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  1. Iif you've had or suspected you've had a midlife crisis what is it you've done? Just for a laugh..:
  2. cara6

    decided to stay in England

    I'm a big girl and can deal with criticism. Afterall, it would be very naive to move to another country without considering all perspectives..In fact it was a friend of mine who was brave enough to criticise my decision to emigrate. She had travelled to Australia and lived in England all her life. An informed choice can only be made if you're well informed which includes hearing the negatives as well as the positives. Undoubtedly, Australia is beautiful but it's not enough for me to sell up my house, give up my family and friends, security and take a leap of faith and hope it'll all be ok. Remaining in England means I get to appreciate all the great things I mentioned in my first post and can afford to holiday and travel each year. First stop will be tour of Australia. I can still see it, touch it with the security and stability of living in my home country which I love. As I originally said, Yorkshire is beautiful and I can finally appreciate what's staring me in the face here..Anyway signing off as taking my family on 16 mile train ride round the beautiful Yorkshire Dales..thanks for all your comments. . Anyone else facing the dilemma of emigrating, consider all perspectives but never dismiss your gut instict.
  3. cara6

    decided to stay in England

    Yeah I agree. Australia is beautiful, intriguing and definitely a country I want to explore but England is my home and I love the countryside. Feel really happy that I've finally made a decision and can stop carrying the dilemma of emmigrating. So much emotional and financial upheaval with a mammoth decision like that. If anything, it's helped me appreciate my home country and see what's staring me in the face. Although I plan on travelling to Australia, I'm definitely gonna spend more time exploring England/UK and invest in my own home country.
  4. cara6

    decided to stay in England

    Guess it comes down to how people define happiness and perceive beauty. For me, the natural rolling countryside of north Yorkshire is far more beautiful than any city in Australia. But as we all know, looks are superficial. Beauty is no use without personality so it leads me to analyse other comparisons which are probably more political in nature. Admittedly as mentioned above, the recession, social deprivation and threat of terrorism in England evoke difficult times and although this shouldn't be a reason to jump ship and abandon our home country, I can see why some desire a better way of life. This leads me to question Australia's other characteristics. Does Australia offer more economic stability, a safer society, better employment opportunities, a healthier and more outdoors way of life? It's these things that I question ?
  5. cara6

    decided to stay in England

    Glad it was the right decision for you and you're happy over there. I just know in my heart that England is my home. In England we acknowledge the threat of terrorism, the headache of the recession and social deprivation affecting some regions. In Spite of this England offers all the benefits of my post above. Its home...The green green grass of home and I'm feeling all patriotic lol!
  6. cara6

    decided to stay in England

    Hi...I posted on here a couple of months ago with dreams of moving to Australia. I live in north Yorkshire and was planning on moving to Brisbane. It's really forced me to take a look at what's staring me in the face here in England and what Australia has to offer. To cut a long story short...through my dilemma of emmigrating I've discovered the natural beauty which is right under my nose here in Yorkshire. The beautiful countryside, Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire Moors, Yorkshire Coast, The Lake District, All the pretty scenic little villages inbetween, the heritage the country has to offer. Easy access to some brilliant diverse cities, York with it's amazing heritage and culture right on our doorstep. The seasonal changes ect ect...most importantly, my family on my doorstep. Yeah, families can be a headache at times but just knowing they're within easy reach is comforting. On the other hand Australia is beautiful, it's economy has alot to offer, the beautiful beaches, landscape and climate. In England we can travel by car and access different cities easily, in Oz the next closest city is hours drive or a plane journey, In between it's all outback..loads of trees..But what is it then that influences so many Brits to emmigrate each year? ..A third of immigrants move back home and two thirds stay in Oz...so what is it that Oz holds?
  7. What's Brisbane like?..Thinking about moving there myself in next 2 years. Thanks
  8. Can any advise as to process for completing the statutory declaration for migrating with children. I was going to see a solicitor to draw up an agreement but I've heard on the grape vine that the immigration government provide the documentation?..can anyone clarify this for me? Thanks
  9. cara6

    School fees on 457 sponsored visa

    Have you found a sponser yet and are you using a recruitment agency? Good luck
  10. cara6

    School fees on 457 sponsored visa

    State education and healthcare are free in Queensland on the 457 visa, unlike in ACT or NSW which you'd have to pay for if you were on the 457 and living in these areas. Can you not apply for skilled migration visa? More flexibility and security.
  11. cara6

    State sponsorship

    I hope to relocate on a skilled migration visa and thus would need to score superior on the IELTS. If for whatever reason I don't (and after a couple of resist) I may opt for a state sponsorship as I'd only need 5 points to get the visa. Has anyone been through this process?...curious of response times ect after submitting the EOI..thanks
  12. Hi...we intend on moving with approx £15,000-£20,000...I plan also on having a job in place before we move. £10,000 is a good figure to start on, particularly because you have work already in place..good luck
  13. Hi Ya'll....Anyone recommend IELTS revision books...I need to score superior for skilled migration so need to swat up! Cheers
  14. Don't get ne wrong..im scared but I not gonna let fear dictate mine and my families opportunities in life...I've always believed in myself and I believe I will find a job before I go..ever the optimistic...I choose to see it from this perspective because "doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will".