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Found 42 results

  1. Hi, we have recently relocated from the UK to the Northern Gold Coast, and we are looking to meet some new friends. My husband is working but I am not, so would be great to meet up for a cup of coffee if anyone is interested. We are in our late forties/early fifties. Nicky
  2. Hi, We are a couple in our mid 30’s looking to meet some new friends in Brisbane as we recently relocated here. We enjoy a nice glass of wine & love a good BBQ or heading out for drinks & food. Would be lovely to meet any other couples who enjoy the same things and would like to head out for a couple of drinks. (Please PM me)
  3. KD79UK

    Gold Coast Meetups

    HI, I've been in Australia for 13 years now, lived in WA for 8 years and most of my friends are probably there, but I felt like I was in retirement living there and moved. I have worked FIFO for the last 7 years pretty much and it has made meeting friends on the Gold Coast really difficult. I have owned a house on the Gold Coast for 5 years nearly now, but for two of those years I was residential in Darwin and then did a year long stint in Adelaide. So I really haven't made a firm friend base! Every time I've started making friends I end up flying out somewhere again. I'm currently flying in and out of Adelaide and home Saturday & Sunday one week then Friday - Sunday the next. Once this assignment ends I am determined to stay working nearer home if it kills me Anyone in the same predicament or any new comers fancy meeting up? I'm pretty relaxed, easy going, 38 year old female, originally from Chelmsford, Essex. Happy to meet males or females, in fact I miss having male friends at home, probably why I work in a male dominated area! The Aussies don't seem to get men and women being friends the same way UK people do lol.
  4. Hi me and my girlfriend both 25 have recently moved to Brisbane from Scotland And are staying in Bowen hills. I have been scrawling the net for any amateur teams to go down and play with and have had no success, does anyone know of any about at all?!! Hard to find out about a lot of stuff when you are just here! Cheers, Richard
  5. Hi guys and girls I've been in Australia for 2 months now and really want to find some new mates over here for drinks, laughs, chilling, movies, adventures and all the rest. I'm 29 and really want to find a good group of guys and girls that I can enjoy this amazing country with. Also looking for couple friends as me and my fiancee (Laura,24) really want to find people to go camping, travelling and socialise with. Hope to speak to you soon. Stu
  6. Hi everyone, My husband and I have just started settling into Sydney, we're based in the inner west. My husband looking for football team to join or just make friends with some expats to watch football, talk about it. Any contacts be much appreciated.
  7. Hi there. Me and my family are arriving in Perth on 1st November. We have 3 children - Beth (15), Mia (9) and Harry (4). Beth would like to make contact with teenagers of a similar age. She loves music (plays the guitar and sings), dancing, drama, the beach, parks, shopping and going on trips. We are hoping to secure a property in Currambine, Kinross, Joondalup or Ocean Reef and so if you live in one of these areas or close by, that would be ideal. I suppose the easiest and safest way for them to make contact would be directly on Facebook maybe? Could you please let me know if you can help out? Many thanks, Philip.
  8. Hi All, We are a couple in our late thirties with two kids, 7 and 3, looking to meet similar families in the Duncraig, Hillarys, Sorrento, Warwick, Woodvale etc area's. We've been here for two years now, have a great circle of friends, and are looking for more! If anyone fancies a meet up one weekend soon, then please let us know. All the best,
  9. I've been living in Manly for a year with my other half and a friend recommended this site as a way to meet new people. I'm in my thirties and love food and wine! Give me a shout if anyone fancies meeting up. Nikki
  10. Hi we moved to north lakes 2 month ago, we have 3 children, but our eldest, aged 13, nearly 14, is struggling to make friends. He's a normal, full of fun, friendly boy so not sure why? So was wondering whether there's anyone in the north lakes and surrounding areas with boys or girls of a similar age that might also appreciate an extra friend. I think if he could make a good friend or two it would make his settling a much more positive experience, but at the moment it's really getting to him thanks x
  11. Hello everyone I'm a 22 year old from England moving to Sydney mid October this year and am looking to connect with a few people who may be doing a similar thing. Who knows, we could be sitting on some Australian beach chatting over a drink in 5 months time... Look forward to hearing from you!
  12. Hi there, my husband and I moved up to the Central Coast late November 2011 with our two daughters and our two boxers. I was so busy with the move and Christmas but now it's time to concentrate on trying to meet friends. If there is anyone out there that fancies a coffee and a chat I would love to hear from you. Sharon
  13. On previous posts Iv made it known im flying into Perth on the 1st of October with a view of staying there for at least 3 months. However, after looking through many threads, there is a lot of negativity shown towards Perth. What I want to know is it really that bad? Iv heard things like very rude people, terrible night scene & lack of amenities etc? If this is the case I may not stay in Perth all that long as I really desire to go to Melbourne as I hear its a terrific place to be. If anyone who has traveled Perth as a backpacker or even as a resident who can shed some light on Perth & some of things iv heard id really appreciate it. Thanks guys! Leigh
  14. Hi there, I'm currently in the process of getting my de facto visa to live over here permanently and so in the meantime, I'm looking to get back into the running I once loved in the UK. Does anyone know of any social running clubs in the Frankston/Seaford area that I could join either during the week/evenings or at weekends? I just thought it would be a good way to have a mutual interest to meet new people...... Thanks S
  15. Hey everyone, I'm Carly 24 and from Liverpool. I have been working as Au Pair in Manly (Sydney suburbs) for 4 weeks, and am looking to make a group of friends to have nights out with, beach days, and generally live the Aussie life lol! Ther nature of the job makes it hard to socialise so thought that online would be the next best thing
  16. Hi, I have just moved to Australia and I am located in the Hills area of Sydney. It would be great to meet new girlfriends out here as I had a great group if friends back in the UK. If you're local to the area and you would like to meet up for coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks..., that would be great! I am originally from the London area but I have previously spent time living abroad and love to travel.
  17. Hannah81

