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Found 132 results

  1. Steveozz1

    To take the car or not?

    Hi again guys, Moving back to UK later this year and wondering if its worth it to take our car. Its not an expensive car - Hyundai Tuscon - but its only 4 years old and just paid off so if it makes sense financially to do it, it would certainly be one less thing to worry about over there. However, something tells me that it wont be a simple matter and there will be hidden costs involved - has anybody been through this process themselves and if so, can they give me some pointers as to whether its worth it and what the process involves?
  2. Hey lovely gang, Slightly random one, have been meaning to ask for a while. I came to Australia on a 417 WHV and have been driving on my UK license since I arrived, I recently applied for a 489 for Tasmania and am on a bridging visa while I await the outcome. Is now a good time to apply for a Tassie driving license or do I need to wait until I actually have the visa grant? I don't want to bother if it's too early, but I also don't want to be driving on my UK license if I'm supposed to be on a Tasmanian one. Thanks a million. Anna. :-)
  3. Hi all, We will be arriving in Melbourne on the 5th January and one of our first tasks is to buy a car. Apart from actually buying the car, what else do we need to organise along side it....or does the dealer do it all? ie car insurance, registration, road tax? I just want to be as prepared as possible. Also, has anyone recently bought a car through carsales.com.au or any other firms/sites? What were your experiences and do you have any tips? Cheers in advance Andy
  4. We are in Mandurah WA selling our 8 seater Toyota Tarago. It is a really useful car for when visitors come! great condition 121000 miles 5 months rego contact for pics
  5. Hello again guys Following on from my previous thread about car insurance, I have been looking at the cost of buying a motor in Australia compared to England at a rate of 2.25 I think that you pay a lot more in Aus for a car compared to the UK. So i am now looking into exporting a car from the UK. But I have to factor in the associated costs to see if it would be worth while or not. Can any who has gone through this experience give me a guide as to the costs associated along with time scales Thanks in advance Mark
  6. Hi I am hoping someone can point out a flaw in my logic someplace, please help! I am thinking about how to transfer my £ equity to Australia to get the best deal I can. The exchange rate is not great, so I was thinking of alternatives. What I have noticed is that the price of some cars in Australia is very high, compared to the UK. An example I have is a friend of mine who is currently selling a car in the UK for £17k. In Aus I have found the exact same car for sale at around £45k. Now I know shipping and taxes at will eat up maybe £5k, but still that is a double your money scenario. I am thinking that instead of transferring cash, I purchase vehicles I know are worth a lot of money in Aus and ship them. Then convert the value in Australia. There must be some flaw to my cunning plan, or surely everyone would do this, does anyone know what the flaw is? Cheers, Andrew
  7. Guest

    buying a car

    Hi to all, Just thought I would post about my first experience of buying a car in oz. People had told me all the horror stories and I was worried to say the least . We got told about Buckingham Autos in Wangara and headed up there expecting to find the same as all the other places. We were met by a guy called Anthony , and he was superb, he gave us some tips and didnt push at all., let us walk round without the usual pressure. Dare I say it, but it was almost a pleasure parting with my $$$$$$. Might be sales patter but if you mention Austin sent you, you may get some discount. Austin
  8. Hello lovely Sydney PIOers. Please come along to the Castle Hill Cavalcade this Sunday! Myself and a few other Hill's district PIOers will be there with our very own cake stand. This is to raise funds for our friend Aaron who has Cerebral Palsy and has been offered the chance of a life-changing operation. Just to make things clear, I am Chairman of Aaron's Next Steps which is a fully registered charity www.aaronsnextsteps.com If you would like to come along we would love to meet you - do you trust our baking though??? :twitcy: If anyone would like any more details feel free to PM me. Thanks very much. :wubclub:
  9. Guest

    Cars for sale-Gold Coast

    Hi there, We are moving back to the UK in the new year but I'm pregnant and have finished work to go on maternity leave and my partner has a work ute so we are selling our 2nd car. It's a little electric blue, manual Toyota echo 2004. Super reliable and really cheap to run. It's recently had a service and about 10 months ago we bought 4 new tyres for it, since then it's only been driven 10 minutes to and from work 3 times a week as we have the big family care for everything else. Fully working aircon, CD player, roof racks. There is a dent in the back of the car which was there when we bought it and a few little marks here and there probably from stones flicking up on the road. Interior has a few scratches too. We havent advertised yet though and are getting it fully detailed before we do so. It's done just over 160,000km and is rego'd until mid February next year. Looking for about $5,000. We're based southern Gold Coast. Havnt taken any pics yet but will do so today and post some up. If you want any more info please send me a private msg. We're moving back to the UK towards the end of March next year and will also have a 2011 Hyundai i30 wagon Diesel for sale then too of anyone's looking for a fantastic family car which is really cheap to run . Bought brand new about 5 months ago (decision to move was made after that....in hindsight would not have bought brand new) so far done 6000km and is in immaculate condition. Has factory tinted windows and hyundai factory fitted roofracks. We paid $25,000 for it so will be looking for at least 20k. Thought I'd post here too incase anyone is moving over here at a similar time and after a good family car
  10. LinziM

