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      1. Work with industry leaders and the latest equipment National training budget for all employees Brisbane-based Our client is Australia's largest diesel fuel injection and turbocharger company with 11 branches across Australia. The Position Reporting to the Branch Manager and working with a team of skilled technicians, you will be responsible for servicing and repairing fuel injection pumps and injectors. Skills Duties will include: Disassemble, clean and inspect pumps and injectors Repair, service and calibrate components Accurately record and report job details The Person Our client is looking for an experienced technician who is honest and reliable. Other requirements include: Minimum 7 years (post apprenticeship) pump room experience Ability to show on-going and recent Bosch training certificates Ability to repair all current FI pumps (including all Bosch inline pumps & governors, P-size, Bosch & Denso common rail, EP44s) Experience using EPS815 and AVMPC2 Diagnostic skills The ability to work unsupervised Experience in organising service jobs would be highly regarded. Remuneration will be based on skills and industry experience. This position is permanent full-time and can include employer sponsorship (457 visa) for the successful applicant. If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, please send me a private message for my contact details. John Young - Recruitment Specialist AMVL International Recruitment
      2. Some of Australia's top restaurateurs are warning their businesses are being put at risk due to an extreme skills shortage in hospitality that is being exacerbated by the Federal Government's drastic changes to the 457 visa program. The changes, announced in April, will abolish the pathway to permanent residency for key roles including restaurant managers, bakers and cooks. The hospitality industry relies on foreign workers to fill certain roles Business owners have said that the changes mean a level of uncertainty that will jeopardise their plans for expansion — and ultimately impinge on the quality and diversity of the Australian dining scene. Celebrity chef Neil Perry has about 3,000 staff across dozens of restaurants, including Rockpool, Jade Temple and Rosetta in Sydney, about a third of whom are on some kind of temporary work or student visa. "[Workers on 457 visas] are super important for the restaurant industry because there are skills we need to bring in, both back- and front-of-house, in cooking, service [and] sommeliers," he said. He said he had always sought to employ Australian staff in those positions, but it was not always possible to find the right skillset. "It means we have to reflect on [any possible] expansion — can we or can't we. [With the] labour market saying [it] can't supply any more, we have to rethink what we're planning to do." Nino Zoccali, who runs Italian restaurant Pendolino in central Sydney, said the mood in the industry since the announcement had been dire. "Everybody is talking about key staff leaving and not wanting to stay because of the changes to the rules." He said 70 per cent of his front-of-house managers were on a 457 visa. Full article at
      3. Onshore Visa Advice - 189 & 457

        Hi, I'm very new to the forum and looking for some advice on visa's. I'm currently in Australia and have been here since Mid June on a working holiday visa, but now I would like to make the switch to a PR visa if possible but I'm worried about the processing times. I am an accountant with 70 points (provided English test goes well) and will hope to lodge my EOI by November, delay as it takes 4 weeks to get a date for the Pearson English test and then another 4 weeks to get my skills assessment so I probably wouldn't be ready until then. Although I would be applying to get this visa as a single applicant it seems like the current wait time for someone with my points is somewhere between 9-12 months, purely based on this forum. But as I'm with an employer now and there is potential to get sponsored by them, would it be possible to continue with the 189 on my own even if being sponsored? As ideally I would like to be free from the hold of any employer. It may sound bizarre but I would like to sort my own PR asap so I am free to move jobs if I wish to. Does anyone know if I could continue to await my EOI if I were sponsored? As I am only allowed work for one employer a maximum of 6 months, I would need to be sponsored to stay on with my current employer beyond the 6 month period. Also if I wasn't sponsored and didn't get my EOI before June 2018 when my working holiday visa is up, is it possible to return on once my EOI is released? I know I would automatically go on to a bridging visa if I were to receive my EOI during my working holiday visa but with the current wait times for EOI, it may not be possible to remain in Oz. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sam
      4. Hi all, This new tax law that commences on the 1st of July when claiming DASP for 417 visa holders has got me worried. When I moved her 7 years ago I held a 417 visa for a year. I then got sponsored and have been on this 457 visa for nearly 6 years. I'm hearing conflicting information on what I will be taxed on my super when I leave Australia. I rang the ATO today and got a lot of responses such as "I think" and "maybe" to my questions. My main question is will I get charged the full 65% on all my super even though I have been on a 457 for 6 years or will I only be charged the 65% for the contributions I made while on the 417. This could mean the difference in thousands of dollars for me
      5. Working offsite on 457 Visa

        Hey guys, Not sure if anyone can shed any light on my situation. I'm currently sponsored as a recruitment consultant on a 457 visa. At the time my visa was lodged my employer wasn't (and still isn't) eligible to be a nominated sponsor. So instead I am sponsored by a 3rd party company and I work offsite with my actual employer - I hope this makes sense. As I have signed a full time permanent contract with both parties I was under the impression that I would be considered in the yes of immigration that I have been working in the same role I was sponsored as, and accrue the 2 years to make me eligible to apply for PR. I am about 21 months into this role so should be eligible to apply soon, but after checking with the 3rd party company that actually sponsors me - they think that I haven't accrued any time in the eyes of immigration to count towards a PR employer nominated application?? My actual employer where i work, seems to disagree and wants to help me get PR asap. I understand this is a little complex but if anyone can shed any light it would make me feel heaps better. I cant call immigration because they're not accepting incoming calls at this time - too many people calling about the visa changes I imagine. Thanks Duncan.
