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  1. Fred & Wilma

    Hills District meet up

    Yes, we had a good night, same here.
  2. Fred & Wilma

    Hills District meet up

    We will probably eat, but don't suppose it matters if some eat & some don't. Claire is coming too, can't remember her PIO username. Should be 4 couples in all, see you at RSL, meet in the lobby :-)
  3. Fred & Wilma

    Hills District meet up

    We'll be there, is it just drinks or are you eating?
  4. Fred & Wilma

    Social Workers please help!

    In some organisations such as the Gov ADHC in NSW ​, they got rid of social workers & replaced them with lesser qualified case managers, who get paid more!! Crazy
  5. Fred & Wilma

    Sports therapy in Oz

    I know that we have exercise Physiologists here, but not sure about Sports Therapists. I work with Exercise Physilogists & Sports Physios so will ask & get back to you if you don't get an answer beforehand.
  6. Hi, I take students from that Uni sometimes & yes it is a good uni. I have to say though price wise I think you have very little chance of getting anything even half decent (or any area I would want to live in) on that budget. Sorry but I think you need to at least double that. Good luck
  7. Fred & Wilma

    Youth Work / Support Work - Sydney

    Also try ADHC, which is a government organisation with different branches. They provide services to adults & children with intellectual disabilities. They also have a criminal justice section. Case manager work would probably be the advertisement to look out for. They also have behaviour teams which may also suit you. A few other organisations are Inala, house without steps & Sunnyfields. Good luck
  8. Bit difficult for us mid week, I don't usually get home till after 7:00, you lot arrange a date & if we can make it we will :biggrin:
  9. I am a Speechie in disability with ADHC, they advertise these positions as Therapy Aides & they provide support to Speechies, Ots & Physios.
  10. We are visiting friends in. Adelaide on the 8th June, but go ahead without us if it suits everyone, we can always come along next time. ​
  11. Anywhere is good for us, RSL is only 5 mins away & Rouse hill about 15 so nothing is very far.
  12. Fred & Wilma

    Sydney bound, but where to live

    We have lived in the Hills for 5 years, the competition for houses in that price bracket will be fierce, but you can get something nice. Try Rouse Hill or Stanhope Gardens or the Ponds for cheaper properties
  13. If you are looking at NSW go to this website, it allows you to compare schools on various levels including performance: http://www.myschool.edu.au/
  14. Fred & Wilma

    School fees

    We have 2 kids in NSW who have been in state & private schools. In Public state schools in NSW on a 457 you will have to pay the $4,500 as indicated by Northshorepom, plus other costs of around $400 per year each for things like building funds, library costs etc. Best option is if you can get the company to pay for it. A private school may be comparable in fees but there are other hidden costs such as text books & the uniform can be expensive. Another expense can be the bus pass (applies to both schools), this will depend on a range of things though. ​To be honest i dn't know how the Aussies afford so many kids & school fees!