    2 cars for sale in Perth

    Steve and I are headed home to sunny Wales after 20+ years. 2 cars for sale 2009 Ford Focus coupe cabriolet hard top convertible 28000kms serviced regularly, garaged $27,000 2005 (Nov) Ford Escape auto 4wd with tow pack, cruise control, mudflaps, 72000kms serviced regularly, garaged $15,000
  11. Help! How long does import approval take. We are leaving 24 Nov and now officially panicking as I hadn't realised this needed doing in advanceand haven't done it yet! Will we make it??
  12. Hi all I've always been a bit of a bargain hunter when it comes to cars in the UK, and have always found it relatively easy to get a good car for not a lot of money here. For instance I currently have a year 2000 golf gti, with all the toys, which I bought for £900. I've been looking at the used car market on gumtree for instance, in the central coast area, and well, I'm so disappointed. I wont be coming over with much money at all, and my immediate priority wil be trying to find a cheap but reasonablly nice car, so i can get to work straight away. I'd probably have about $2500 to spend on one. Can anyone guide me on this, I really dont want an 80s car! cheers
  13. 2tigers

    Smoking ban in cars?

    What's your thoughts? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/8891521/Smoking-in-cars-should-be-banned-doctors.html
  14. Phil & Vikki

    Kit Cars into NSW

    It has always been my dream to own a kit car. Yes there are plenty of cars here in Australia, but what is wanted is a Dakar 4x4 kit car. There is a company in the UK that will build them to a high standard and pass UK MOT's. My question is, would I be allowed to then bring this into NSW as it would be fully road legal and professionally built. I have not seem many kit cars out here.
  15. hello all, I have started to look into shipping our stuff and what we are going to bring. we have come to the decission we are going to bring our old austin with us. we know it is not worth a fourtune but we love it and dont want to sell it. my question is, the car is from 1958 so it was never fitted with seatbelts and to this day it still does not have any fitted.does any body know what rules apply with the road saftey test it would have to go through in melbourn do be able for it to be licenst. it also will have a speedometer in mph km. i have spent hours looking but cannot find the rules for classic cars,any help would be great. thanks johny
  16. Heather Law

    Cars and finance

    We are planning on taking cars to Oz with us when we finally go...are we allowed to ship them with outstanding finance? We are planning on keeping the payments going until paid up, not running away before anybody suggests! We will have had both cars for over the 12 month requirement for ownership purposes. Heather
  17. Hi All, We're moving out to Perth in 6 weeks and I've been doing loads of research on cars/car seats and isofix points. I'm a bit confused by all this car seat tethering millarky and was wondering if someone could explain it properly to me please? Is it all car seats that need tethering, or just those between ages 1-4years? Do high back booster seats need tethering as well? I understand that ISOFIX car seats are illegal? (despite being the best system in the world, but that's a whole different discussion lol). I am devastated by this news as all my kids (8, 3 & 1) have very expensive isofix seats. Does anybody take the risk of using them? I can't find many Australian cars that have isofix points though? Has anybody been fined because of using them? Thanks to anyone who responds.
  18. Hi, We're moving back so have furniture, cars & other bits to sell. We're in Adelaide. PM me & I can send you a list.
  19. hi there, i am hoping there is someone out there who can give us a name of an insurer who is willing to insure 2 imported UK cars. I am stumbling across insurers who do not insure imports :mad: help plsssssssssssssssssssss
  20. Hi, Does anyone use ISOFIX, or have a car with ISOFIX? Can anyone tell me what used Australian cars have ISOFIX? I won't be buying new, so need one about 3-5 years old. I know all about this system not being legal, so please no debate on this topic!! Thanks
  21. Hi all, Just wondered if anyone can help with buying used / new cars, auction, dealer, private, models that are reliable out there and reasonably priced, common faults with aussie cars, what kind of deals do they do with new ones (so much warranty etc..):unsure: we are a family of 4 coming over mid September. cheers Tracy :jiggy:
  22. We've got two little tikes cars which are a bit grubby from being outside and one you can see sand inside the frame from where it tipped over before. Would we be better off buying and assembling new ones and shipping them instead? Have seen that they are twice as expensive in Australia! Dont fancy shipping them to be told we have to pay for them to be destroyed and end up buying new ones anyway. Was also going to buy the kids a play kitchen for their birthday and ship it in the box in the container but declare it as new and keep the receipt handy. Does anyone know if this would be ok?
  23. Guest

    Cost effective Cars?

    Hey Folks, Just arrived two days ago and already wanting to buy a good second hand car.... but on a budget. I've scoured the carsales.com.au site but the big question for me is not how cheap the car is now but how much will it cost to run. Any advice and which cars are easily maintained with affordable parts, insurance etc? Budget $5000-$6000