      6. By Robert Williams Email: admin[at] 04/05/2017 In a speech given at the McKell Institute, the Leader of the Opposition,Bill Shorten has vowed to ramp up the fees for controversial temporary work visas (such as the 457) in a bid to make sure Australian employers firstly seek to employ local workers before turning their attention overseas. At the same time, Bill Shorten also pledged to establish and implement a new visa to ensure Australia remains an attractive proposition for the 'best and brightest' talent. In the speech, Labor has promised not to ratify any trade deals that forgo labour market testing and they have also pledged to establish an independent labour market testing body that would restrict temporary workers’ visas to skills shortages. These announcements come less than a month after the Prime Minister announced plans to abolish the 457 visa in March 2018 and replace it with the new Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) Visa in addition to slashing over 200 occupations from the list of eligble skilled occupations. "We’ll no longer let 457 visas be passports to jobs that could and should go to Australians”, commented the PM at the time. However, the Leader of the Opposition said the Federal Govt's changes were a "con job". “Malcolm Turnbull’s proposed changes to 457 visas are little more than a con job that barely make a difference,” “Under the Liberals, too many local workers are being left at the back of the queue for local jobs.” said Bill Shorten. Under the opposition's plan, the cost of a 2 year visa would sore from $575 AUD a year to approximately $1,600 AUD per year or $6,400 AUD for the 4 year visa. This change would represent an increase to 3% of the temporary skilled migration income threshold, with the additional funds raised being directed to a training fund. Describing the policy, Bill Shorten said “This is a strong price signal to employers that they should be looking for local workers first,” “Under Labor, putting local workers first won’t just be fairer – it will be cheaper.” Running along side this, Labor would roll out a new “Smart” visa for what it calls world leaders in science, medicine, academia, research and technology to ensure highly skilled migrants were still attracted to Australia. An Australian Skills Authority would have a remit for producing a single skills shortage occupations list and advise the government of the day on current skills shortages and future skills requirements.
      7. By Robert Williams 03/05/2017 Email admin[at] India’s Prime Minister has voiced his reservations to the Australian PM about the Government’s recent decision to phase out and replace the 457 visa next year. India was perturbed by the Federal Govt’s announcement last month that the popular 457 visa would be stopped in 2018 and replaced and replaced with the completely new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa which will assist businesses in addressing bona fide skill shortages. The TSS Visa is a four year visa is your occupation is on the Medium and Long term Strategic Skilled List (MLTSSL) or two years is your occupation isn't on the MLTSSL The Australian PM described the changes as being “in the national interest”. At present, Indian nationals make up a quarter of 457 visa holders - the most of any nationality. India had hinted the move to replace it could affect trade negotiations, which the two countries had only just pledged to revive during Mr Turnbull’s recent India visit in early April. Now, according to India’s Ministry of External Affairs, Mr Modi himself has “expressed concern” to Mr Turnbull about the possible impact of visa changes. In response to the announced Visa changes, India’s Ministry of External Affairs issued a terse statement, saying that it was “examining the consequences” of the new policy, adding that it would look at the matter “in the context” of trade negotiations. Elsewhere, Anisha Gupta, an Indian migration has suggested that Visa changes will damage Australia’s longer-term ability to attract both skilled workers and students with an eye to their futures. “I’m receiving a lot of calls from the applicants, as well as the people who have already applied for the visa — how will that affect them?” she said. (Current visa holders will not be affected by the changes, which will see the introduction of two new temporary skills visas — a two-year visa and a more specialised one for four years “targeted at higher skills”.) Ms Gupta warns changing the visa system will likely hurt Australian universities’ efforts to attract Indian students, especially those seeking degrees in the 200 professions the Government is removing from the list of those eligible for skilled worker visas. That would affect the students if they think their occupations are out of the list, so they might choose another country which has a more favourable immigration policy for them,” she said.
