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  1. lynne1266

    Visitor visa question

    Hi, I am planning a holiday to AU in November and have been online to organise the visitor visa and it asks if we have a current visa, we previously had a 457 visa granted in 2011 and returned to the UK in 2014 and canceled the 457. I am not sure if I have to add this visa to the application or not? TIA Lynne
  2. My answer was in reponse to the original post..I hadn't read any other posts so assumed he meant a straight forward 457 application.
  3. No..my husband was sponsored by an Australian company and I just applied for the 457 without using an agent.
  4. lynne1266

    Date to apply for PR from 457 visa

    Sorry should have worded it a little better...if waiting for the 2yrs :biggrin:
  5. I did our 457 application myself, pretty straight forward.
  6. lynne1266

    Date to apply for PR from 457 visa

    As far as I've been told you have to have been working in Australia for the company sponsoring you for PR for 2 years. Lynne
  7. lynne1266

    How long untill i can apply for PR on a 457 Visa

    Hi, You can apply at any time if you have your trade skills recognised - TRA or VETASSESS Lynne
  8. Sainsbury's, the kebab shop, worchester sauce & Marmite flavoured walkers crisps !!!
  9. Thats a horrible thing to say !!!!!
  10. lynne1266

    Which visa to apply for?

    Hi, You could try going down the sponsorship route. My husband is a panel beater/sprayer and we came over last Sept on a 457 temp visa, after 2 yrs you can apply for PR witout doing trade recognition as you have proved yourself by working here for 2 yrs. Send me a private message if you want some info on the company that my husband works for. Good Luck with it all ! Lynne
  11. lynne1266

    Secret Harbour - thoughts please

    Hi Ian, Personally I wouldn't live in Warnbro at all, Port kennedy has some bad parts as well as good...the golf course side of Port Kennedy is the nicer part but I have to say I'm not sure if I would live there either. Secret Harbour is nice, I wouldn't say I would never live there again, but I do like Singleton. As for crime I think there is more as you get closer to Rockingham, nothing too serious that I've heard of. Schools ???!!! I don't know what the schools are like in Warnbro I'm affraid but because I'm not keen on the areas I wouldn't choose to send mine there. Lynne
  12. lynne1266

    Secret Harbour - thoughts please

    We arrived in WA last Sept. and rented in Secret Harbour until June this year. Its a lovely place with really nice people in it but...It's too much like the Stepford Wives for me..lol I moved to Singleton and it feels more like a proper WA suburb...not that I'm an expert though !! Both my children still go to Comet Bay Primary & Collage Lynne
  13. lynne1266

    apprentice hairdresser needs sponsor

    It's a certificate you get at college for a course that you do NATIONAL VOCATIONAL QUALIFICATION