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  1. steveshe

    Heating a House

    Makes you wonder all these years how Aussies have coped with living through winters here . . Poms come over and instantly start moaning houses are not like the UK . Its not the UK .
  2. steveshe

    Do you consider yourself Australian?

    Australian .Being in this country has been the happiest years ever . 43 years in UK . 21 here . Best move ever and i support Aussies in all sports . My hubby has been here 55 years and doesnt even think of ever being a Pom . As he says , hes Aussie through and through .
  3. steveshe

    Visa 600 extension

    I was wondering the same thing . You cannot work and im amazed that what is supposed to be a short holiday visa can keep being renewed into an almost living here situation . I would of thought they would of said no reason not to go back to UK and refused any more extensions due to the UK being a lot more stable .
  4. steveshe

    Booking hotel quarantine

    Sorry didnt see the PR bit .
  5. steveshe

    Citizenship by descent

    So he would have to live here as a citizen first for 2 years before the kids can apply as he has never ever lived here before , so the kids will have to come over on the mothers visa whichever one she chooses .
  6. steveshe

    Booking hotel quarantine

    You have nothing to do with where someone goes for Quarantine . He will be taken straight from the airport to whichever hotel the government/ Immi decides on . You will also not be allowed to see him . As long as he is allowed into Australia and has an exemption to enter you will see him after 2 weeks and 3k lighter .
  7. I only moved here 21 years ago and have never ever regretted it once . Have a son and grandkids back in the UK and a large family of brothers and sisters and a dad but would never even consider going back . I had a good life back there but so much happier here . My husband who has been here 56 years from a kid even said he would never move back to UK . For us it just holds no appeal at all . For others its all they think of .
  8. steveshe

    Thinking of moving back to Uk

    Just remember pension here is not a right . Lots of things taken into consideration to claim it here . Just working doesnt give you it . It goes on your assets and that is cars everything , Super , whats in your bank . A lot do not get it . My husband had to prove he had worked 10 years full time before claiming . They go into every little detail .
  9. No i dont . Best thing i ever done was coming here .
  10. So also pay for 2 weeks Quarantine when coming back in as well . I just find it odd that some guy from "parent visas" can issue you with Pr visas just like that , i was never informed i was getting it until i received it in writing .
  11. steveshe

    Australian Citizenship and US green card

    My husband came here in 1966 as a 12 year old . he never got Citizenship until 2007 same time as me . He worked for the government for donkeys years and was more than happy with his life . No conspiracy as to why he never got Citizenship before then . He could do everything a citizen done so didnt even give it a thought . He went back to the UK couple of times for a holiday but like he said could never live there didnt interest him . Here is his home . You should look on the 10 pound Pom page id say half of them are still PR and quite happy .
  12. Dont think it makes any difference how long you have been married or how many kids. You have to go in the queue like everyone else im afraid . And it is taking a long time .
  13. We had to prove we had been in a relationship for 12 months . Joint bank accounts for 12 months . Household bills in both names . Stat dec's from family and proof of emails from 12 months . It takes quite a bit as a lot of people scam this visa and from what i have read recently they are tightening it up . Best of luck . Just get lots and lots of evidence . Facetiming is not really evidence . They need hard evidence .
  14. steveshe

    Applying for a British passport for a child born in Oz

    The child if born here can only travel in and out of Australia on a Aussie passport .T he child will not have a visa number to put in a British one as they are not a resident . So maybe concentrate on Aussie one first .Plus you will need to get an Australian citizenship certificate as well before getting a passport even though they are born here .
  15. Your son wont be flying here will he if he hasnt had a visa approved ?. Nerve wracking wait for you .