      8. Does anyone know whether there is a list of approved sponsors for the 457 visa, or whether there was anyway in which I could check to see if a company is approved to sponsor overseas workers? Thanks in advance
      9. Hello everyone, Just hoping anyone can assist me with below enquiry. My husband is applying for 457 visa at the moment. As a secondary applicant, I am not sure if I need to provide IELTS as well? My friend told me if I cannot prove my English skill, then my visa will be granted with certain condition,such as I won't be allowed to work full time in Australia. Is this true? Many thanks in advance
      10. Hi Everyone, My husband has applied for a Bricklaying job with Mcdonald Jones who are offering 457 sponsorship. I was wondering if anyone else has applied with them and if so whether everything went through smoothly or not? Thanks in Advance
      11. 457 De Facto Partner visa

        Hi, Just looking on some advice on this as despite numerous Google searches we're struggling to find a definitive requirement list for De Facto Partners on a 457 visa. My boyfriend has just been offered sponsorship on a 457 visa, to start in March which is when my working holiday visa runs out. I plan to leave the country and re-enter on a tourist visa for three months whilst we sort out our de facto application. The main point we really want clarification on which we can't find in official terms on the internet is if the de facto requirement on a 457 is 6 months of being in a relationship rather than the 12 required for de facto normally? And for the 457 is this 6 months together or 6 months living together? In May we will have been living together 6 months (although our names aren't on the lease so I'm hoping a lead tenant statement and personal letters are enough?), and in June we will have been together for 12 months. We are considering registering our relationship as it seems this is enough to ensure that de facto sponsorship goes through - is that correct? We don't have joint bills or many official documents showing we are together currently,but we are planning to open a joint bank account soon. We have photos, whatsapp and messenger records for the past 12 months, flight tickets for trips and loads of friends we've made in Australia who can vouch for our relationship, but will this be enough? I'm terrified of being stuck in England (both of our home) whilst he is here working!! Any advice would be great, particularly clarification on the 6/12 months together/living together, the benefit of registering a relationship and whether the evidence and length of our relationship seems enough for the de facto visa to be granted. Thanks so much!
      12. 457 Visa & Student Visa

        Hello, My question is, me and my friend came to Australia on student visa, luckly my friend applied for job and he got the job, now the company is ready to offer 457 Visa but the problem is in his CV, when he applied for Visa he showed the different experience and to his employer he showed different experience which is real. If he apply for 457 Visa and provide genuine experience will the case officer verify and check his previous CV? if yes will it effect in his student visa if 457 visa get refuse.
      13. Hi, I have been searching on the Australian immigration page for some time and cannot find the answer to my question so I am hoping someone can help. I am currently on a 457 visa but wish to leave Australia for around 6 months to travel. Is it possible to do this and then return to my current job and visa? My workplace is happy for me to take my trip - I just need to enure that its possible on my visa and that I can return to work for them. Whilst I am away I would only receive part of my holiday pay, then the rest would be classes as un-paid work. Has anyone else traveled for an extended period outside of Australia on their 457 visa? Thanks for your help.
      14. HELP: De facto to a 457 Visa

        Hi I have been looking through all of these threads and was wondering if anyone could help. My partner has been offered sponsorship in Sydney on a 457 visa, and I am looking to go as his de facto. I am aware there is a lot of evidence you need to give regarding this but I need to know how long we need to be together to class as de facto for this visa- 6 or 12 months? I looked a couple months back and it said you only had to show 6 months, however I can not find this any more the immi websites just says "For a de facto partner, the relationship needs to have existed for six or 12 months before you lodge the application. The length of the de facto relationship depends on the visa you are applying for.For a de facto partner, the relationship needs to have existed for six or 12 months before you lodge the application. The length of the de facto relationship depends on the visa you are applying for." But it will not tell me what visas are for what length of time... We have only been together for 7 months (so you can understand my concern) Also would any one know if it would be accepted if I went out on a tourist visa and lived there with him for an extended period of time to rack our months up? He has a well paying job and I have savings, and therefore we have the potential to do this. Would this be ok in the eyes of the Australian government? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!
      15. Hi, looking to move across asap from Aberdeen to Perth on 457 Visa sponsored by company looking to join. Process seems pretty lengthy, I will update progress in the correct section, but we've been appointed a visa specialist at Fragomen, and we have someone to help us at Kent relocation, and have had a wee look on Domain at places to stay. my first question, does anyone know if it's feasible to commute by bike from CBD to Canning Vale, are there cycle lanes, and is it very hilly?
      16. 457 Visa - A Warning

        Beware ! The 457 visa is a big black mark on your CV.....yes I know 457s 'can' work just like everyone else, and that you 'can' switch employers while on a 457, but be warned - employers ask for your nationality and residency status on their application forms, and if you're a 457 you automatically go to the bottom of the list. They MUST demonstrate that they are unable to find your skill set in a suitable Australian in order to hire you. It also means that if your company loses contracts etc or sees a downturn - guess who's nearest the door ? We came here on a 457 because my ex-employer said they were expecting rapid expansion in the market. it didn't happen. My wife paid $20k for a course of study - which took her 9 months of hard yakka - to qualify herself for an Australian public sector job, then Queensland sacked 5000 people, flooding the market with Australians. On a 457, she cannot compete. Now we find ourselves on the countdown to departure. My wife's qualification, naturally, does not qualify her to work in the UK.....without another $$$$$ course of study ker-ching thanks very much. If you're in a stable situation and happy with your work, and you're offered a position in Oz on a 457.....beware. Insist on a company-sponsored PR visa, and if refused ask them why - does it smell like a good reason, or were they trying to bring you over for the short term ? If they will only offer a 457, demand that they commit in writing to sponsoring you for PR after 2 years if you are still with them - no quibble. If they refuse, it's a stitch-up. If it doesn't work out, you're at the back of the jobs queue, and on a 90-day clock, at the end of which it's "thanks for all your work now **** off"........
      17. Hi, Is it possible to track the progress of a 457 visa application online during stage 2? The application has been made through a migration agent, I've logged onto the immigration tracking site and when I import an application using my details I get 'no matching results found'. I contacted the MA and they said 'the only way to track your application is to directly call the case officer or the immigration department.' Is this correct? Many thanks, Matt.
      18. Senior Truck Mechanic (Scania)

        We are currently seeking a trade qualified heavy vehicle mechanic with extensive experience in Scania trucks, ideally based or willing to locate to Toowoomba, Queensland. Company Our client is is recognised as an established and progressive truck dealership. In view of their continuing business growth, they are looking to recruit highly qualified, trained, and experienced senior truck mechanics to lead the workshop. Role Your responsibilities and duties will include: Carrying out general servicing, maintenance and repairs; Diagnosing mechanical and electrical faults; Replacing/rebuilding engines as required; Training apprentices and providing technical support to fellow mechanics; and Attending regular training to update skills with new technologies. Ideal Candidate Fully qualified mechanic (heavy vehicle certified); Solid employment history in the same industry; Self-motivated, with good communication and interpersonal skills; Able to lead and direct other mechanics. Benefits The company offers competitive remuneration and benefit packages, as well as continuous training and development opportunities. 457 visa sponsorship is available for highly qualified and experienced candidates requiring it. Local and onshore candidates who are immediately available will be given priority.
      19. Hi, hope somebody can help me here. I'm a British guy and been offered a role at one of the biggest banks in AUS, good salary and full relocation package. However HR have been pretty lax with getting their correct paperwork over to the legal agent doing the 457 submission, and as a result the submission has been delayed by 2 weeks, and my timelines are tight enough as it is. my question is this, is there any realistic chance given that this company are sponsoring and arranging my visa, that it can be rejected? i have no negatives on any kind of record, nationally or internationally.
