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Found 20 results

  1. immigrant589

    Tourist or Sponsored visa

    Hi, I need to apply for visitor visa for parents for first time. I am settled in Australia for 4 years and wanted to know which stream should I apply. My parents are 77 years old and my father has severe dementia and also require assistance. So I want them to apply for longer terms (6months to 1 year). Which visa stream should I apply ? and what are chances? will a health examination be conducted and with such medical history is it an issue? What should be possible brief description of application letter Please help me out in getting answers before submitting application and I would highly appreciate your responses
  2. Hi, we are on the eVisitor (651) Visa at the moment. That is 2 adults and one child. As we are here for almost 3 month but wish to stay for some more time we though we just go for the Tourist (600) Visa. However we enrolled our child in a school here and just noticed that it seems that school enrolment is not allowed for more then 3 month. We really would like to have another school term though as it's perfect to get in touch with children and learning English. Now this leads to the following questions - Do we get ANOTHER 3 month when we switch from 651 to 600? - is there any way of getting the permit for school enrolment while being on 600 but having used the 3 month enrolment on a 651 before? - what other options would there be if this is not working on the 600? - if we apply for 600 do we get a bridging Visa if our 651 expires soon? Any help is highly appreciated. Regards sct
  3. Clairemantle

    Travel exemption siblings

    Hello can anyone help me understand if I can get a travel exception for my sister. We are Australian citizens and would love my family from the UK to finally meet their grandchild. I can see we can apply for my parents to come but anyone has any success with siblings? Thank you!
  4. Hi all, I am trying to apply for visitor visa for my in-laws to bring them to Australia as we are expecting a baby in March 2022. My father-in-laws is retired and my mother-in-law was housewife. They do not have fixed deposit or any much in their bank account. They do own a home and a car - both on father-in-law's name. What kind of document should we submit to prove that he owns the home? The registration paper he has for the home is not in english. I was thinking of attaching recent electricity bill and the land tax paid for this year. Is that sufficient? I am sure some of you might have applied for visitor visa and attached documents for the assets. What kind of document is commonly attached for home asset? Which is accepted? Thank you!
  5. Hi Guys, Just about to submit my British husband's 309 partner visa (i.e. I'm the Aussie). We intend to travel back to Australia mid next year (his 309 visa will be about 8 months into the process), where I will start a new job. He will be looking after our then 1.5yr old son whilst waiting for the visa to come through. Looking for advice as follows: 1. I understand that he's allowed to travel to Aus on a 600 visitor visa while the 309 is still in process. I've heard some people say their 600 visa allows them 12 months stay. How do you go about getting a 600 visa for 12 months? 2. I've started to hear people mention a 'bridging' visa which would actually result in my husband being allowed to come to Aus before the 309 is approved AND work? Seems too good to be true? Can anyone shed any light on this as an alternative? And when would you apply for it - in the UK prior to leaving for Aus (skipping the 600 visa altogether), or do you get the 600 visa, come to Aus, then apply for the bridging visa? Thanks everyone.
  6. My mother has applied for 143 few months back and currently in OZ under visa class 600 with 12 out of 18 months condition. Is there anyway to extend her visa so she can stay 3-6 months extra for her grand-son's birthday? Any advise Appreciated.
  7. Harpersgirl

    Visitor Visa- VACCU Referral

    Well, it's been a while since I posted in here but once a pom in oz always a pom in oz eh! I'm hoping someone can give me some hope for my daughter's subclass 600 for a surprise visit to bring her baby twins to meet the rest of the family over Xmas. Flights are booked for 27th December and her partners and the babies visa's are all approved. Unfortunately, yesterday she was told that her application has been passed on to VACCU and they are now terrified that they will not get it back in time. She has a spent conviction from when she was resident here two years ago which we assume is the reason for VACCU. At that time she was being processed for a 457 but due to the terrible time she had living here decided to head back to the UK to settle. Immi were fully aware of this however the 457 appears to have been left on her records which may also cause some confusion. She has passed on police checks for both Aus and UK and character references to support her application. Does anyone have any suggestions of how they can proceed or is able to give me hope that I will see my grandchildren....
  8. BerniDeaks

