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Found 16 results

  1. Prashant Shukla

    Recent Tourist Visa Timelines (600)

    Hi All Back on the forum after a long time, hope all is well. I have applied for my parents visitor visa in tourist stream and not family sponsored (coz that takes more processing time) Just here to see recent experiences on docs and timelines. Following is mine: Applied - 15th of Feb 2022 Status - Received Please share yours, thanks.
  2. Has anyone recently applied for a visitor visa while waiting for a visa outcome of another visa. Interested on people that have done this. My husband essentially is eligible for a visitor visa based on being immediate family if we apply for exemption but we have a partner visa in progress for 20 months at the moment. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi all, I am trying to apply for visitor visa for my in-laws to bring them to Australia as we are expecting a baby in March 2022. My father-in-laws is retired and my mother-in-law was housewife. They do not have fixed deposit or any much in their bank account. They do own a home and a car - both on father-in-law's name. What kind of document should we submit to prove that he owns the home? The registration paper he has for the home is not in english. I was thinking of attaching recent electricity bill and the land tax paid for this year. Is that sufficient? I am sure some of you might have applied for visitor visa and attached documents for the assets. What kind of document is commonly attached for home asset? Which is accepted? Thank you!
  4. JennySN

    Visitor visa 600

    Hello all. Need some advice or if anyone is in the same situation. My husband is Canadian citizen. He has been to Australia twice for a visit. I am an Australian citizen. We have a baby girl born in Canada and now she’s a dual citizen. my question is. My husband applied for visitor visa March 20 2021. There is no update on that yet. How long does it take for a visa approval? thnx
  5. immigrant589

    Visitor Visa for Parents

    Hi, I am living in Brisbane as PR with my wife and kids, for around 5 months. I am working as full-time permanent employee for the last 5 months. I am planning to apply for 12 month visitor visa for my parents. My parents never came to Australia, however then have been to USA for 3 times to see my elder brother. My parents are 72 years old. I have few questions regarding the application and will appreciate a response. Should I apply for Tourist Stream or Family Sponsored Stream? What have better options for 12 month visa grant? If apply tourist visa, How much funds will work, my father has term deposit and rental income? Basis of invitation to be mentioned in the letter or application? Any example or idea ?? Do a invitation / cover letter is required?? What I should write in covering letter / invitation letter to make my case strong enough for 12 month stay visitor visa?? Do I need to pay a bond?? If insurance is required, shall I purchase it now or just attach a quote?? Waiting for advice.
  6. Hello, When applying for visitor visa (subclass 600) there are couple of questions that i encounter. 1. Does the applicant have health insurance arranged for their stay in Australia? 2. Does any applicant intend to enter a hospital or a health care facility (including nursing homes) while in Australia? The applicant here is my baby who is under 1 year of age. I planned to take health insurance once the visa is granted and before arriving in Australia. But there are 2 questions on immi when filing new visitor visa application. If i answer "NO" and proceed, will there be any impact on the process? The applicant may need to visit hospitals for baby vaccinations. There is already child visa under process for the applicant. Thanks in advance - Pratap
  7. Hi, I have applied tourist visa for my father- in-law online. I am worried now for their medical as he is having parkinson from last few years. He is independent for his ADL's. What are his chances of getting visa? His medical is not done yet. Please suggest. Thanks, Jitender
  8. I have questions about bringing partner from overseas. I'm not married to the girl yet. My plan is as follows. Step 1: bring her in Australia on visitor visa subclass 600. Her reason to visit to Australia will be to meet me and explore Australia and the culture before making marriage decision. Step 2: get married to her while she is in Australia on visitor visa. Step 3: Apply for partner visa subclass 820 followed by subclass 801 after two years. Can someone suggest about this plan if this will work or not? Is there any better way to get her visitor visa approved? Another option that I can think is to go to India, get married to her first and then follow the same steps. (Eg. Visitor visa than 820 & 801) If someone has done similar way or better way, please suggest. Thanks in Advance.
  9. Hi all.. i really need some advices or any opinion. i have been applied my partner visa 309, done my police check and medical examination. Now i am waiting for my tourist visa to be proceed. its been 8 days since i lodged the documents for 600 visa. short story is i had overstayed in Australia for almost 3 years, i got married to Australian Citizen, then i got back with my BVE dont have any bad experince in Australia. My question is, all anything behind will effect to my visa? i read some news and forums there is no effect to any permanent visa. but what about my visitor visa? will i pass the 600 visa? i really need advices and opinion or even better is there any case that quite similar to me? thanks so much!
  10. Hello I hope you can help! I’ve put the information below relating to my fiancé and I moving over to Australia. (NB we’ve been living together in the UK for four years and had a joint bank account for around three years or so and have lots of docs to back that kind of thing up). 1. I’ve been offered a role in Sydney, but only if I can start within 3-4 months 2. I’m currently living in London (British with a British passport) with my fiancé who is from New Zealand with a NZ passport 3. Id like to get over to Aus asap so I can apply in country for a visa that will allow me to work within a 3-4 month period (assuming that I have to apply in country for this to work) 4. I need to come back to the UK before moving to Aus permanently within the three month visitor term as: A) we’re getting married mid August in London B) my fiancé will be leaving his London job but we could really do with some more time to work in the UK and save up before moving to Aus in say, September/October ideally So my question is - can we do all of that within the immigration requirements? For example can I: Apply in the UK for a visitor visa for three months Go to Aus with my fiancé and on day 1 apply for a partnership visa (461?) and automatically apply for a BVA (does he need to be with me for this or can he stay in London?) Then travel back to the UK after approx one week on my visitor visa Come back to Aus in Sept/Oct before my visitor visa has expired and my BVA has kicked in (so no need to wait for the BVA and then convert to BVB to travel to London and back again when returning to Sydney so I can work) Is that following the rules? A separate option I hoped might be possible: Is there any way to make this work without going to Australia twice (ie apply for the partner visa (461?) in the UK and still be able to move to and work in Aus in the next 3-4 months)? Very grateful for any help you can offer! Many thanks!
  11. Me & my sister were asked to be bridesmaids for a very close friend of ours who is getting married in Australia in mid-year [Yay!!] I live in UK & my sis lives in India. We both are citizens of India, but i maintain Non-resident status. Can we apply together under the same online application [e-Visa]? or Should we apply separately. Then comes the question about the invitation from our friend - should that be a common invitation letter or separate? Thanks in advance. -MGJ
  12. peterjoel76

