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  1. Had the interview and they didn't ask me a single question or ask to see anything I took. They said all they do now is give out provisionals and then told me the directions to take for what I was qualified for in the UK. Kind of makes a mockery of paying for and doing the skills assessment in the UK when you still need to go back to college here and pay out for more things you've already done. Not amused.
  2. Tosh

    Bad Experience

    Hi guys I know its not polite to be negative but surely we can be honest about our experiences on here. We've been in Oz for 11 months now and i'm still fighting for compensation for two large boxes of power tools that never made it across. After a long and arduous process and investigation by the company themselves, they actually told us the two boxes in question never even arrived at their warehouse from our house. Meaning their own two employess who packed and loaded our stuff onto the lorry stopped somewhere along the way and offloaded the two boxes. Our issue with the insurance claim now is that they've averaged out the replacement cost of all my tools between the 7 boxes that were listed. Example. We listed total replacement of all tools as 700 pounds, they've averaged that at 100 pound per box, we are two boxes missing they will pay us 200 pounds minus the excess leaves us xxxx amount. The big issue, is the guys who packed them obviously planned all this as ALL of my power tools and most expensive tools were in the two boxes that went missing, the rest of the boxes were a mix of tools, clothing, kids toys and memoribilia but only listed on the itinerary as tools. This means the insurance company are not taking into account the boxes we say are mixed tools and stuff just that they are tools. We had one box that was full of various bits, had one old socket set inside and a random hammer. This was listed as a box of tools. It;s all dragging on and got very annoying and complicated and costing me a fortune to replace my tools I need for work (i'm a tradie) while it looks like I will get pennies back as compensation. Been robbed well and truly and would advise everyone and anyone never to use this company. PM me for details if interested You have been warned.
  3. Hi Guys and Gals, Has anyone sat the VBA interview in Victoria to gain some of the Australian plumbing licenses over here? After finding none of my UK qualifications held automatically i've booked the interview and got a date and would like any insider info as to what will be asked what they're looking for what i'm to expect etc. Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  4. Tosh

    Cleaning tools.

    Thanks for your responses. what about surface rust on some tools and a couple of old metal tool boxes. Even if I clean them with Jeys and wd40 them the rust is still there. should I bin these?
  5. Tosh

    Cleaning tools.

    To what extent should I be cleaning my tools? Should I literally be cleaning 'everything' in jeys fluid, inc spanners, screw drivers etc, or is it only the things that would have come into contact with wood and garden materials.? Thanks in advance for your input.
  6. We must be the only ones who had a bad experience with PSS. Their surveyor came out to us and was rude, arrogant and spoke to my wife like she was a 5 year old. Needless to say we went with someone else lol.
  7. Hi fellow forum frolickers. We're two weeks away from our stuff being collected for shipping and i'm doing the dreaded garage clear out. What kind of things did or didn't you or would/wouldn't you take? I've got rid of the power tools that weren't expensive and been covered in saw dust. Taking the bigger more expensive ones and cleaning with Jeys fluid. But what about all the other bits and bobs you collect over 20 years? Did anyone bother with all the screws/nails etc. Gloves, dust masks, goggles, saws, hammers, drills etc etc and all the bits you collect and use regularly (if you do a manual job or all of your own DIY) or did you just dump the lot and replace it all once you got there? It would cost a small fortune to replace it all in one go and years to collect over time. Just interested to see how other people did it. Many thanks Tosh
  8. thanks for all your input guys. we ended up steering clear of Eagle in the end. too much negative feedback and bad reviews. ended up going with Simpsons who we'd had surveys and quotes from before. incidentally a lot of people recommended PSS and yet from just the guy coming to survey we would NEVER use them or recommend no matter what. he was rude, arrogant and spoke to my wife like she was a 5 year old. And yet a lot of other people swear by them. We did read a couple of negative views about Simpsons but only for the US side of things. The Australian side was nothing but good feedback. Too late either way now as we've paid our deposit and they come week after next lol. We shall wait and see. Many thanks again to everyone.
  9. They are based in Watford and we're in Essex. We have tried google searches but not much coming back. We found two negative reviews for shipments to the US so now feeling a little unsettled :-|
  10. Hey guys. We are thinking about using this company. Has anyone used them? If so please share your experience. Many thanks:wub:
  11. Tosh

    If not Melbourne then where?

