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  1. xxlornaxx

    PRs who never bother to take out citizenship

    Yeah I have met a someone who won’t do it as they would lose the citizenship in their own country - Denmark I think. And onother colleague says he won’t as it’s too expensive and why should he sort of attitude, feeling he should be given it after being here and contributing for 20yrs, not have to pay and apply. I got mine as soon as possible.
  2. xxlornaxx

    How to know if you’ve made the right decision?

    I hated it at first in Sydney but it was my dream to move to Aus so I figured it must just be the area I moved to and so left for QLD instead and loved it ever since! But everyone is different, my friend emigrated over and after a week felt she made a mistake and so went straight back to UK and never returned. Enjoy your time here while your here, you can always go back.
  3. xxlornaxx

    Health care queries - full time Mum

    I came from Scotland too. I take metformin and b12 shots and also anti convulsant medication for epilepsy. I was used to getting free meds so I’m still shocked that I get asked to pay for them lol I pay about $100 - $140 a month for medication. I go to a bulk billing doctor so don’t pay to see the GP but depending on where you live that’s not always easy. I’ve never needed any other medical services. I have private health insurance only as I earn over a certain amount and don’t want to be charged at tax time but I’ve never used it except for a dental check up which is ridiculously expensive over here for any teeth business! I have spent thousands on my teeth since being here as I needed a couple of things so make sure u look after your teeth! You can get a healthcare card if you get certain benefits, I don’t get any government support so I’m not eligible. https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/services/centrelink/health-care-card/who-can-get-card
  4. xxlornaxx

    Getting enough points

    I did ielts and got the highest marks in all sections except on the speaking part, I got a ridiculously low score - I’m Scottish too. I sat the test in Exeter and I’m sure my accent ruined it for me! When I did it again, it was in Australia and again speaking was an issue so for the third time I spoke really slow with a bit of an English twang and got perfect marks it lol they told me as the speaking part was the only one I was having issues with I should have asked for it to be re marked but was quicker for me to just do it again and try to speak proper England! Good luck
  5. xxlornaxx


    For anyone that’s interested in passports - I attended citizenship ceremony on Saturday 26th January - was told I had to wait ten days till I could apply for passport, I didn’t have ten days to wait as I’m going to Thailand this week so I applied for passport as soon as i could on Tuesday 29th January and it arrived exactly one week later on 5th February .
  6. xxlornaxx

    Aesthetic nurses

    You have to be an RN and then you do the additional training/diploma like the UK, don’t know if the UK training is transferable but lots of jobs advertised so you could email one and ask? I have a friend who does it but I don’t know that much about it. Aus doesn’t have the nurse prescriber course but they have nurse practitioners who can prescribe and they have completed their masters specifically in the nurse practitioner thing! A lot longer and more hoops to jump through than the UK way of doing it. Nurse prescriber in UK won’t tranfer to Aus.
  7. xxlornaxx

    Thins to do in Queensland

    I love qld and have lived all over and one reason I love it is it’s free to do so many fun things! Where exactly are you?
  8. xxlornaxx


    When I moved to Australia on my UK car licence they gave me a full Aus car and bike licence because of how UK licences show what your allowed to drive on the card I assume. I’ve never driven a motorbike, only a small scooter but I have an open licence for a big bike now! I didn’t correct the woman at the desk and accepted the licence. I’ve only driven a car in Aus. You could apply for a licence which is just filling in a form and showing your UK license and see what you get or as you don’t need an Aus licence on your temp visa then you could go in and show your licence and ask if you would be legally allowed to ride a bigger scooter? Otherwise it’s a bit of a hassle. You can get upto a 50cc on your car licence but over that you need to do a pre learner course which would then allow you to drive for at least 3 months but needs to be supervised by someone in another vehicle who has a licence, and displaying L plates, and can’t carry passengers, then after three months of that you can do the restricted course which allows you to drive on your own with P plates, cant carry passengers for a year, and then after two years you can do the unrestricted and have full motorbike licence. That is what was explained to me anyway. The qld gov websites has a lot of info and there is a lot of bike training courses in the Gold Coast if you gooogle them too, they go all through the requirements. Probably be cheaper and quicker just to get a second hand car, and maybe a 50cc scooter for inner city if you really want to.
  9. Look up jobs in the area you are moving to on seek or indeed or your local health area website and it will show you salary and required certificates/experience.
  10. xxlornaxx

    Documents to Upload for Citizenship Application

    Because you don’t need to provide anything for them if they are not applying for citizenship too. What documents do you want to add for them?
  11. xxlornaxx

    Dependent Child now over 18

    Well what would he do? The truth is the most favourable and will make the most sense?
  12. xxlornaxx

    Restricted Driver

    Well that’s new, when I passed my test 5 years ago I wasn’t restricted to 45mph and got a full lisence, I moved to Aus a week after passing and got a full lisence here too, just had to fill in a form. Does your lisence say restricted on it?
  13. xxlornaxx

    Restricted Driver

    Why would you be a restricted driver? Has UK changed their way of doing things?
  14. xxlornaxx

    Just saying hello!

    I convinced my ex husband to move here - he didn’t really want to but did to please me. He was miserable here and We split up in Aus and we both stayed in Aus - he has now met an Aussie and loves it here and says he’ll never leave lol we would have split if we had stayed in UK too. If you have a good marriage, are happy and want it to work it will work anywhere and if you don’t and Aus separates you then you probably wouldn’t have lasted anyway. IMO.
  15. xxlornaxx


    Got citizenship ceremony on 26th January 2019 - applied October 2017, sat test May 2018 so 15 months total and my status on immi account didn’t change all that time. Finally it’s going to happen!