    How to read visa grant letter

    My wife has been granted a visitor visa but I am not sure how to read the grant letter. Below are details from grant letter. --------------------------------- Visa grant date 1 August 2013 Last Date to arrive 1 August 2014 Stay For/Until 3 months Entries Multiple Visa Stream Tourist Below are details from VEVO.--------------------------------- Visa grant date 1 August 2013 Visa expiry date 2 December 2013 (She arrived here on 2nd September 2013) Visa status In Effect Entries allowed Multiple entries to and from Australia during the validity of your visa Must not arrive after 1 August 2014 Period of stay 03 months I am not sure if she can remain in Australia for a maximum of 3 months with multiple entries OR She can remain here with multiple entries of maximum 3 months each and the last entry could be before 1 August 2014?
  13. applying for the subclass 600 visa which allows you to stay in australia for up to 12 months ,just looking at the cost and it says the visa starts off at £90 there fore i'm a bit skeptical about sending the forms off just incase i get stung by the government for loads of cash , has any one actually stayed out in australia for a 12 month period on this visa and if so what was the aprox cost i fit the criteria as our daughter is a permanent resident and her place would be our base ect and can prove i have significant funds and monthly pensions kind regards graham
  14. Hi, I have lodged my visitor visa application last 21 November. It says processing times is between 15 to 29 days. Until now, I am still waiting for an update. Does anybody know which email address I could use to follow-up on my application status?
  15. Hi, guys. I just wanted to ask if anybody has any recent experience of applying for a tourist visa and waited for more than a month? I have lodged my visitor visa application last 21 November and the processing time is between 15 to 29 days. I am still waiting for an update. Would it be better to follow-up now or just continue to wait further? Would anybody know which email address I could use to follow-up on my application status? I have checked online but I am unable to find it. I plan to travel from January 15 and I am just getting worried. Hope you can advise Thanks
  16. Hello Guys! I am new to this site. I am travelling alone to Australia in Feb '13 on a tourist visa. I intend to find myself a job there and be able to convert my tourist visa into work visa. My Tourist visa is valid only for 3 months and I will be staying with my cousin in Melbourne. Assuming that I'd find a sponsor with a job offer while in Australia, what is the processing time for a work visa? Does that require me to leave Oz and get back in with a work visa or can I continue being in the country while the visa is processing? What is "work visa" called in Oz? (Just as it is called H1B in USA) Any tips, suggestion that might be helpful is appreciated. Thanks all.