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  1. Maz

    House rental

    I had a conversation with the real estate agent today & mentioned that we might be breaking our lease 2 months early but i would let her know for sure at the end of next week.....now is advertised on realestate.com as available for rent as from 9th of March. Surely this cant be legal if we havent handed in our notice yet??
  2. Hi everyone, Advice needed please. We moved from UK to Melbourne in 2009 and are now looking to organise our citizenship. My son is 19 & daughter is 14 years old and their uk passports have expired. Do I need to renew them before we apply for citizenship? Thanks Maz
  3. Hi Carol, Going to send you a private message. Marilyn
  4. Hi cp7, We're scottish aswell, from Ayrshire, where are you from? I also work at Werribee Mercy, in psychiatric unit. Sounds like we could have a few things in common lol. Werribee Secondary has recently changed its catchment area, my advice would be to e-mail the school and find out their exact areas, im not 100% sure but dont think Altona Meadows would be within their catchment. My daughters going to be 11 this weekend and shes in year 5, starting year 6 in February after holidays, so depending on when your childs birthday is, they would be in either year 6 (equivalent to primary 7 in uk) or year 7 (1st year). There will be lots of areas you can rent in that is close to the hospital. We're in Manor Lakes in Wyndham Vale and its about 10-15 mins away. Anywhere in Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Wyndham Vale, Tarneit, Truganina, Altona, Altona Meadows, Point Cook etc will all be within 15 mins drive. Have you been to Melbourne before and what area are you going to be working in at Mercy? Maz
  5. Hi woj I work for Mercy Hospital in Werribee, Melbourne, is that the same place as you were asking about? Maz
  6. Maz


    Hi Kel1 We moved to Melbourne last September on a permanent visa and havent looked back - we love it!! We've both settled into good jobs and kids are happy at school. Yes, theres days when we miss people at home, but we just have to talk to them to know we've done the right thing. With things as bad as they are in the UK, everyone tells us how lucky we are to be here. If your not 100% sure if you want to move here permanently then you're doing the right thing by only coming for a year initially. This way, you can get to see what life is like here and decide whether its for you or not. You'll have the comfort of knowing that if you dont settle then you're still able to go back and it will give you an idea of whether you could leave everyone at home or not. With e-mails, skype and facebook etc its so easy to keep in touch with home and it stops you missing people too much especially when you can see them on webcam. You've nothing to loose by giving it a try and if you dont try it then you could always be wondering "what if?". Give it a try for a year then decide whether to make it permanent or not. Good luck Maz
  7. Maz

    point cook/werribee schools

    Hi Vanessa, We live in Manor Lakes in Wyndham Vale which is very close to Werribee. Unfortunately i cant comment on the Point Cook Schools but my son goes to Werribee Secondary College and its very good. Apart from the private and catholic schools, its one of the best secondarys. All the schools are zoned depending on the area you will be living in so unless you already have a house orgainised, i would worry about it too much at the moment. My advice would be to be prepared for the kids to have a few weeks off school when you first arrive, book your initial accomodation for a few weeks and that will give you time to check out all the schools in the areas, go on your gut instinct when you first visit them, then find a property to rent according to which school you want them to go to. Once you've visited the schools and decided on the ones you like, visit them all again at finishing time when the kids are coming out, see how happy they look and how they behave etc and possible speak to a few parents who are there to collect them. Your better taking your time to pick the school rather than feeling bad at them loosing time off school and so rushing your decision and possibly making the wrong decision then having to face the problem of whether to move them or not if it turns out not to be the right school for them. Best of luck Maz

    <p>Hi Gillian</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I've just got your last message you sent in May! For some reason poms doesnt email me now when i get a message, really sorry i didnt get back to you earlier.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I've just tried to find you on facebook and couldnt find you, can you search for me under my e-mail address which is <a href="mailto:mcmaths@hotmail.com" rel="">mcmaths@hotmail.com</a>.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Hopefully everything went smoothly with your house move. Have you got a date for moving here yet or maybe your here already its taken me so long to reply lol.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Hopefully speak to you on facebook if you can find me through email address, if not, email me back rather than through poms.</p>

    <p> </p>



  9. Maz

    Can a 15 yr old fly back alone?

    Hi Julia, Thanks for that ray of hope! worst thing we did was get him internet in his room, now he spends all his spare time chatting to uk friends and girlfriend rather than making an effort here. I've also hidden his passport and stopped giving him money as he's been saving up a little stash for his flight! Fingers crossed he meets some cute wee aussie girl and change his mind! Maz x
  10. Maz

    Can a 15 yr old fly back alone?

    Thanks everyone, Rudi - thanks for the tip, i've now hidden his passport just incase lol. Gillian - No he didnt like it when we first arrived because he'd made his mind up before we left that he wouldnt like it. He was happy enough to come about 3 years ago when we started the process and he was only about 12, then he started secondary school and made lots of good friends then didnt want to move. Have had lots of chats with him about why he doesnt want to stay and its all about missing his friends although he has made friends here and everything seems to be going well at school. Just wish he would stay long enough for us to get citizenship so he could always come and go between uk and oz rather than needing to apply for his own visa once he's 18. Hoping he maybe gets a girlfriend here and that will change his mind! Maz x

    <p>Hi Maz</p>

    <p>Really sorry to read your post about Alan(?), I think that was his name. I didn't realise you were divorced from his Dad, life can be so complicated can't it? Have you managed to sit him down and talk to him? Maybe you could agree that he went back for a holiday and then he will (hopefully) see that the grass is not necessarily greener. I know it is a risk that he may not come back, but preventing him from doing so may just cause even more grief for you.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Have you spoken to the school about how he is feeling? Maybe something is going on there which is stopping him from settling in? Has he joined any clubs/societies since we saw you last? If you need to chat then my number is 0397021184 or mobile is 0457065832.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p> We finally ended up in Berwick!We looked at renting in Werribee and Shaun travelling to and fro and then thought we would have a look in the Cranbourne/Berwick areas and loved it at first sight.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Anyway take care </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Love Karen xxx</p>


  12. Maz

    Can a 15 yr old fly back alone?

    Thanks for the replies everyone, sorry if post was confusing, i was rather uptight and upset when i wrote it. Mrs Nix, no i dont want his dad to give his consent as i want my son to stay and yes i was worried he would go without my consent. He is desperate to go back and would go just now at 15 if he could. At what age are they allowed to fly alone without a parents consent? Thanks Maz x
  13. Hi We moved to Melbourne 6 months ago and my 15 yr old son wants to move back to Scotland and stay with my ex husband (his dad, who signed to agree for me to bring the kids here). Obviously we have tried to talk him out of it and i'm devastated at the thought. Does anyone know if a 15 yr old is allowed to fly an international flight alone, would he need a parents consent and if so, would his dads consent be allowed even though i have total legal custody? (i'm concerned incase his dad agrees and gives his consent and then its out of my hands). Any advice is appreciated! Maz x
  14. Maz

    Sending Over Work Tools

    We flew here in September last year and my oh (whos a plumber) took his tools as normal luggage in a special tool chest on wheels with a carry handle that he bought at B&Q. He threw out a lot of tools that wouldnt be any use here like pipe benders, pipe slices, flaring tools and anything to do with 15mm & 22mm as pipe sizes here are different which took the weight down to 30kgs. That way your not without tools for weeks while waiting on the container Maz x