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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, While my husband is a Pom we are already living in NZ where we are planning to move from to Melbourne mid 2013. He has been in media here for many years, and the last 2.5 he has spent working in marketing/sales (due to the small city we're living in). As sales isn't his passion he is thinking about retraining, possibly to work in IT (he used to be a buyer many years ago) or telecommunications. I guess I'm just feeling it out - does anyone know of any reputable training establishments? Or companies that will invest time/effort into someone that has the skills but not necessarily the qualifications? His other option is to do more marketing/media work, I think he may not be as keen on this as he doesn't want to be 'stuck' in a sales role where he would much rather be doing something creative. Your advice will be gladly received!
  2. Totally trivial topic but wondered whether there were enough Take That fans amongst us that could sign a petition and send it to the official Take That website and get them to come out in concert???!!! Realise this is probably one for the ladies but just think guys if you sign up the lady in your life will always be indebted to you!! I have emailed once but maybe if we can get enough together - social media power may do the trick!! If it doesn't work then I will just have to keep dreaming!!!
  3. I'm not sure if this is in the right forum so feel free to move if not. Am due to head out to Adelaide at the end of this year on a 309 spouse via with my OH who is originally from down under. Over the past few years in the UK we have built up quite a shared collection of DVDs (100 or so) and CDs. My plan is to buy a massive capacity external hard drive and spend a good few hours (or even days) copying all of our music and films over. I would then take this over in hand luggage instead of either having to part with all of our media, or pay to have it shipped over. The originals would not be sold - they'll go into storage with my parents. My understanding is, although I may well be wrong, that it is OK under UK law to make backups of media I own for personal use (although circumventing the DVD copy protection is a bit of a grey area). Can anyone advise if this is likely to cause any problems with Customs? I understand how this might look like I am taking a load of films into the country to sell - but that is not the case. As ripping these DVDs is likely to take many many hours I really don't want to risk having the drive confiscated, or get into any trouble :policeman: Any advice gratefully received :err: .
  4. Is it just me or does the media really scrutinize women more than men? Why is that every time a story breaks, something scandalous happens, or there is some kind of controversy, it is always women who are "pulled apart", analysed and criticised? Just a few examples: Joanna Lees the british backpacker, whose boyfriend was murdered whilst travelling through the outback. She was eaten alive by the press, many accusations were flying about including her involvement in his killing and that she had a secret lover. She was even mocked on one of the british chat programmes by a group of men :mad: who were taking the pi$$ about how she managed to get her hands (which were tied behind her back) to the front :realmad: She got so fed up with the media chasing her that she arranged a deal to have one photographer film her, which would be paid for, and the money to go to the Victims of Crime. For this she was accused of media manipulation. Kate McCann OK, I know she shouldn't have left her children alone, but she was constantly scrutinized because she was wearing matching earrings and necklace and co-ordinated outfits (does it bloody matter?). Or that she never cried or was 'pulling her hair out" :err: or had a nervous breakdown. Her husband was equally "guilty" (of leaving the children alone), however he was never discussed in so much detail as Kate. Angelina Jolie She was painted as a men eating vixen and evil who stole someone elses husband. Never mind that it was Pitt who was married at the time :wideeyed: that didn't seem to matter. Books were written about her, digging up stuff from the past and then dug up some more. Interestingly, her work for charity doesn't seem to get mentioned as much. Amanda Knox the american girl who was accused of killing british student in Italy and now has been acquitted. They were analysing every single thing about her character, from the perfect glossy hair and perfect composure to the fact that she likes sex and was wearing tight fitting tops to her court hearings. Now, that she's free we saw every single detail of her return home, even showing a BA flight taking off from the airport. :shocked: Again, a woman's every expression and word was examined, her clothes commented on, trivial aspects of her life put on public display, an ordinary person was made into a femme fatale. Interestingly enough, her ex-boyfriend Sollecito didn't get any mentioning at all, we don't know nothing about him, never seen much pictures of him, dissappeared into abyss, and yet he was also accused of exactly the same crime. Cheryl Cole Every detail about her movements, clothes, meal times and which way her hair is blowing in the wind :twitcy: how she was hurt and humiliated, how she dealt or not dealt with her crumbling marriage because of her cheating husband. How she was "sensationally' sacked from X-factor, is she crying, is she sad :SLEEP:, but noone scrutinized the cheating rat of Ashley Cole. Kate Middleton need I say more. And not just the press, it's our society also, constantly criticising women, whatever we do, if we have children or don't have any children, if we work after having children we're criticised, if we don't work after having children we're accused of being lazy or spongers or both. If we marry a rich man, we're golddiggers, if we don't marry a rich man and want to create our own wealth we're stupid or a hard **** or both. OK, I'll stop now.
  5. Hi, I work in the UK in an online journalism position. I'd love to go and do the WHV in Australia next year but I know that I have very little chance of getting a media-related job in Oz as they have enough journalists of their own and I could only work for 6 months in a single position. I was wondering how easy it was for a foreigner (with industry experience) to set up work experience in the media for a month or two over there? Is it difficult unless you're an Aussie at uni? I would be happy to do anything from photocopying to admin during a placement - I really want to show UK employers that I'm trying to keep my hand in a bit. I'm not planning on going for a long time so it's too soon to start contacting people over there - I wanted to scope out the possibilities first. Many thanks Titania
  6. New rules match best and brightest migrants to places. PEOPLE who want to come to Australia as independent skilled migrants will have to ask permission to apply from next year. The federal government has announced radical changes to how it selects winners in key skilled-migration categories. From July 2012, many would-be skilled migrants will have to lodge an online expression of interest and wait for an invitation before they can make a formal application. The Immigration Department website says the new system will help "deliver the skills Australia needs by matching the best and brightest migrants to the available places in the migration program".
  7. Guest

