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  1. motherof2

    Opinions on Geelong

    You forgot to mention the totally fantastic people who live there Nigel!!!!! Loads of families with kids your ages - so they would be more than happy to give you a heads up on kinders, primary schools etc Been here two years and love it Peanig makes a mean caramel slice too :biggrin: Sorry about the FB link calNgary - didn't realise I could not post - ooops!
  2. motherof2

    Possible move to torquay

    Will PM you JudyUK
  3. motherof2

    Static caravan or caravan site VIC area

    We stayed here for the first six week Aug/Sept time - it was still a bit chilly so appreciated the heating http://www.barwonvalleylodge.com.au/ Bill & Jan who run it where great as they have had a number of newly landed PiOs through their doors. Two years later & we still keep in touch There are a couple of caravan parks next door too - happy to pass on details if you need them
  4. motherof2

    What's your toaster?

    Dualit - blo*dy brilliant :smile:
  5. We got ours gold valeted in the UK by BMW - could eat your dinner off the wheel arches only went from the dealer back home & into the container - AQUIS still failed it for cleanliness so we had to stump up to get it re cleaned here. I suspect if you'd wrapped it in bubble wrap it would have still been the wrong size of bubble wrap. As I said before beware they're thieving b*stards!!!
  6. We used PSS - we had no problems with them or their 'sister' company when it all arrived here. You may want to check out if you'll need anything 'doing' to your cars before you leave though. We brought over a 5 series BMW - things like the seatbelt fixings did not comply to the ones used in Aus so we had to get the parts shipped over from Europe - extra money & delays which meant that bits of paper work expired - more money! I'm sure you could either bring the parts over and get put on here or maybe use a mechanic you know & try to make them Aussie compliant before you ship your babies. Just be aware the thieving b*stards will find some way of getting extra $'s out of you I'm sure Tap Ironchef for info- he knows everything
  7. We shipped our car over in the container. The packers built a cage around it We then put the contents of a rather full 3 bed semi in the rest of our 40fter with room to spare. I would avoid RORO as heard some horror stories on here about the state some cars arrived in :shocked: Hope the pic helps
  8. motherof2

    Are you healthier over there?!

    Definately feel more healthy - like others I've cut the crap out of our families diet, the very occaisional fish n chip take out, more fresh fruit & vegs, but still have treats. I've manage to lose 20kg since we've been here with no stress and now have a doggie that needs walking every day - so she is my motivation too
  9. motherof2

    Contraceptive injection - Perth?

    I would think so. I'm a Practie Nurse in Vic and we have patients on it so I'd say yes. You'll have to get a script from your new GP when you get here. As to the implant vs depo as an ex family planning nurse before I moved here the imp would be a good consideration & get it done in the UK as you'd have to pay $'s here
  10. motherof2

    new, belmont/Highton area. Anybody want to meet up?x

    Hi Sophie welcome to Geelong :biggrin:I'll pm you
  11. motherof2

    Any feedback/opinions on Geelong please?

    Lived here for 18/ months and love it! Are you looking at primary or High school?
  12. motherof2

    Birth Control - Cerazette

    Totally agree with Kitty! I was a family planning nurse back in the UK (now have a new Practice Nurse hat) and Cerazette was very popular with my ladies. It'll get here eventually!!! Go for the implant whilst it's still free, otherwise you'll be paying for you pills
  13. motherof2

    Childhood immunization

    This may be of interest to you. http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/enablers/centrelink/family-tax-benefit-part-a-part-b/healthy-start-for-school-health-check Some schools do prefer their kids to be up to date with their imms, obviously if you choose for your child to 'opt out' that is your choice too. You haven't said whether child/ren have had chickenpox or not. Its not so they don't catch the infection but also oso thatthey don't pass it on. Personally I'd get them up to date. My two are having their Hep B here as wasn't available when they were younger in the UK. Childhood imms are free here.
  14. motherof2

    Highton or Torquay

    Happy to meet up for coffee if you want saram. Where is your holiday rental?
  15. motherof2

    Welsh in Melbourne??

    Didn't pick up on the Welsh accent in your PMs Craig! My Mum lived in a little village just outside of Newport :biggrin: