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  1. Johnny Kash

    National insurance stamps

    some good contributions and ideas on this thread ! Personally I think the whole 'is it worth topping up' depends on whether: 1) theres a chance you may return or retire to the UK 2) Even if your staying and retiring in Oz you think its a good idea to have at least part of your savings based in UK/sterling. I fall into both of these so for me its a no brainer to top up. Also worth pointing out that if you have a UK based SIPP you can contribute up to 5 years after leaving and still benefit from tax relief (limited to GBP3,600 gross per annum). Ive been doing this as my SIPP has been going gangbusters for a few years (Mainly thanks to that man Terry Smith ) and performance wise has been beating my Aussie Super hands down.
  2. Johnny Kash

    National insurance stamps

    Class 2 is obviously preferable if youre eligible. I know the UK govt were planning on pulling it a couple of years ago but made a U-turn. Im wondering if its the case that once youve been assessed as being eligible for class 2 and start paying the direct debits then thats you lodged in that system even if the govt decide to pull it again? or would they just move you onto class 3 if and when they decide to do that? Its something were looking into as I got my statement which shows 24 years of contributions. I was amazed that I earnt some qualifying years from part time work pushing trollies in a supermarket when I was stilll at school in 1989 (old gipper )
  3. Johnny Kash

    The Beer Connoisseur Thread

    Hoegaarden update! Dan Murphy are doing 4 for $11 for members (you can join immediately). Only downside is, small bottles and youre gonna need a lot more than 4
  4. Johnny Kash

    The Beer Connoisseur Thread

    Im on a Hoegaarden binge right now I have to say. Love that Belgian brew. Only problem is its so damn expensive, although Dan Murphy and BWS occasionally do specials.
  5. Johnny Kash

    Been in Oz 8 months and struggling - advice please!

    Were you topping up class II or class III in your case? I cant see how they wouldn't count or register if you've paid the relevant top ups but sounds like you ran into some issues. I know of a few expats whove topped up at both classes with no dramas but were dealing with government here so its never straightforward
  6. Johnny Kash

    Been in Oz 8 months and struggling - advice please!

    sorry to hear this. how old are your kids? I know of a family who are currently in the UK - going well as far as I know - after 8 years in Oz. Hubby wanted to move back to UK, wife preferred Australia. They agreed that once their (only) child hit secondary school age they would move back to the UK, thus giving the child experience of both countries. With the idea that when said child hits 18 they can then be free to decide where they want to live. The idea of early childhood in Oz (safe, outdoorsy etc.) and teenage/early adult life in the UK (more vibrant, probably better work opportunities) seems a good one to me, although might not work for everyone.
  7. Johnny Kash

    Been in Oz 8 months and struggling - advice please!

    You can still contribute from abroad towards a SIPP (self invested personal pension) for up to 5 years after leaving the UK. As youre not earning GBP youd be limited to a max of 2880 (3600 gross) per year but would still get tax relief on this, so well worth doing if youre planning on returning. With regard to opening a SIPP, Im pretty sure you would have to do this while still a UK resident though as I don't think you can open one from overseas. Same with ISAs, assuming you open one in the UK that cash or investment can sit there until you return and hopefully grow tax free. You can still contribute to the ISA in the tax year you leave the country but after that no more contributions permitted.
  8. Johnny Kash

    Been in Oz 8 months and struggling - advice please!

    this is a good point. at the moment you can still pay the cheaper class 2 contributions (approx. GBP150 per year of NI conts, which is a bargain) but my understanding is you need to have been working in the UK prior to those 6 years. The govt were going to axe this but then made a U-turn. For how long is unclear. I only found out about this in the last year or so and for the first 5 years after leaving UK didn't know you could top up NI contributions at all, at either class 2 or 3. Class 3 costs around GBP700 per year. Of course the gamble is if the UK state pension becomes means tested at some point (similar to aussie) so in theory you could make all these topups and its wasted money in some circumstances. Good luck to whatever government tries to get that through anyway
  9. Johnny Kash

    Been in Oz 8 months and struggling - advice please!

    Were in the process of topping up our 6 years which will get me to 30 years so not far off a full state pension. Id be interested to know if that is six years at a time, i.e. can you top up 6 years, then 6 years down the line top up another 6?? I guess for those expats who left UK at an early age and have been out of the country for that long then it might be difficult to 'catch up' as it were, especially if you weren't aware of the chance to still contribute from overseas.
  10. Johnny Kash

    Been in Oz 8 months and struggling - advice please!

    Is this really the case though? For any expat whatever pension they've built up in the UK will still be there upon return. You can top up NI contributions from abroad to keep up your contributions - Class 2 still available by the way.. OK, so you'll miss out on the Australian 'state pension'. From what I can see its that means tested that anyone with half decent assets wont get it anyway so not a huge loss. So if you've got your UK state pension, private pension and Australian super (yes, understand there are tax implications with this) how is this 'financially impossible'?
  11. Johnny Kash

    Restaurants and bars in Adelaide

    I concur with the above. We moved here in 2011 from Edinburgh (a similar 'mid sized city' and found it all (adelaide) a bit flat initially in the CBD). Theres definitely been an uplift in the atmosphere in the city and around the laneways you mention, in addition to the Oval redevelopment which has added to the vibrancy over the last few years. Leigh and Peel St are great spots. The whole interstate 'Adelaide's just a big country town' chat is getting kind of long now. My current boss in Sydney came out with this in our first videconference. I replied that those who live in New York or London probably think the same about Sydney. She went a bit quiet and quickly changed the subject to work
  12. Johnny Kash

    What you wish you would have brought...

    The main thing we got caught out with was not shipping over enough cold weather stuff - left all my ski jackets, thermals etc at home thinking 'this is Oz, wont need those'.... first winter in Adelaide I regretted this big time. In an Aussie house (seemingly constructed of balsa wood and paper) by the beach in winter with no central heating or double glazing it felt at times colder than any winter spent in Scotland. Of course if youre heading for Qld or NT, you can pretty much ignore the above
  13. Johnny Kash

    Australia takes over highest median wealth per adult title

    Having been over in the UK after 7 years in Aus this does not surprise me. As others have said, minimum wage in Aus is far higher (even taking into account higher cost of living) and compulsory Super having kicked in over the years. While the UK is starting to get onboard with compulsory pension contributions, we have been shocked at how much wages have stood still here the past few years whilst cost of living has risen. Speaking with guys at work in their 20s, many of them have simply given up on being able to ever afford to buy a home. To give balanced perspective, we are in Kendal, hardly a hotbed of employment but, crucially, not a cheap place to live, being the gateway to the Lake District etc. and cashed up older/semi retired folks buying houses here. Certainly the boomer age group in both countries are by and large fairly affluent but I remember being amazed at many of the boomers at my tennis club in Adelaide who seemed to be taking 3 month vacations to Europe, had villas in Bali and were retired at a (reasonably young) age.
  14. Johnny Kash

    retiring back to the UK

    It would be good to get clarity on this. In terms of reaching preservation age for your Super and stopping working - assuming the OP is back in the UK he will have technically stopped working in Australia (even if he does carry on grafting back in the UK). I asked the question of my Super fund and was told this was the case - if you are not working in Australia at preservation age you satisfy the release conditions. I'm slightly sceptical of this but would be good to get this confirmed or otherwise.