    VERYSTORMY: I'm an electronics equipment technician. I've had many years repairing hi volume and colour photocopiers but for the last 5 years have been installing, repairing and maintaining equipment for disabled people, ceiling lifting hoists, mobile hoists, stairlifts, specialist baths etc etc. I also have plumbing qualifications but understand these don't hold in australia and i'd have to do some re-training to be a self employed plumber over there which doesn't really appeal to me. FURKEW: the little mini chop in my avatar was one for my little boy with a little 2 stroke lawnmower engine in it. Not really for the GOR lol. mine sadly got sold 2 weeks ago to help finance the migration. Oz is our first dream my bikes can come later. Everyone else thank you for your feedback. really love how helpful everyone is on this site.
  12. Hey kids. Hope you're all good. We're steaming towards the point of no return, visa's all sorted etc. we've been pretty much settled on Geelong, Victoria as our final destination. It's far enough outside Melbourne to be a small country feel but big enough to have everything we need and yet still commutable to Melbourne for work. We belong to the Geelong expats site and spoken to a few people who all love it there, but recently we've had a few of our Australian friends telling us Melbourne and the surrounding area's are really NOT the place to go. High crime rates, high unemployment rates etc. My questions are: How are people who live in and around Melbourne finding it? and if not Geelong for us where should we go? We've looked at Wollongong in NSW but are worried about bush fires, we weren't over keen on Adelaide but admittedly it's been 10 years since we've been to Oz so a lot can change. Canberra is too expensive housing and living wise for us. Brisbane, Perth etc would be too hot for us and we want the kids to enjoy a varied climate so wanted to stay south-ish. We want a nice out of city living feel, get the most we can house wise for our money as we're not selling our house in Blighty but renting it out. Obviously we need good employment opportunities and don't want to be right inside a major city. Not a lot to ask for really is it lol Cheers Tosh
  13. Hi Marie, as above i did the 342313 with VETASSESS. i had to visit a registered center which was a migration agents office and had a 2 hour long Skype interview in a room with the migration agent sitting behind me making sure i wasn't cheating. The interview covers all aspects of electronics so would recommend lots of revision. From the other people i've spoken to the interviews are really varied and a lot of it is down to the person you're talking to on what they ask you. For example one guy i spoke to said he had to describe in detail how to network a computer, i on the other hand only got asked to identify pictures of the main components of a pc. Someone else i spoke to said they were asked to identify a lot of components by their BSD symbols and then asked at random what certain components functions were, how to test them and how to fault find those components. Again, I wasn't asked how to test specifically any components. IN my interview i added details like that myself whilst talking to the interviewer. Rather than questions and answers we had more of a conversation based around the subject headings we had to cover. He'd ask me if i could build a pc? I'd say although i never have built one from scratch i have upgraded loads so building one would just be a case of fitting the MOtherboard, HDD, Ram etc etc into a tower. And if i had a choice i would choose a quad, possibly 8 core chip, upgrade the fan to a slightly oversize one so it ran quieter and cooled the processor better along with a better contact grease when installing the processor will ensure better and cooler running of the chip etc etc etc waffle waffle ramble ramble. I made sure i 'offered' the information rather than have the interviewer feel like he had to 'drag' it out of me. I guess i was worried he'd ask the questions i didn't know the answers to and instead made it sound like i knew what i was talking about lol. Hope some of this helps. Good luck.
  14. Tosh

    Opinions on Geelong

    Move planned for Aug 2014, so hopefully see you Essex folk for drink. i'll bring y white stilletto's, the wife will stick her white jeans on and our babies, who are 4 and 2 will just steal your wheels while we're chatting to you ;-) We're both from Basildon originally, spent some time in Colchester and now live out at Maylandsea. (for another 10 months at least anyway).
  15. Hi Marie, not sure about the 3423 but for mine i had to sit an online interview Via Skype done at a registered location. Basically sat talking to a college/university professor of electronics who asked questions covering a very wide variety of electronics equipment and disciplines. when you book it they give you a complete list of the subjects they'll be asking you about, basically there's so many you could never blag it and stumble through. you do have to have a good solid background in electronics and they'll soon figure out if you know your stuff or not. i"ve heard there is a practical you can do but this is only offered if you fail the online interview. hope this helps. Tosh