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Found 93 results

  1. Good evening. Apologies for the multiple questions, but here goes: What is the amount to be shown for this visa for the primary applicant and a spouse? Do these funds have to be in the form of cash in a bank or can we include assets like a property as well? (The Tasmanian financial declaration form states that we cannot show the value of Jewellery) I would like to sell my property only after getting a state nomination and applying for my visa. Otherwise, I'd rather let my property appreciate in value. (Catch 22 situation here) How long do the funds in the bank have to be present before presenting them?
  2. Hi, i'm in need of help regarding formal statutory declaration as self-employed. I have been working at my own company since jan 2012. I need to assess my qualification and experience at ACS (australian computer society). I have few confusions regarding qualification and experience papers: - being a self-employed, can i state myself format statutory declaration? - how should look like this formal statutory declaration? - what other docs regarding experience should i have to upload beside formal statutory declaration? i have contracts of service, invoices issued to customers, my payslips, bank account reports. These informations are urgent for me so if someone passed through this, i would appreciate any help. Thank you in anticipation.
  3. path2aus

    Statutory declaration in the USA

    Hi All, I am trying to get a Statutory declaration done for the ACS in the US. Anyone know what the process is for the same? I am not sure if USA has stamp papers like in India, how do they do the stat declaration and who does the same? It will be really helpful if someone can let me know of the process in USA.I heard that the stat declaration needs to be done only on stamp paper. Do the attorney help you do that in the US? Anyone has any experience of doing stat declaration in the US Thanks.
  4. We are having a bit of a problem working out what a statutory declaration is. My partners’ daughter currently lives with her Mum but has decided that she wants to come to Australia too. In order to add her to my visa application we need a statutory declaration from her Mum (who has verbally agreed to allow her to come with us) proving her agreement and granting permission for the child to migrate to Australia. Can we write this declaration ourselves and have her Mum sign it witnessed by her GP or do we need to have this prepared by a solicitor? Does anyone have an example of one that you could PM me? I would really appreciate it. All assistance is gratefully received!! It is all very difficult and time is of the essence since we don’t want to delay the process even further!
  5. Hi men I have got the copies of degree and employment letters attested from Notary Public in India. I addition will be sending the original transcripts received from my University to Notary Public in India. In order to provide evidence of skilled employment to Engineering Australia I have done a Statutory Declaration from my immediate supervisor on a plain paper and signed by Notary Public in India. Is it ok or is it required to be on a stamp paper or something else can anyone help me out with it. Can anyone please advice on above. Thanks
  6. hey all, i was browsing the citizenship website and came acorss the identity declaration requirement as seen at http://www.citizenship.gov.au/applying/files/pid_docs/occupations_list/ I do not know anyone from that list of designated list of occupants.. I am sure people in here would have had the same issue as well? What did u do instead? TIA Lenny
  7. GilraenH

    Health question on evisa 457 form

    Guys I am filling out my visa application. One of the questions in the health section asks: During your proposed stay do you or anyone included in the application expect to incur medical costs, or require treatment or medical follow up for: other? Is this a loaded question? Surely everyone will incur medical costs in australia as it is not free like NHS. OR are they asking if anyone in the family has any pre-existing condition like asthma or high blood pressure or ??? that will require regular meds and occasional GP visits?
  8. Hello out there, Really would like some help please, thank-you to those that have already responded! :biggrin: Regarding information on this form, I currently am struggling from the last company to give me a reference with the correct job title on it, even though this was my initial job title. I now have decided that since 'they' have been not so nice.. I won't use them as a reference. So, I am assuming that a stat dec used instead - but not so sure what to put on there. Second dilemma, is the company I worked for after that, due to the economic crises, I was let go - this is all good and well but they didn't give me any notification on this as they had only opened the office at that time. They said I wasn't due any notice.. again, am assuming a stat dec in place of this. My current role, I will use again, yes a stat dec as I don't want them to contact my current employer either of my plans. I also don't want them to think that I am trying to hide something as I am not. Can anybody advise on this, both my previous managers had left my company and one of them lives overseas and I don't know if I can just get a reference from her, plus I don't want them contacting the employer since they have been so unhelpful in the first place .... :sad: I know this a bit of a long one, but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanking you :smile:
  9. Minxey