    Visitor Visa 600 and ETA

    Hi, I am new to the group and would like to ask your advice on how I could remain in Australia after my 600 visa expires early May. My initial visa was a Visitor Subclass 600 visa, issued May 17 with a stay period of 12 months from the date of each arrival (multiple entries). My final arrival on this visa was May 18, making the expiry date May 19 - with no further facility for multiple entries. In November 18, my daughter who lives in Cambodia got sick, therefore I contacted the visa authorities for permission to leave and return on this visa. The only was they could allow this was to apply for another Visitor Subclass 600 visa, which they issued valid from 1/11/18 to 7/5/19 with the multiple entries that I had requested during the validity of the visa. I am currently in Australia, the last time I left was Dec 18 and returned Jan 19 ( I was in Cambodia for approx. two weeks) The reason for my being in Australia was to support my daughter with raising my first grandson who was born in Australia in August 2017. She is on a 457 Visa (187 applied for, but they are still waiting on a decision), sponsored by a farm in outback, QLD. Due to visa restrictions and location, it has been necessary for her partner to accept employment some 300kms away, which leaves my daughter and her baby isolated with no support. My reason for extending the visa therefore, is so that I can continue to help and support them. I would very much appreciate your advice on what would be my best options to remain a bit longer.
  9. Waitingaround

    309/100 - 600 Tourist Visa

    I realise there is a lot of info on here in reference to getting a Tourist Visa (e600/600)(3/6/12 Months) but thought i'd make a thread soley for it and any experience. So let me ask the question on everyone's mind and see what stories and experience we get......... Should/could/can we apply for a Tourist visa subclass 600 whilst awaiting the decision on the 309 temporary part of the partner visa???
  10. HI every one as we all know that 309/100 processing time is increassed to 20+ months and may increass more, is it worth to apply for a 600 visitor for partner, i had applied for their 309 2 months back, i have two kids and have been married for 10yrs. please sugest is it worth applying visitor visa and how long can they stay and can it be extend when partner is on-shore and what is the sucess rate from India
  11. My sister and mother are hoping to visit me in Australia on a Tourist 600 visa from Pakistan. They will submit the application together and mention each other's details in the form where they ask who are you traveling with. My question is, once they both have been granted their visas, what happens if only one of them travels to Australia and the other one can't for some reason. Would the immigration officer at the airport look at that as potentially dodgy? If they do, can they cancel the visa on the spot? I don't know if this is a scenario they see every day. Look forward to get some guidance, thanks.
  12. peterjoel76

    How to read visa grant letter

    My wife has been granted a visitor visa but I am not sure how to read the grant letter. Below are details from grant letter. --------------------------------- Visa grant date 1 August 2013 Last Date to arrive 1 August 2014 Stay For/Until 3 months Entries Multiple Visa Stream Tourist Below are details from VEVO.--------------------------------- Visa grant date 1 August 2013 Visa expiry date 2 December 2013 (She arrived here on 2nd September 2013) Visa status In Effect Entries allowed Multiple entries to and from Australia during the validity of your visa Must not arrive after 1 August 2014 Period of stay 03 months I am not sure if she can remain in Australia for a maximum of 3 months with multiple entries OR She can remain here with multiple entries of maximum 3 months each and the last entry could be before 1 August 2014?
  13. path2aus

    Tourist Visa Question

    Hello All, My in-laws are currently in Australia. They were granted 600 visa in 2016 December for a year. They came here with us when we migrated, stayed for less than 3 months and left Australia on time. They again visited us in December 2017 (Entered before the last entry date) and will be leaving a week before their 3 month stay time. Now they would like to apply for tourist visa again. Do they have to wait for a while after leaving Australia to apply for tourist visa again or is the timeline completely irrelevant? They might not immediately visit Australia but might visit us again in about 3 months or so. Their last granted visa expired in December 2017. They would like to apply as soon as they leave Australia. Thanks.
  14. Hi, guys. I just wanted to ask if anybody has any recent experience of applying for a tourist visa and waited for more than a month? I have lodged my visitor visa application last 21 November and the processing time is between 15 to 29 days. I am still waiting for an update. Would it be better to follow-up now or just continue to wait further? Would anybody know which email address I could use to follow-up on my application status? I have checked online but I am unable to find it. I plan to travel from January 15 and I am just getting worried. Hope you can advise Thanks
  15. path2aus

    Visiting again on Subclass 600

    Hello All, My wife's parents were in Australia with us on 600 visa for 3 months. The visa is valid for a year with stays up to 3 months allowed at a time. My question is that they just left on the 15th of April. If we want to bring them back in May, will that be an issue? Do they need to spend a significant amount of time outside Australia to come back (Like in the US where you need to spend equal amount of time outside the country)? Please let me know. We are plannnig to bring them back around May 15th. Thanks.
  16. Guest

    subclass 600 visa questions....