    An Englishman in Melbourne!

    My husband and I have just moved to Melbourne from London with work. We are both in our early 30's (no children) and are renting a house in Hawksburn Village Prahran. We are enjoying the weather, work and lifestyle and looking to make friends. We enjoy running, keeping fit and also socialising. If anyone has any suggestions on where to go or fancy meeting for a drink, message me,
  18. Anyonw same situation? Me and hubby both early 20s just moved here 6 weeks ago. Have a 10 month old
  19. Hi My name is Nicola, Im 30 and am moving to Perth in 6 days with my kids Ethan (9) and Sophie (7). I have lots of family and friends in the UK and am worried as my partner works away that I will be lonely. I was a member of pommsprincess on Facebook but that has closed down now. What did you guys do to make friends? I know I will meet a few people when the kids go to school Im just looking for some advice? tips and people in the same situation to talk to. Ive opened an instagram to put on photos of our adventure for my friends and to help make new friends My user name is missy_ppic if you would like to add me or leave me a message. I've never been on anything like this so sorry f I sound like a loner hard to know what to say
  20. Hi! My husband and I have recently moved to Mandurah! We have been here 3 months and are looking to meet up with anyone in the Mandurah region and I would love to have a girls get together too. I'm 27, so if anyone is in a similar situation it would be great to meet up!
  21. Hi We are a couple aged 30, with an 8 year old son looking for other pommies to socialise with. With or without children, for friday, saturday evening dinners in Melbourne, or meeting for lunches. We would probably have our son with us, as we don't have a babysitter yet. We're in North Melbourne but are happy to travel.
  22. Hey, My name is Jen, I'm 24 years old, and I moved to Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne from UK a few months ago. But I am still finding it difficult to make friends and meet people, especially my age. I'm interested to hear from anyone who is in a similar situation and would like to make friends on the peninsula! I am still looking for work, which is probably why I haven't met many people yet, hopefully the summer season will pump up the job opportunities down here! Anyway, let me know if you want to meet up :-) Jen x
  23. Going to oz January 2013. Looking to spend most of my time in Western Australia. would love to get to know a few people who are over around the same time. I'm 28 and enjoy drinks, food, sport, anything really Cheers, Ian.
  24. Ok, so, i have lived in Brisbane for over a year now. I am a permanent resident and moved over here on my own back in May, i met my friend from my previous work here who was on a working visa, we flat shared together and it was good as we have common ground. He moved to NZ around 2 weeks ago. My parents and sister moved here in October, my sister is 18 and she moved back home after 3 months, my parents are fine as they have each other and they live by the beach.. I have recently realised that my social life here is not brilliant, yes i have met some friends but they are all over the age of 28 and are iether married, engaged or not on exactly the same level as me.. My unit lease ends in four weeks and now im reviewing my options with moving back to the UK as an option so i can enjoy being social and young.. Help! :eek: Just wondering if there are any other people around 18-25 who are also having these problems? If so, message me and maybe we can arrange to meet etc. Cheers, Luke
  25. Hello, My name is James and i'm 26 orginally from Henley on Thames. Looking to meet new likeminded people. Like socialising and fancy doing something this weekend if anyone is up for it? James