    The Media, Tread Carefully

    I'm only putting this thread up in response to an earlier thread which concerned how many innocent members of the public can get drawn into the web of media scrutiny and come out resembling nothing like they are in real life. The media are there to inform, educate, titillate, the list is endless, but their MAIN priority is to either sell papers or get the highest possible viewing audience for a particular programme, if this means certain 'aspects' of someone's personality are ignored, or in other words, 'Why Let The Truth Get In The Way Of A Good Story' mentality then the vast majority of media outlets/companies will edit at their discretion and put out what makes good reading/TV. And the problem with this is simply that at the end of the day we/you have to live with the consequences of what was viewed/seen by the general populous, once the media circus moves on they could not give a flying fig about their motives, intentions and fallout from their 'evidence'. When I first started to have several dealings with the media many years ago I was labelled as a 'trouble maker' 'stirrer' 'professional spoiler', all this because I used to and still do make those in power (both local and national) answer for their actions. I have NEVER been violent, never used foul language, I go about my business with a certain degree of dignity and respect for those that I want to answer my questions, but I was and am indeed to this day painted as a potential trouble maker by my local press in particular. This is why I have formed my own political party with the Electoral Commission as this is the only path left open to me at this point in time. In actual fact there have been several newspaper reports cancelled there and then because after being bitten once too many times I now INSIST that I RECORD the interview as well so that I cannot be misquoted. So suffice to say, before you approach the media or are approached by them think long and hard about the next step people. If you are like me I can now after many years ignore what is said about me, couldn't care less, because I have the truth with me, but if you are of a very sensitive nature think about the consequences of what you are about to do. At the end of the day, the vast majority of media outlets do not really care about YOU, they want and need to sell their wares and god forbid anyone that tries to circumnavigate the system. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  8. I'm Irish and currently living in Asia, have a BA and Masters degree from two top unis and wondering what the chances are of getting work in media, publishing or education (teaching English etc.) in either Melbourne or Sydney? Or would I more likely end up waitressing or doing something random if I moved to Australia? Any advice appreciated, thanks :cute:
  9. COMMENCEMENT OF ACT STATE MIGRATION PLAN Federal Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Bowen MP, and Australian Capital Territory Chief Minister, Jon Stanhope, today announced the commencement of the ACT State Migration Plan. “State Migration Plans are part of the Gillard Government’s continued commitment to supporting the Australian economy by attracting skilled migrants who can positively contribute to our workforce,” Mr Bowen said. “The implementation of State Migration Plans will provide flexibility for state and territory governments to nominate skilled migrants in a broader range of occupations than are currently offered on the Skilled Occupation List.” “The ACT has amongst the strongest economy of any jurisdiction in Australia with extremely low unemployment,” Mr Stanhope said. “This has led to skills shortages in some areas and the State Migration Plan will complement ACT Government initiatives to help alleviate these shortages.” State Migration Plans are agreements between individual states and territories with the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship. The agreements specify an overall number of applicants that each state and territory can nominate and what occupations they can nominate skilled migrants to work in. While state and territory governments have always had the capacity to nominate applicants for the purposes of the General Skilled Migration Program, the introduction of these plans is intended to improve the targeting of this part of the program.
  10. Hi I currently work for Channel Five as a compliance executive in the UK, and am considering taking a year out and working in Oz, but wondered how I should go about getting work. I have post production experience and would be excited to develop that in Australia but equally would love a new challenge within the media world. If anyone have any advice it would be much appreciated Thanks Jess :notworthy:
  11. Following is an excellent article from Peter van Onselen who has worked for members of The Liberal party, i.e. conservative: Who's afraid of 4500 boatpeople? BOTH of the main political parties are keen to display their toughness on border protection, so much so that they seem to have lost sight of the plight of the people who are trying to make their way here in rickety boats. Why are we so concerned about the 4500 or so boatpeople who have attempted to seek asylum in Australia since the ALP was elected about 2 1/2 years ago? And let's not forget that right now Australia houses about 50,000 visa overstayers, mostly from the US, Britain and China. But the political debate is centred on boatpeople, partly because it plays into people's (inaccurate) fears about hordes of arrivals from underdeveloped countries who threaten our way of life, and partly because opinion polls continue to show that most Australians oppose illegal immigration. Australians shouldn't be afraid of boatpeople trying to come to our country. Our geographical position means that their numbers will always be small compared with refugee migration in other parts of the world. It's time our politicians started to lead public opinion on this issue instead of following it. Bravo, apart from this demonising of refugees, foreigners, students, migrants, etc. it also makes Australians look like followers not leaders..... personally I do not have an opinion on refugees as I see issue as insignificant ... and gets a bit racist....
  12. connaust

