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  1. kissofthegypsy

    Kidney Transplant and Visa!!

  2. kissofthegypsy

    Kidney Transplant and Visa!!

    No they are subsidised so you dont pay full price but they are not concessional for me, ie centrelink, disability, veterans etc. Script for one box of Anti Rej drugs is 39.50 which is max for a script. Just I have a few of them. Price without the subsidy is about 160. I would imagine the risk of needing another transplant in the future would be the main concern not just the cost of the meds.
  3. kissofthegypsy

    How to watch British TV in Australia

    I have an IPTV service which I use through KODI on my PC and through an Nvidia Shield box in my media room/TV, costs me 60 quid a year and is awesome. Obviously timing is lousy and I havent worked out how to record but its great for the UK sports
  4. kissofthegypsy

    Kidney Transplant and Visa!!

    Just for reference, my transplant drugs cost approximately $400 per month max, mine are Liver and I pay the costs myself, no concessions.
  5. kissofthegypsy

    Chapel Hill - Friend Search

    Hi everyone, its been ages since i have been on here, life is good in sunny Queensland :-) My friend from the UK is searching for one of her Nans friends, the post is below if anyone has any information, Chapel Hill area. Thanks Sean
  6. kissofthegypsy

    job after landing

    When you send in a CV (Resume) chase it up with the agent the same day so it puts you on their radar as half of them wont call you back and most of the jobs on seek are gone or cv gathering. Linkedin is the new seek, upfate your profile, agencies use linked in to advertise now as there is less red tape and they can get an add (or post to their profile a lot quicker). Search for Brisbane Recruitment, send a linked in request with a short message, then follow your feed. I find it easier to get in with an agent who has a speciality in your field. Arrange to meet a number of agent before you get here and catch up with them straight away, Hays are ok (charge rates are high) but they are in the med field a lot. Government run a panel now so find out which agencies are on their panel or you will be spammed by agencies on the off chance they can get you in. M&T Resources, TEKSystems and U&U are good although the later three boutique with specialist roles. Hays would be my first attempt as they cover a lot of admin roles too if you need something quick.
  7. kissofthegypsy

    What's Brisbane really like?

    Commutable, rent is expensive within the 8km circle around Brissy. Not too bad further out but then you hit the Rhyl like areas for a fair distance, no offence to anyone who lives there, but Eagleby, Woodridge, Beenleigh, some areas of Logan. You can go inland, travel in can be shit though. From Ormeau down is ok but an hour on the train, but close to beach and theme parks. I hate the CBD as after a day working in it I want to not look at it. I work on the coast now which after 7 years is awesome. As everyone has said, the longer here the more of a weather slut you become, I love the heat, this time of year tho I find it cold in the mornings and my office is baltic. The lights turn off at about 51pam which I hate, sun goes down in about 15 minutes, the quicker they allow us to trial daylight savings the better (poor cows). Winter clothes definitely, no tie for the office, usually shirt and trousers, too warm in summer for suit jackets. You could look to live north of Brissy, just avoid the Bruce highway and the train can take forever depending on how far you go up. There are nice places around Brissy tho too.
  8. kissofthegypsy

    Cost of living

    Hi I have been on the coast for 8 years now. As others mentioned, no council tax it is expensive enough. Most of these depend on the house size and what it comes with (ie pool) Car insurance about 300 per year, Ford Kuga full comp. Mobile phone, mine enables me to call UK anytime, unlimited calls and messages and 25gb of data which i need for work (its a lot) and thats 175 a month. Wifes is less than 100. I personally dont think rent is the same, we have a 5 bed on corner block with pool and pay 590 a week. Cheaper for less, they are building lots of owner rentals and they got for between 350 and 450 a week, not much garden, corrugated fencing, etc. nice houses all the same. Big diff for me is grocery shopping, I have just come back from UK and tesco is a god send, over here I do find things to be more expensive. Depending on the size of your family, make sure you allow enough, at least 300 per week. Electricity, dont get me started, captive audience, they keep pushing the prices up, elon musk has promised to build a battery plant which affords cheaper electricity, we need it. Solar helps but large discounts have been taken up. We have to clean our pool each day, our bill is over 1000 a quarter. We have unlimited fibre to the kerb internet, 30mbps and is 100 per month. Dont have home phone anymore, mobiles take care of that. Petrol again, we are at the beck and call of the oil fields and have peaks and troughs, I found some for 1.05 per litre the other day, it can be around 1.40, it is cheaper on certain days. Car wise, anything german is expensive, also cant believe a performance ford can be 70k but depends on what your budget is, we bough a top of the range kuga second hand for 25. Weather is free :-) and I love the gold coast.
  9. kissofthegypsy


    Nah, last time was when you looked after us after we landed. Been in Coomera Waters ever since. Sean
  10. kissofthegypsy


    Still no public transport Cal lol, its only been 8 years since I was there, glad to see things are moving so fast lol
  11. kissofthegypsy


    Never had a problem with uber, I tend to use drivers I know and a lot of friends do it so its safe for me. As much as the uber drivers cop it, they get some shit too, good thing is payment is already made so it takes the stop and run mob out of the game. On the goldy, normally just drugged up tweens causing shit with them. The non uber drivers get into a lot more crap, to be honest, pub transport employees deserve a medal some of the crap they have to put up with on a daily basis here.
  12. Hi. Im 44 and been here 8 years but have some health issues. Is it possible to extract early from the UK state pension if you are under ill health? Thanks Sean
  13. kissofthegypsy

    10 Years ,wow, time flies !

    Well done CalNGary, I remember you meeting me (Sean) off the plane nearly 7.5 years ago and hooking us up with somewhere to stay in Jimboomba before we moved to Coomera Waters.
  14. kissofthegypsy

    457 Visa - A Warning

    We took a 457 to get us here and then QH sponsored us for PR after 6 months. When I was looking around, no one mentioned that my 457 was restrictive and in my specialist field I found a job pretty easily. That was nearly 5 years ago though and I know since then the government has pricked up the ears of employers with the many changes they have made to the visa since I obtained one. Everyones situation is different and reasons for moving most definitely are, I know people who have emmigrated and returned before their container arrived, others like myself find that working over here and building a network of opportunities is a s fruitful as you make it, but granted to the OP, you need to be able to get a steady foot in the market to get that chance. Sorry it didnt work out.
  15. kissofthegypsy

    Cost of Living expectations

    lo,, we bought the cats when we lived in a unit, always wanted dogs so when we moved, bought two beautiful labs :-) Cute tho :-)