      20. Good Morning All At the time of applying for a 457 visa (after the approved sponsor employer has received confirmation of his/her nomination ap) I am to understand one must engage in a blood test and urine test. I am to understand the blood test is for the detection of illnesses such as Hep C and the urine test for diabetes. If marijuana is smoked and it is subsequently still in your system at the time of these tests, will it compromise the 457 visa app? Would one receive any notification of this or will it in any way hinder one's ability to be approved for a 457 visa? If someone knows the answer to this it would be highly appreciated. Kind Regards
      21. Hi all I hope you can help again.....these forums have been great. I move to Melbourne in early June on a a 457 VISA. As part of my 457 Visa application, I have to have a private medical insurance policy for all my family. I've been looking into this with BUPA, IMAN NIB etc and for a fairly comprehensive cover it is looking like a pretty eye watering $500-$600 per month or so. If I need to take this out, as I want to be well covered, then I'm happy to bite the bullet. However the piece I am struggling to understand is the Medicare Levy and the Medicare Levy Surcharge. Our family income will be above the income threshold resulting in a 1.5% levy. It is my understanding that under reciprocal arrangements, that we would qualify for Medicare. What I don't want to do is face a double whammy of paying a Medicare Levy and MLS AND pay the private health insurance on top. I have a couple of specific questions: 1. Am I right in saying that if I have the private health insurance (which is a requirement of my VISA anyway) that I am fully exempt from the Medicare Levy and or MLS? 2. If not, then presumably i just want to take out basic cover (as I am Medicare covered) with some extras such as Ambulance and Dental Covers as extras? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
      22. Be aware This is the longest thread ever..and not interesting to most people!!but it would have been to me if someone had written it before I left lol xx I'm a mental health nurse and my husband has various unskilled work experience. This is our journey of arriving in sydney in July 2013 on a 457 visa. In October 2012 when I had been qualified for one year i contacted HealthStaffRecruitment. I applied to Ahpra in November and got letter of eligibility 8 weeks later. HealthStaffRecruitment arranged an interview for me with New South Wales Health in London in December and I was offered a full time post with 457 visa sponsorship in a new hospital in Sydney, the Concord Centre for Mental Health. All paperwork, visas etc were complete by April. We flew with Emirates/Quantas via Dubai and Perth from Newcastle costing £1300, that included one night stay over in a Dubai hotel and transfer from airport. We were allowed 30kgs each and one carry on bag each of 7kgs plus an extra handbag for laptop/documents was allowed. The flight from Dubai was late leaving so we arrived in Perth late, that resulted in us missing our connecting flight, however it was no problem and we were booked on another one a couple of hours later. We arrived in Sydney close to midnight and missed our transfer so we paid for a taxi to the staff accommodation where we were staying in Concord which is about 10km west from Sydney centre, it cost $80. The flights were great, we ordered special meals and they were beautiful! Service was exceptional and entertainment was good. They are strict with hand luggage weights, they carried out random checks just as people were boarding the plane and some people had to leave things behind despite being told at check in it would be ok I had previously asked how much an extra 25kg bag would be and was told with 30%discount it would be £ I down sized my wardrobe! We saved £6000 for coming, we changed it for dollars with ICE which gave best rate at the time and free next day delivery. You can take up to $10000 in cash without declaring it so we we chose to carry it on us. We opened a bank account with Westpac and deposited the money, we needed Passports, an address and at least $20 to deposit. They set up online banking and gave us a statement/letter too which was great for proof of address for other things. We collected the cards and pin numbers from the bank 2 days later. There is no overdraft and to have one there is a monthly fee and other banks appeared to be the same. They offered us a loan while we were there which we refused. The staff accommodation was only $70 a week but we wanted our own place. We looked at places within the budget of $300 to $400 a week and within 5km of work. There was lots available, studios, one bed and two bed units, furnished and unfurnished. Estate agents said we just had to check on line for viewing times and turn up, however 3 hours into our search we saw an ad on gumtree for a furnished place we liked for $400 a week, we had missed the viewing so we called and it was an estate agent, he asked if we wanted to view straight away, it was beautiful, big balcony, all newly fitted and huge for a one bedroom with secure underground parking, we loved it. We filled in paperwork, paid a total of $2400 which was the bond (4weeks rent) and 2 weeks rent in advance. Don't pay agent fees, council tax or water rates. We were given the option to pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly, whatever we liked. We did give names of previous landlord however this was not checked, all we needed was ID, print out of visa and my job offer letter stating my