    Media & House Shortage Porkies

    DOUBT has been cast on the widely held belief that a shortage of housing in Australia is driving up property prices, with a leading researcher arguing there are nearly two million too many homes. Researchers Brendan Darcy and Louis Christopher say high prices cannot be blamed on a lack of housing stock because the figures used to illustrate the shortage -- if indeed there is one -- were being misinterpreted. You still here stories about rising migration and population growth, while we know they are decreasing as we speak...... hope there is not going to be a crash.... but nice easing and deflation of prices could be useful.
  13. How can a country,America which has turned into some kind of Aristocracy,a country run by and for the rich even dare criticize us?Whether it is their media or polticians .I don't think the USA is in a position to criticize any country in Western Europe let alone the UK.We have things like the NHS etc. We have the BBC with no adverts every 5 minutes like US tv.I can name many,many more things that benefit our citizens in so many ways.--These things are representative of a civilized country.NOT socialism.
  14. George Lombard

    New 457 Regime

    Many 457 changes have been announced today, including a generous extension allowing up to 12 months leave without pay. Too much to summarise, see Agents Gateway . Cheers, George Lombard
  15. I'm a freelance journalist writing a feature for Prima magazine, a monthly women's magazine in the UK. The feature is called "I love living in Britain" and I'm trying to find someone who emigrated to Australia but has now returned home and is really enjoying being back in the UK. I wondered if this applies to you or anyone you know? To fit in with the magazine's readership, I'm looking to interview a woman aged around 30-55 and they'd receive a small payment. Please get in touch - my email is judyyorke@montimedia.co.uk. Many thanks

    Channel 4 Rang Today IWC MEDIA Location Location

    Well i nearly fell off my chair today at 4.10pm, i got a phone call from channel 4 Location location, some may remember there was a thread a couple of weeks ago asking families who were relocating to Australia who would be in a position to buy a house around JAN, FEB, MARCH 09 , and asked them to register their details , i did never thinking i would hear from anyone.It was Martin Connery asking all sorts of questions with regards to our application, i could not believe it, the guy who does the show Phil Stephens with Kirsty, will be going over to Australia and helping people find their dream homes, he chatted for at least half an hour and said once i sent a photo of all of us he may be back in touch so who knows what might happen Rikki and Mark:shocked:
  17. I'm sorry to start this again but I've just watched the BBC news and they are talking about Cancer treatment and that some drugs are not being put on the NHS as they are not cost affective! Sad story But what annoys me is they interview a White English man who got Kidney cancer when his daughter was born (she is 1 now) The gentelman is Saying how it would be nice to see his daughter grow and he may not get the chance (pulls at your heart strings. As a Dad I would hate that thought) Then on the next shot they show an older Asian lady dressed in a sari being one of the few to get the drug on the NHS!!! Now am I being cynical or are they doing this on purpose??? Causing yet more hostility towards the Asians? I'm sure the normal person on the street will see it as a sad story for all concerned, but I'm sure a few will see it as yet again the Asians getting a better deal! Is this why the BBC and other networks do this????? Like I said it could just me me Geoffrey
  18. oldgit

    Windows Media Center

  19. Are you just about to experience your first Christmas living abroad? If you have recently moved from your home in the UK to live abroad, you may well be able to help with a feature for the Daily Mirror newspaper. For our feature pages, we want to speak to a family who have moved abroad in the last 12 months to start a new life. It will just be a short piece about what Christmas is likely to be like this year- and how it compares with those of the past. If you are happy for me to speak to you, sort out a photos of your new life there and have the fun of appearing in a national paper , please do contact me on 01273 559956 or email me at adrian@amonti.freeserve.co.uk
  20. Hi Guys I'm all over the place just now as I leave Glasgow for London (to see the folks) on Wednesday, before we fly out to Bali for 8 days, then start our new life in Oz. Tomorrow night we're going to the SECC to see the Stereophonics (my favourite band) so I'm totally over excited about everything! There IS a point to this post I promise :wink: ........OK, before I moved to Glasgow to live with the BF, I worked in the media industry in London, first in TV as a Stage Manager & after the fickle world of TV I found myself working for a record co. What I'm wanting to find out is............do you think I could find media work like that in Perth? After doing some research I'm thinking no. I reckon I'll need to be in either Sydney or Melbourne for that type of work, but I just wanted to pick your brains before I give up! Does anyone know of any Radio/TV stations or any record co's in Perth? Any feedback would be very much appriciated! Thanks OzChick xx