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  1. Hi Lizzy, Where are you located? We are staying in the Hills area for now as it is close to my husband's work place. I am loving the city so far but it would be lovely to meet new people. Are you also here with your husband/partner? It would be great to meet for coffee/lunch? Sonia x
  2. Hi, I have just moved to Australia and I am located in the Hills area of Sydney. It would be great to meet new girlfriends out here as I had a great group if friends back in the UK. If you're local to the area and you would like to meet up for coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks..., that would be great! I am originally from the London area but I have previously spent time living abroad and love to travel.
  3. Son10

    Medicare Help

    Thanks! I have just found my local Medicare Service Centre. I did not see that part!
  4. Son10

    457 processing times

    Hi Lexi, Our 457 came through in 3 working days. It was my husband who was offered a job but we were expecting it to take longer, we were told it would take 1-3months! I hope you get it soon.
  5. Son10

    Medicare Help

    Hi, I am hoping someone will be able to help me. I have just arrived in Australia and I need to sort out my Medicare card. I have had a look at the Australian Government website but I am confused. We have the form, what do we do then? I am here with my husband. Do we get a card each? He is here on a 457 visa... I have heard that you need to pop into a medical centre with ID? Can someone please provide me with some information on what we do? Thank you.
  6. Hi, I am new to Sydney. I have just been here a few days. I have just sent you a message on Facebook. I am located in the Hills district. It would be good to make some new friends out here.
  7. Son10

    457 to PR Question

    Thanks for your help! I will also have a look at that link.
  8. Hi, I have tried to PM some of you but I have only just registered and not yet mastered this site and have no idea how to do that! I am moving to the Sydney area in a few days with my husband and I am hoping to meet new people and make a few new friends in e city. Initially I won't be working but I am hoping to find a job soon. We will be living the hills district. I am in my early 30s and I would be interested in finding any other girls who are of a similar age. I enjoy the outdoors and also going to nice restaurants and bars. I am originally from the London area but I have previously lived abroad. It would be great to hear from other women in the area.
  9. Son10

    457 to PR Question

    Hi, I was hoping someone would be able to answer a question. Do you need to have been living in Oz for 2 years before you can apply for PR or can you apply as soon as you get out in Oz on a 457 visa? Thanks
  10. Hi, I am moving to Sydney in a few days and although I am very excited it is very daunting. I am going to be based in the hills area initially and it would be great to meet some new friends to spend time with. I enjoy going out for dinner and drinks. I am 31 and moving out to Sydney with my husband who has work. It would be great to hear from others who are in a similar situation and would like to meet up.