salary.That was it, we moved in after less than one morning of looking! We live in Burwood now, 10 mins bus ride to work and 15 minute train journey to CBD. I found renting here a lot more straightforward than in the UK, they also don't come to check the property every 3 or 6 months like they did in UK. I feel safe here too which is important I went into Sydney city centre to finalise Ahpra registration and was charged $20 per hour parking! I didn't have an appointment just turned up with passport, eligibility letter, print out of visa and proof of address. We took a seat while the lady at the desk done a final police check and after few minutes that was it. I didn't pay anymore money and was told renewal was due 31st may 2014 as is with all nurses. Later that afternoon I got an email saying registration was complete, it gave log in details for Ahpra website and in 4 to 6 weeks they will post out certificate. Went to Vodafone and got a Samsung galaxy express for $40 a month, get unlimited free texts in Australia and internationally, $250 worth of calls a month and 500mb of Internet data which is plenty for us as we rarely use the phone, we just wanted it for a work contact and my mum likes a daily text! Signal has been great with Vodafone. Dodo was cheaper with free unlimited access to Facebook, twitter, etc but they wouldn't give us a contract without 6months proof of banking in Australia. They have 4G here too. Applied for TFN numbers online which was easy, need passport number and address. They gave a ref number to use till TFN's arrived in post, we got ours in 10days. Home Internet is different to UK, not really any good unlimited offers and more expensive, virgin appears best so far but we haven't got Internet yet as I cant find a good deal for us There is loads of free wifi spots around though. The weather is beautiful, i liken it to a Scottish summers morning on a good day, bright and sunny but also nice fresh feeling, can be cool in the shade. It's not cold in the flat even though we have no heating, i usually wake up too hot, it can get cooler at night but nothing a cuppa and a onesie cant fix RTA said we are to use UK driving licences for 6 months and then as long as we haven't left Australia for any period of time we can change them for NSW ones. Driving here is ok and everything is well marked, roads are wider. People appear less courteous than in UK. At Medicare we showed our visa print off, driving licences, passports and had a short form to fill in. The lady gave us a number to use until the card arrives in 7-8 weeks. I went to a bulk billing doctor to make an appointment and was told I could be seen straight away. Consultation was free with Medicare or $50 without. We hired a car for a week with Red Spot, cost $280. We looked for a car for ourselves with a max budget of $2000 with at least 4months rego left. We searched gumtree and went for a 1995 Mitsubishi magna, low mileage, very good engine and reliable however not a great looker but we love him and christened him Barry or big baz to us lol, he cost $900 with service history and 7months rego. Petrol is about $1.50 to $1.60 per litre. We haven't found things overpriced or much more expensive, mostly the same except rent/Internet. In Sydney centre it was obviously expensive but in the surrounding suburbs we have spent surprisingly little to what I thought we would. Got fantastic big thick pillows $5 each, double duvet for $20, got pack of 12 coat hangers for $2, Kettle for $10 and 5 piece pot and pan set for $25 from Big W. Food shopping, clothes, shoes, hairdressers, all same as what I would pay in UK. Gumtree has been great, we went to garage sales and got lots of second hand things for cheap/free. We got 2 good bikes for $60, Vacuum for $10, iron for $10, got a 2yr old Tomtom satnav for $25, there was new ones in target for $119. We got a 2 year old 32inch flat screen LG Tv, a dvd player and solid wood tv unit for $200 and a stereo for $30. In a lot of the shopping malls parking is free for first 2 or 3 hours and there are lots of malls within close proximity. The suburbs round here are beautiful, the houses are omg! It would be perfect for a family, so gorgeous. We are spending approx $5 for a meal for both of us eating in each night. Eating out, the cheapest has been $15 for the two of us and the most expensive was an all you can eat buffet for $45 for 2. My husband got a hair cut and style for $12. Finally smoking, my fag ash husband gets 25g of tobacco and bag of filters for $16. One thing i didn't expect is the amount of Chinese/Asian people, I expected it to be multi cultural but it doesn't appear to be that, just Asian! Nearly all the shops are Chinese, eating out has been difficult with little options, i also got mild food poisoning on our first day But we see that as a good thing as we will save money eating at home! In the quieter areas of the suburbs there appears to be less of an Asian influence. We went into a hairdressers and my husband was refused service as we were white, the Chinese lady was very rude and clear about this but hopefully it was a one off. The train cost us $32 to go a few stops but the bus is reasonable with great service, it costs $3.00 to get me to the next suburb. The buses in sydney centre don't accept money so need to buy travel cards, we didn't realise this but the bus driver said not to worry and took us nearly all the way home for free I went to meet the HR manager from my work, and wow the mental health system they have here sounds amazing, it makes my old job in Devon feel like a third word country! I was so