completed a Masters/Post Grad qualification in Youth Mental Health and be hopefully helping to get better resources for Early Intervention for those experiencing their first episode of psychosis. Big hopes and dreams so in five years time I will hopefully be around to tick some of those things off the list. On another note I see myself still living in Melbourne but hopefully in our own home rather than a rental, with the obligitary pool/spa of course!!!
  12. shaunkaren

    Air Asia -Promo flight confusion

    We paid an extra $11 for each leg of the journey for in flight entertainment - in hindsight I should have left it for the first part as we leave at 00.45!!! The only entertainment will be me snoring lol!!
  13. shaunkaren

    choosing your footy team

    We used the ABC rule when choosing our team - Anything But Collingwood!!!! We barrack for Hawks - chosen mainly to wind up a Collingwood fan initially and the choice just stuck.
  14. I would second the above comments, we have been in Melbourne since Jan 10 and absolutely love it (except the weather). I have a couple of friends who are nurses and they have found that they have gone back in time in regards to how nurses are viewed, although attitudes are slowly changing I believe. Check out www.realestate.com.au which will give you ideas on the cost of rentals, we are in Berwick Victoria and find the rents reasonable (about 45 mins from city), the closer you get the more expensive it is. As for making the right decision it really is up to you, come out with as much money as you can though. We had $12k and got by (just) until OH got paid but it wasn't easy. Add to that the stress of settling in, it won't be easy. All that said we made the move for a new adventure and have learn't so much about what we really can do when we put our minds to it - I know that you can do it and survive!! We have made a great bunch of mates and have a better social life here than we ever did in the UK. PM me if you want to know any more, good luck with the decision whatever you decide. Karen x
  15. shaunkaren

    Air Asia -Promo flight confusion

    Travelling back next June and got flight for $580, thought that was a bargain shame it wasn't $400!!! Karen