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  1. Thank you for your reply. I've discovered it was with Zurich but Mum is not going to look into it any further until after the funeral next week. I'm just so worried as she's so vulnerable right now and I'm not there to help. When I know more I'd greatly appreciate more input. x x x x
  2. Thankyou for your replies I'm just trying to think ahead. Did the private pension offer a payout instead of the half pension Wakeboard?
  3. Hi all, my 66 year old step dad passed away unexpectedly in the UK this week. I desperately need advice on the following: - Private pension. He was self employed and paid into a private pension. do they pay out to next of kin or any advice about the please? -sticks and shares. What happens with them if they're in deceased name? - Gas/elec bills. Now mum is in her own do they do a scheme for 40 pound a month for the whole year around for unlimited gas and electric? any other information you'd like to share regarding financial status to assist loved ones please feel free. unfortunately we are not in a position to return and naturally devastated. J x
  4. ozzbound

    Oz Citizenship - Identity Declaration - Known people?

    Do you have kids? What about their teacher?
  5. Well done. Wished I had seen this thread earlier. We had major issues with convictions but are here. Honesty is the best policy
  6. ozzbound

    Australian Citizenship.

    I was born in the UK and aged 2 moved to Aus with parents. When I was 14 Mum and I returned to the UK. Due to the circumstances, my parents did not get me citizenship or 'naturalised'. I then spent 10 years of my adult life researching and gathering evidence to return! We returned when I was 37 and we have been here 3 years. I will be definately getting my citizenship for myself and the family as I do not want them to have to go through what I did to return. Here's to citizenship!!
  7. ozzbound

    Bloody Parents

    What I have noticed is that back in the UK where I lived a lot of younger parent(s) seemed to think of their kids as a pest, annoying and getting in the way of their lives. I have seen too many times parent(s) ignore, swear at, scream in the faces of their kids and its so sad. One example was a very young girl with a trolley full of beer (much cheaper in UK) dragging her daugther through Tesco when the daugther asks "Can I have a Kit-Kat, Mum?" when the 'mother' screams back "No you f*#^(@g can't, I got no money". I was just stunned and lost for words. Getting back on track, you did the right thing, had you helped the kid you would have been in the wrong for that too. Why was it your responsibility to help? Like you said if the kid was in danger you would have stepped in. To be honest, I prefered to sit or stand a distance away but within sight of what is going on. That way you can watch them sort out their issues and assist if in danger not rely on others to parent your child. This is just my opinion. Well done to you for tackling that rude woman too!!!
  8. ozzbound

    Next Direct (Next online)

    Target is not cheap either. I am surprised at their jumpers for this season, same as every season since god knows when... very dated and just horrible! I have had to take some items back recently also. Got daughter 2 tops and they both shrunk very badly the assistant said she handwashes hers??? it didn't say to do that on the label and they advertise that everything is 'tested' beforehand... not convinced at all, maybe on kids school clothes. Rant over!!!!
  9. We had a very reluctant 16 year old being dragged here diggin in her heels and now 19, she would not return to the UK at all!!! Bloody kids, I love our life here and I am so pleased she loves it too. She has a better life and many more opportunities than she would have back in the UK. I'm so proud of her for making the effort and making something of her life. You did the right thing bringing everyone out here to look around its so different to looking on the internet or at pictures. I wish you all the luck in the world and fingers crossed it all works out for you
  10. Obsessive daughter turns 14 on saturday and we missed out on tickets for the concert I wanted to get her some items from Ebay but I forgot the password and its blocked me out... tried all the help steps and its not budging!! Has anyone seen any stuff anywhere in Melbourne? I have tomorrow - Friday - to find some :GEEK: The new sydney shop doesn't ship stuff out either.... Booooo
  11. ozzbound

    Working Visa with a criminal record

    Hello and welcome. Did you declare it on your application that you had a conviction? Was it a conviction or did you just get a caution with it being a small bit?I am sure you will be fine, its minor.
  12. I didn't need to transfer anything to be an aide, the other jobs i am interested in are with the government and require a definate qualification - one that they don't do in UK and after speaking to HR they suggested I get my qualifications assessed to give a clear Australian qualification equivalent although timewise it may be quicker to complete the course As for the training transcripts, I am not sure i still have them... they may be in the UK
  13. Been here 3 years this year and working as an aide for a pittance.... Anyway, I have found other work I would like to do but they all want Disability Certificate IV. I have looked at the course outline on the TAFE sites and the HLTA I got in UK is similar or above but I need the qualification transferring anyone help or point me in the right direction of where to contact?? Thankyou :yes:
  14. ozzbound

    Getting our rental sprayed?

    The only thing we had to provide in Victoria was a receipt to show we had the carpets steam cleaned. I have not read anything about spraying?? You could try the Mortein Bombs or something similar. Hope you get it worked out!!
  15. ozzbound

    How many of you would return to the UK ???

    It would take more than that for me to do it. Just don't feel safe there, don't want my kids there and have lived in the south but more so in the north its the same everywhere - I just do not want to be there anymore. I know there are rough places here, I know that there are problems here, but not to the extent the UK has sadly become