amazed and excited by the thought of these much improved services for patients I could have cried lol the hospital is very modern too, although i've not started yet so who knows. I was told that as soon as I want to apply for permanent residency they will support me. There sounds like there are a lot of options work wise and I got to pick the area I wanted to work in. He told me that I will earn a lot more than my salary states due to enhancements for certain shifts, and i will get paid fortnightly. When I asked about the dress code I was told 'as long as you can't see through it it's fine' lol. I was told to be aware that i may feel undervalued initially as tasks I'm used to doing in the UK are the doctors responsibility here, I don't know how I feel about that. My start date has been put back a week to the 6th August due to some paperwork fluff. There is loads of car washes advertising vacancies, my husband went for one and it was 10hrs a day 7days a week for $450 a week, another was 8 hrs a day for $40, he turned down these jobs (been there done that in the UK) however we kept the option open. He went for a job as a removals man, it sounded like a con though and he didn't get the job anyway. He went for a job as a paintball marshall, he got offered that job but it was casual and doesn't start for 6weeks and we needed something sooner, again we kept that option open. He went for a job in a garage too but didn't get that. He got an interview for a youth worker in a residential children's home, it does a 4 step recovery programme for PTSD, we had applied a couple of months ago through Seek and they told us to email when we arrived, we did and he got the job He's had his working with children check and starts on Tuesday So that's it, 2 weeks in..feel like we've been here months but still much to learn. I probably wouldn't visit sydney on holiday as its nothing special touristy wise, (we have done the main ones),but it appears to be a beautiful and interesting place to live. And my dad will be glad to hear we still have plenty of cash left Randoms: The money feels like plastic and they don't have one or two cents so if something is $9.97 they round it up or down. I have seen loads of young women out as 'workmen' with hi vis jackets on working the roads/traffic control. Toilets have an option to half flush or full flush..luv it! Cyclists go on the motorway! People don't expect tips. I was told by someone that because I work for the government things will be easier for me like getting rental accommodation, loans etc..don't know If that's true. Target, Big W and Coles have great bargains! Its no where near as expensive as I had braced myself for. You get electric/static shocks if you touch the underside of the escalator rails in malls The posh australian accent sounds Americanised. People are happy to help if you don't understand something. There is a lot of ads about keep Australian jobs for Australians and reduce the 457s which made me want to hide! But it's not affected us so far. I saw an ad at a circus for 'performing lions' hope that's not usual...there is also a shop with cats and dogs for sale, lots of young and old dogs alone in tiny spaces, it appears to be accepted so I just avoid walking past Water pressure here is amazing. We have noticed our skin is a lot dryer and tighter feeling, i feel like my skin is ageing right before my eyes! And my hair is all dry and full of's never been like that TV is ok, quite a few british programmes, radio is great. Seen a fair few overweight police officers. Its dark by 17:30hrs. Nurses were on strike the other day about staffing levels. Most people we have met so far have been friendly and welcoming If anyone has any advice for us it would be much appreciated or any questions. Thanks to pomsinoz as so many questions i had were answered here and it would have been made a lot harder for me to move, get a job, etc without this site, I read it obsessively for months lol xxx
      23. Whv to 457 help!!

        Hi Guys, So I came over to Perth on the 6th April 2013 on a 1 year WHV. I am currently working as a finance broker within the John Hughes group and have been told by John himself that they are prepared to sponsor me for the 457 however, I have only 3 weeks left to get it lodged. I guess what I really need to know is, do I have enough time to get it lodged and onto the A bridging visa, and does anyone have any advice for transitioning over to 457 from WHV? I have looked at going through an agency however it seems all they want is a s*** load of $$ ! If anyone has any good advice it would be highly appreciated and if anyone knows a decent agent please pass on the details! All responses are highly appreciated
      24. Hi All, I have searched all the threads to find out the similar question, however, couldn't find it. Due to my current visa 457 occupation listed as ICT Technician, my next visa has to be lodged as ICT Technician, is this correct? During the last 2 years my title has been changed, however, per the agency advised I cannot change the title if I want to get a 186 visa under the same nomination(the same sponsorship). Also, the salary cannot be over $70.000 for this particular occupation, is that correct too ? I really appreciate your answers. Thanks a lot. Matt
      25. Hi everyone, My husband and I are currently on the 457 visa and it expires in June this year. My husband's boss has agreed to take him one for six more months at the hospital he works at. do we have to pay the full amount of the 457 fees just to have it renewed for six months? thanks for your help! Andrea