    SO! I want to go back to AUS to visit family and friends after going there on a Holiday Working visa back in 2013-14. I can't apply for a second Holiday working visa, so I believe the subclass 600 visitor visa is my best option since I want to stay for as long as possible (ideally for the full 12 months). I miss it so much! That being said, I feel like the government website is missing some details I need before I apply, so HALP! My questions are: If I have financial support from my mom in Canada and my Uncle in AUS, does that increase my chances of a longer stay? Or do I have to pay for everything myself? How much money should I have when I apply? Does your bank account influence the application process? Could I apply for the visa without having all the mandatory funds and continue to save until my departure? I have my family's home in AUS that I'll be staying at, does that help? If I get granted only 3 months or 6 months, can I reapply for more time? Or do I have to leave? I really want to make this work. I want to do it right, and I want to make sure I have all my t's crossed and i"s dotted. Any insight would be looooovely! Thank you! <3
  17. Background Arrived in Aus 2010 on a Student Visa. After Uni, obtained a 485 Skilled Graduate. Currently working for an employer in my skilled nomination. Applied for a 457. Unfortunstely, nomination for sponsorship was recently refused due to salary issues (long story, but legal advice has said not worth appealing) Currently under a Bridging A (class WA) as I still have till the 1st December to appeal against my 457 decision. I intend on withdrawing my 457 application before the 1st of December. I believe that upon doing this, I will then be given 28 days on withdrawing, for my Bridging Visa to remain valid. Option 1 - New 457 Application I am currently working with my employer to potentially find another role with a simpler contract that meets the needs of a 457. I would then need to apply for a new 457 application Q1. Whilst on my current bridging visa, can I apply for a new 457 onshore? Option 2 - Lodge a Tourist Visa (600) The above might fall through with my employer and therefore I want to find work elsewhere in Australia. I would then like to apply for a 6mth Tourist Visa so that I can continue to find work. Q2. Whilst on my current bridging visa, can I apply for a 600 Tourist Visa onshore? Can anyone perhaps offer some answers to my above two questions. If anyone has any other ideas or useful advice, would really appreciate it. I would like to avoid getting myself into any high risk categorys with IMMI by having anything refused, so want to do everything right.
  18. We are planning to apply for my mother in-law to come visit us for a few months, about 6 months probably. It will be her first visit and she has not applied for the parent visa. I am a citizen and my wife is a permanent resident, and MIL is 60yrs old. My main question is whether or not we need to sign her up for visitor's health insurance as a requirement for the visa to be approved. Second question, do we need to write a letter of invitation? third and last question, do we have to have thousands saved in our bank accounts as proof of access to funds? she will be in our house and living with us, so there are no additional costs for accommodation and food and things like that. If there is anybody who has done this before, please let me know what you did. i was thinking a modest bank statement, pay slip, and maybe credit card statement...? Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi, I'm new to this site and am posting in the hope that someone could shed some light on what I have been trying to find out! Ive searched the immi au website and the web and cant find any answers, no surprise really as my situation is not the 'regular' run of the mill situation. So here goes; Ive been in Australia for the past 12 months i was granted an e676 visa (6 month holiday visa) My, then, partner also from the UK got sponsored through her work, she had a working holiday visa I didnt as Im 37 and could only get a tourist visa, I was not working and she was supporting me financially, anyway i was included in the application as a de facto partner, so we were put on a bridging visa whilst the immi were deciding processing the application, but before the visa was granted my girlfriend and I split up and she has since withdrawn me from the application, so I am now having to depart out of the country within 28 days so ive booked a flight to NZ. I intend to travel NZ then come back to Australia to do some sight seeing around oz as I didn't get to the first time as I thought my girlfriend and I would be granted the visa and settling down ect bla bla .... The question is: Will i be able to re enter Australia for another 3 months after having spent the past 12 here on, firstly a tourist visa and then on a bridging visa? If I can re enter for 3 months after having been in NZ for a while how long will I actually have to be in NZ for before i can come back in to Australia to travel around? If anyone has experienced a similar situation it would be great to hear your advise, Thanks in advance Any advise appreciated, thanks for reading
  20. UK company creates 600 jobs in Ballarat - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)