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  1. Elliott-Family

    Barista course

    i didnt have to but having learnt how to make decent coffee i wanted a decent machine lol, no didnt get a job out of it, im now doing working a home care assistant in the community and currently doing a personal care assistant course so a little different claire
  2. Elliott-Family

    Barista course

    Hiya I did the course at Chisholm in Rosebud, think it was around $90 but well worth it, oh except i then HAD to go and buy a new coffee machine lol Great course and learnt loads Claire x
  3. Whooopeeee - i just checked mine online and get in on Tuesday :laugh: Claire x
  4. Elliott-Family


    great for shopping :wink:
  5. Elliott-Family

    ANZAC day

    Our son was part of the parade at Mornington, very proud day for us and a beautiful moving service Claire x
  6. Elliott-Family

    Pet Pictures

    My puppies enjoying the beach at mornington A collage i made of them Claire x
  7. Elliott-Family

    Beaches in Australia.

    Mount Martha Beach, Vic Birdrock Beach, Vic
  8. Elliott-Family

    The Wearing of Ugg boots in Australia

    Wear them! I have Ugg Warmers on mine lol and constantly get stopped and told how good they look, i do sometimes wear mine as slippers, nothing nicer when its cold but im also quite happy to wear them out and about Claire x
  9. Elliott-Family

    taking our beloved doggy to shippers tomorrow!!!!!

    :grumpy1 i feel your pain, i was gutted when i left our two with golden arrow, however they were fantastic and both my dogs arrived in melbourne safe and well, we visited twice a week for four weeks, hour and half there, hour and half visit and hour and half home, hard work but worth it. Bringing them home was the best day ever. Yours will be fine Good luck with it all Claire x
  10. Elliott-Family

    Two-minute distraction!!! Exciting!!!

    i am happy to donate my organs but still feel irritated that Australia wont have my blood :animal-bat: claire x
  11. Elliott-Family

    Crating a Chocolate Lab

    hiya We crated both of ours as puppies and they really loved it, just use it as a safe place where they can relax, we used to put them in to start with for a few mins at a time, it had bedding and some toys and we always used to leave a little treat in it, we also used it to get them used to being left alone, once they happy in it start popping out of the room, first for a few mins and them longer. We also had a very strict rule that puppies crates were their santuary and if in it they were not to be fussed or stroked it was their place for time out. I also believe you should never ever put them in it for punishment, if our were ever naughty they used to get time out in another room but never in the crate. Our first dog always slept in it until a year old even with the door open and we used to store old towels etc on the top, when we got our next puppy she waltzed into the house and into the bed in the crate, our first one too umbrage to this and started sleeping on the top so in effect they had bunk beds lol Claire x
  12. As above, admit you did wrong and apologise and you should be fine (or not LOL) me and DH both got let off our first one Claire x
  13. Elliott-Family

    ifs, buts ,and maybees

    We were more scared of sitting in the UK in our eighties saying "we wished we had moved to Australia" than moving to a different country and trying it. As it happens we LOVE it here, best move we ever made Claire x
  14. Elliott-Family

    HELP! Families with children - does Oz REALLY offer more?

    I would say go for it, We both worked full time in UK and had very little left over at the end of the month and rarely went out. I now only work a day a week and we spend sooo much more time with out 13 year old, Life for him is fab and he has flourished here. We have recently bought a boat and love spending days on the water as a family and with his mates having a laugh. My husband is on a nurses wage and we are much better off, we are only renting at present, we lost all our equity in our house before we moved so only came with a tiny budget but dont regret moving for a second Good Luck Claire x
  15. Elliott-Family

    After positive things about oz plz

    We've been here just over a year now and we live in Vic, what else can I say other than we absolutely love it!!!! :biggrin: Best thing we've done. When I change the cost of things back in pounds some things are expensive but why do that?? I earn in dollars and buy in dollars so now we dont bother exchanging back. I have put updates on this site of 6months and a year so if you can have a flick thro. It's normal to wobble but if you don't come you'll never know if it's for you. My 13yr old son loves it too which is a bonus. We all miss friends and family but not the UK as such. I think there's more opportunity here and certainly we have a better standard of living. I'm a psychiatric nurse and we have much better financially here than in UK on just my wage. In UK both me and my wife were working f/t and we still struggled. If you need any more info just ask good luck Ian