    Statutory Declaration

    Hi there, Can anybody advise on where I can find the UK version of this form? I see from various threads that the Australian one can be used from the actual website, however I also see that you should use the UK one as this would be the country of origin where it was filled out. Help much appreciated!! :biggrin:
  10. Hello there, Would appreciate some help on this - collating all documents to send off to be signed by my solicitor. I am a bit confused on this form, basically I won't be able to attain any information regarding my current employment as evidence as I don't want to tell them about my plans, let alone lose my job!!! So, have been told that you can fill this form in - went onto their website: http://www.ag.gov.au/statdec - form on the right hand side. Is this going to cause any problems with a solicitor signing it as it's an Australian document, and also is this the correct form to fill out? Thank-you :-)
  11. Guest

    Declaration of Financial Capacity

    Hi all Hope someone can help ASAP as I need to be back at solicitors at noon today. Just got back from the solicitors where I'm having all paper work certified and ready to send off to ACT. Whats confusing me as well as the solicitors at this stage is who signs what on the Declaration of Financial Capacity form. The form itself requires 2 signatures, i.e. signature 1 and signature 2, I know I have to sign on signature 1 but who signs on signature 2, my wife???? hope someone can shed some light.
  12. hi guys, i just need your advise. DIAC said: My boyfriend made a simple letter that contains the following in RED, printed in a piece of paper and signed it. But based from whats being said by DIAC, the said LETTER OF INVITATION is in a form of the STATUTORY DECLARATION template? Whats the diff between the two? and do we need to submit them? or which one is right? Your help is highly appreciated Thanks
  13. mdmx33

    Statatory Declaration

    I need to make a stat declaration with details of my training as my company refuse to give a breakdown of my training and only give standard references. I have done this declaration and now I need it signed. Does anyone know who can sign it. For my certified documents I used an old school teacher who signed and used the schools stamp on each document. Can this same person also sign the statatory declaration?
  14. Hey guys, so ahpra have got back to me within 4 weeks of receiving my application, they have asked me to sign a declaration to state my secondary and tertiary education was taught and assessed in English, now I'm confused about who needs to sign it, does it have to be a JOP again? Also they have said my university transcript is not in depth enough, I have been to the university to have a look at what they sent and there is nothing else that could be included as it stated all grades, clinical hours, theory hours and how long for each subject, when I asked aphra to clarify what they were looking for exactly they said it dosnt show hours in pharmacology!!! So as my course did not include theory in pharmacology and the uni have assured me this is not a requirement for nursing. What do I do now I cang give them summit I havnt got, I'm confused. Sorry for the long post but hope someone can help? Oh and they gave me 7 days to submit the declaration and new amended transcript, luckily I got an extension Thanks in advance Charmaine
  15. Hi everybody! I am in the process of writing my personal statutory declaration that refers to our personal history. Question 1) How do I write this? Do I just state dates and numbers OR do I express feelings as well. Is it more like writing a diary about ourselves (example: what I thought of my husband when I first met him and how we fell in love OR should it just be clear dates.) 2) I Know I have to write in this personal statement about how we support each other financially But WHAT do I write about how I PHYSICALLY and EMOTIONALLY support him? what do they want me to write about? Especially the physically part???? 3) my husband also was paid always in cash by his bosses and not through bank accounts so he doesn't have any bank statements to show. My question is do I write about this too in the personal statement??? and if so where do I justify the non bank statements? 4) My landlord (since it was a rented house) refused also to have our electricity bill in our name for years. She just gave us a photocopy of it and told us to pay her account in the bank. We have the receipts of the bank payments and all our names on it and the reason: for eletricity and Water. When I send this proof where do I write this explaining the situation??? Please, I would love to hear your answers. Thanking in advance to everyone who does. So far you have been an enormous help to me. :hug:
  16. I am applying for a spouse with my partner, and i just getting my stat decs from our friends and family, do they need to b hand written or can they be filled out on the computer then printed and witnessed by a jp x
  17. I am hoping someone out there can offer me words of comfort or advice please. :cry: We are applying for a 121 company sponsored visa however I need a statutory declaration from my ex husband regarding my eldest son who is 15. My ex is not returning my calls and to date has not seen his son for over 12 month. I have left him a voice messgae explaining i need him to sign a couple of forms for our visa application however, I am not confident of hearing from him. I am not aware of where he lives but do know his moms address. Can I take legal action which will allow our visa application to progress or am i stuck without his signature? as you can imagine I am feeling sick to the stomach right now. any help or words of wisdom would be greatly received. thank you
  18. Hi all, I have a question regarding declaring receipt of a war pension at the medical examination and was wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and could offer some advice. We are due to have our medicals shortly and going through the paperwork (form 26 part B applicant’s history) question 25 asks if you are in receipt of government help. I will answer yes, as I receive a war pension, for what I believe to be insignificant conditions i.e. no medical or surgical condition is present which would require further investigation or treatment currently or in the foreseeable future. (disc degeneration). I will be taking all relevant history with me and a current letter from my GP stating the fact that my condition is stable and of no clinical significance. Question 1. Has anyone had anything similar and not received an ‘A’ recommendation? 2. Answered question 25 by declaring receipt of a War Pension? Thank you for your time Liz
  19. Hello, nice to post here again. I am attempting to immigrate from the US to marry my fiance in Australia. The Visa involved in this will be the 300/820 path. We've been having some difficulty with our statutory declarations. We copied down the instructions from the statutory declaration form, and answered questions from it typed. When my fiance brought her form and birth certificate to be signed, she as told by the qualified person it was "all wrong", "contained too many personal details", "too long". We had followed the instructions and format of the form, and ended up with a 5 page statutory declaration for her. Is the statutory declaration supposed to purely be matter-of fact history line and prompt answering with few emotional details? I was under the impression it was more involved. Question 2: When having witnesses of our relationship from America fill out supporting statements, do I simply have them follow the format of form 888 and have it signed by a qualified notary or etc from here? If anyone could answer this with certainty I would be very greatful. Thank you for reading my post.
  20. Guest

    Statutory Declaration

    Just wondering if there is a good way of writing a declaration for the partner visa. My partner and I want to do one joint, so how do we write in terms of third person or first person?? We are writing each other's names (as if in third person) to describe events, but we always use the word 'we' when talking about us collectively. Is this ok? Also, is it better to write a timeline or should I go by the headings in the partner migration booklet (financial, nature of household, social context, nature of commitment). We started writing it as a timeline but it turned out like a novel! We are keeping it relevant but how long is too long? So far it's 5 pages and almost finished!! I figured because it's a joint one, it won't matter if it's that long??
  21. I have read several enquiries regarding the Statutory Declaration template and, having had to supply two Statutory Declarations for my TRA (one was due to a company going into liquidation and one for my period of self-employment), I thought it would be useful to supply the template for others to use, as below : - Statutory Declaration I, [First Name] [Surname] of [Address] do solemnly and sincerely declare as follows: I was employed / have been self-employed as a [ job title(s) ] by [Company Name] between DD/MM/YYYY and DD/MM/YYYY. [for Stat Decs regarding employment] I cannot obtain a reference from [Company Name] as they have stopped trading/they have not kept any records regarding my employment. During my period of employment / self-employment with / trading as [Company Name] I would perform the following tasks and duties on a day to day basis: [give details in bullet point format] I used the following tools and equipment: [give list] I make this solemn declaration believing the same to be true and by virtue of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835 Signed: [your signature] Declared at: [Solicitors Address] On this [Day] Day of [Month/Year] Before me, [solicitors signature] [Solicitor’s Name, Occupation, Address]
  22. Hi all, New member here ... first week in Melbourne ! I have a couple of boxes of clothes and shoes (approx 20kg each) that I want to send from the UK via FedEx. I have to complete a commercial invoice which lists the contents of the box. Does anybody know if I have to list every item individually or if I can just state "clothes and shoes" as the contents ? Also, I understand that if I value the box at over $1000AUD then I have to pay GST and duty on it ! Does anybody have any experience or advice on how to complete this form to easily get through customs ? Thanks in advance. Tom
  23. We are applying for State Sponsorship from ACT. With regards to the Financial Declaration, we haven't got the necessary transferable funds at the moment, so we have to write a statement saying how we will support ourselves for the first 6 months. Do we still need this statement to be signed by a Public Notary / JP ?
  24. Hi PIO, My OH has to do a Statutory Declaration regarding his employment, but just checking if it needs to be witnessed by a solicitor or a notary? And what the difference is? (That seems like a reallly thick question, but we need to get it done by the right person) :laugh: Thanks! Cx
  25. rainyc

    Cash Declaration

    Hi Guys Just a quick question does anyone know how much cash($) per person you can legally take into Oz Cheers Neil